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  1. I agree that removing all the records would be the worst case scenario. However, you have to consider that once the name is deemed offensive and removed based on that determination, a precedent has be set. Nothing now would stop a harjo from walking into Canton and calling her lawyer to file a law suit.
  2. If you are going to play games, I don't want your opinion. I asked a serious question. I don't think it deserves such a silly response.
  3. Let me clarify what I'm looking for. What is your opinion of how far they should go? Is there a consensus in the name change group of the extent it should be changed? I don't think there is. All I've read and heard is that the time has come and that the name should be changed now. But what about the history? Because the history of the team is the reason we are fans. We have been thrilled by the past and want to re-live those events anew.
  4. I'm not starting a new debate, I am exploring a thought about the results of redacting the name Redskins from all sources. I'm not trying to be caustic, I'm truly curious to the extent of how far the name change should go. For example, should NFL films be prohibited from showing the 1982 playoff run and superbowl documentary? Of if it is to be broadcast should the names and images be blacked out or pixelated? I don't think this is a flippant topic. If the name is deemed offensive by the NFL, they must in turn remove the name and imagery in all instances. And with that action, the
  5. I am in support of the team name and do not want it changed. I'm curious to know from the name change crew how they would want the name dealt with in the hall of fame and NFL records? Should the name be redacted in all instances? If not, why should it remain?
  6. I was completely on board until the last bit. That's unbelievable if it's true.
  7. I like this statement. Also, on your previous point about the size of the tribe. I absolutely agree that this tribe is insignificant when it comes to FedEx's global revenue. From the article it's not clear whether all 30,000 tribe members are boycotting FedEx or just the council office staff, which could be a dozen people. Most likely it is the latter. The main point of my post in reference to this article is that if the name is changed in the future, the driving force for that change will come from the sponsors and their corporate decisions.
  8. This decision by the Alaska tribe is largest threat to the Redskin name. If enough tribes organize and make a statement to FedEx or other sponsors the name will be changed. Facts are no use when it comes to perception and if FedEx receives enough revenue loss due to bad press because of it's affiliation with the Redskins they will act in the best interests of their company.
  9. Conor McGregor's act is getting old. I used to like how he was brash and backed up his smack talk, but all this stuff with Aldo is over the top. I'm usually a fan of the underdog, but now I think I'll start pulling for Aldo.
  10. Micheal Dorn on the right side didn't make the cut.
  11. Personally, I'd get a price to do it from a plumber since I design plumbing system, I don't actually build anything. And depending on how far laterally you have to run thru the wall, and how many studs you'll have to go thru, it could be tricky.
  12. http://www.homedepot.com/p/FIAT-Laundry-Tub-To-Go-23-7-8-in-x-36-in-Laundry-Tub-in-White-TAT1100/204120848 Since this isn't floor mounted you could run the drain into the wall and connect with your washing machine drain line. It should be vented already so not a big deal.
  13. The hardest thing would be the waste line for the washing machine box. If you have waste lines in the area, it might not be too bad. But I'm confused, are converting a room into a laundry room?
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