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  1. “When he was a prick ... Reno Hightower was the greatest quarterback in the history of south Kern County.” - Jack Dundee just sayin’.
  2. Caleb Welsh @calebwelsh07 AJ Hinch: “By besting us in the World Series this year, with 4 wins in our ballpark, I can confidently say that the Washington Nationals saved the sport of baseball.” Quote Tweet @MLBNetwork For the first time, A.J. Hinch talks about the Astros investigation. See Tom Verducci’s full sitdown with the former manager, Friday at 6pm ET on MLB Tonight. 674.5K views 8:06 AM · Feb 7, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  3. 09

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    hoping for 72 ... with Dexters' blessing.
  4. only the 2nd POC Head Coach in the NFC-East ... ... if not counting Lone Star Dietz: )
  5. old enough to remember trolls on here claiming Strasburgs' mechanics ... the flying v or something ... were so bad he would not last. good times.
  6. Terry Touchdown ... ... or Touchdown Terry.
  7. Alabama. Ohio State. JMU.