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  1. Since you care so deeply, I will bestow the title of “Real Fan For Life” upon you. Only you! Lol...
  2. Never blamed you for the past or for others actions. See my post above... if we don’t change our behavior, how exactly does that mandate change from Snyder?
  3. The profits are not evenly distributed and Snyder makes a KILLING on anything sold with his trademark. I never blamed anyone for the past. I have 100% been there thru thick and thin. What really doesn’t make sense is not changing our behavior and simply expecting a different outcome.
  4. Keep sending him your money, then. Just know your viewership is bringing this team down. I know you love this team, but what’s the right thing to do? Every view, every purchase enables Snyder. You really hate him? You really love this team and want better? Show it.
  5. Yes. Shame on me for saying that giving Snyder money is the wrong thing for fans to do. Shame on me for saying that allows him to continue this rotten culture. Shame on me for saying it’s time for us to advocate for our team by enacting change and demanding more by withholding from him. Shame on me for saying that accepting him by not changing our actions is morally incorrect.
  6. Know what isn’t cool? Sexual harassment, abuse, and acceptance. It’s this attitude that keeps us this way. Keep enabling Snyder.
  7. Maybe so. Actual fans ... real Skins fans... those who bleed burgundy and gold... will refuse to buy merch, will not give him TV ratings, and will not go to games. I am all in for this team. My money will be back when he is gone.
  8. Maybe not. The jackass gets no more money from me. This is from a guy who lives and breathes Skins football. The 80s kid in me who couldn’t wait for Sunday, the 90s teen who held on and attended the last games at RFK, and the young 20 something fan who went to nearly every home game for a decade are dying over what has happened to us. Any real fan would demand nothing less than him leaving and would refuse to support Snyder. Any real fan...
  9. Yep. We might actually get someone with class to own this team. Forget rebuilding the team. This entire organization needs rebuilding.
  10. Seems to me the employees lost. The players lost. The cheerleaders lost. The fans lost. We have all lost because of this hot trash owner.
  11. Ok so something unverified happened under another owner so you give Snyder a pass? For what? Winning? Nope! Being a good owner? Nope! Being a decent human being? Obviously not! HE MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE AFTER THE COACHING AND MANAGEMENT CAROUSEL. HE IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR.
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