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  1. :confused: I don't even know what that means
  2. dont mind him everyone - he's Indian. Its in their culture to like crappy music promoted to the masses :pfft:
  3. Vesely once again showing the work he has put in on that shot...I love that guy.
  4. Wow...Satoransky has REALLY brought it tonight! He looks night and day different than yesterday's game. I'm impressed.
  5. I thought Vesely came out perfectly, knocked down his shots, and played with intensity...then he missed the dunks and his confidence went to hell. Oh well, he's young and learning. I liked what I saw though...definite improvement. His stroke is smooth. I can't believe they said he has the highest verticle on the team - that's madness. As for Beal, I was expecting more from him...I thought he played like an average player. Jenkins was eating his lunch with the shots he was making over him. We shall see how he improves in the next game. Tomas played very shaky when he first came in, especially
  6. Vesely's shot is coming along nicely, as I thought. He is very smooth and has a nice release. Give him some more time, I see him contributing a lot this year if that shot becomes consistent.
  7. I am looking forward to seeing Vesely play in the summer league...I have a feeling he's going to do pretty damn well, especially if the talk of him working hard on his shot is true. I know he puts in the work.
  8. but UCB would. Sexy ladyyyyyyyyy, give me yo number girllllllllllll
  9. You look like youre having a great time with all of your friends. Oh well.
  10. Wow dude. Really? I tell you something personal and then you post it all over the board like this? Some classy guy you are. I was feeling bad and thought I would go anyway after what happened, but I'm glad I saw this first. You are a grade-a jackass. I have never seen such desperation, not even from crazy ex girlfriends...you're butthurt all of a sudden, but not one person wanted to go with you. What does that tell you? Now I see why they all flaked on you. Nice classy ending btw too - especially after what happened to that guy royallypwned.
  11. Nordstrom. Should have some still available from the men's sale. Dont be cheap, Sperry's are the best...just choose which one you like.
  12. These are what I wear...and are better looking IMO also have a pair of these too...look good with Khakis when I'm at the beach:
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