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  1. *decides against posting a picture of a "helluva sack'
  2. Make that black and white and it's 1980's porn on "Super TV" if anyone else remembers trying to watch black and white squiggle porn on Super TV lol
  3. Exactly what he think was going to happen? He think DHall was going to flinch or back down? lol
  4. lol, and some say Obama will be the fall of the united states
  5. Agreed Its like a dork cute hotness I can't quite put my finger in...
  6. Dang Rebecca Black got old quick daF?
  7. All the FB stuff seems a little childish.. Someone gets banned and butt hurt let them talk their crap, you know they aren't talking it here... Need to rise above. Can get frustrating at times gotta be the better man, chick, militant lesbian?
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