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  1. I'm still curious about what Bruce meant when he said they're doing something special with the uniforms this year...
  2. Except we haven't even seen these in practice/OTA/TC for the last 3+ years. I think there might be something to see here. At least I hope there is.
  3. Guess the gold pants are here to stay.
  4. Burgundy with Gold pants per the team's Twitter account. I think white cleats would look much cleaner.
  5. If these were our full time unis I'd be completely on board.
  6. “As soon as I laid eyes on those Zubaz uniforms, I almost went home. The whole first week, I thought about leaving.” - Jay Gruden on his AFL teams unis. Hopefully he isn't a fan of the gold pants and scraps them. It's time for a complete overhaul of the unis.
  7. It's a Primetime game, Bruce Allen is gonna want the gold pants under the bright lights. So we're probably just gonna be in the usual get up.
  8. Really hoping we pull out the white on burgundy...but Allen loves the gold pants so we'll probably be wearing em.
  9. Those shirts aren't made by Nike. These ones are:
  10. Stumbled upon this painting, I really like this look personally
  11. Trung Canidate

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Agreed. I'm probably more nervous than the players are.
  12. Personally, I think the burgundy tops and gold pants are our best look at home. We shouldn't bother with the throwbacks again, the helmet is cool and the jersey is a cool collectors item but otherwise it's just whatever to me. The burgundy and gold will shine brighter under the lights on Sunday and I'm hyped that we're probably wearing that combo!!