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  1. Here's a phenomenal photo of the helmet, and I must say they didn't just make it look "somewhat" like leather, this thing is ultra detailed. Its actually so detailed that most people watching on TV will never really know, even in HD: Honestly even if you are lukewarm about the uniform itself, you have to give props to the helmet work, nobody has ever done this before.
  2. You easily get your panties in a bunch when a person(s) unintentionally repeat a statement on an internet forum. I think WE understand. :cool:
  3. Weird that they wouldn't plan a total throwback game, wear them when playing the Steelers with their new throwbacks. Never makes sense to me when a game (be it baseball, basketball, hockey, or football) is played where only one of the teams wears a total retro uniform and the other does not. Baseball actually is the one sport where they typically do this, and it makes the most sense.
  4. Yeah I've always found it weird that Skins fans always refer to the traditional phrase "the burgundy and gold", but if you sit back and look at it their uniforms haven't actually been "burgundy and gold" for over 70 years. They've slowly but surely shifted the colors more towards brighter reds and yellows and away from the original colors that gave rise to the "burgundy and gold" moniker
  5. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that we'll be wearing these when we play the Steelers (with the Steelers wearing their bumblebee unis).
  6. Agreed, not bad, but also glad I didn't hold out for these before ordering my RG3 Elite Custom jersey
  7. Ha! FWIW I nailed it, lol! Even got the Indian heads on the sleeves.
  8. By the way, anybody else think its really an odd year milestone for such "celebration"? I mean I can see 75th, and eventually 100th, but what's the big deal about 80 in particular? I don't get it. To me its more of a cheap marketing opportunity.
  9. Well at least its nice to see that the Skins organization is refraining from tooting their own horn in this presser. Not sure what happened to this being about the fans...lol
  10. Well this sho' 'nuff is gonna get interesting in a couple of hours. But I'll echo what others have commented on - kudos to the Skins and to Nike for somehow managing to keep these things under wraps. Of course Nike did keep the standard NFL jersey's completely under wraps too, so maybe it isn't a big surprise. Nike is like the Christopher Nolan of sportswear, lol!
  11. ...and here's a closer look at that 1937 uniform...would be a sweet base or starting point for a throwback that you could add a modern look to:
  12. Yes well I'm thinking those colors in that "?" most closely resemble the colors from the uniforms in the 1930s-1940s from this image (but not so much from the 50's and beyond, as you can see that's when they started going away from burgundy & gold and more towards red & yellow). Oh and I have a hunch it will be the gold numbers to match the pants, like in the 1937 uniform. That would set this uni apart from any current Skins uniform scheme (...and maybe Indian head patched on the sleeves like the '37 uniform??): Now that being said, these may be (and likely are) the base colors of
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