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  1. from Haskins twitter ... Our turn. #HTTR
  2. personal favorite is the 70th anniversary ... but this concept is nice:
  3. ... and catch the ****ing ball.
  4. I propose a vote without a quorum that Terry McLaurin is the greatest wide reciever in the history of America.
  5. Agree. Would start for 30 or 31 teams. A very big 1. Agree again. 2. Agree again. But has skill set to develop into. Agree again. Just happy that this option has 2 young players with great hands. Drops have killed this team. Both will have to be accounted for defensively. With health luck ... think these 2 would be coveted weapons. But the whole "availability is the best ability" thing ... I highly value positive production too. Still has to be accounted for defensively. So sick of Sprinkle dropping easy passes. Moss brings a seemingly high football IQ ... has great hands ... and gives maximum effort. Not currently a weapon per se ... and maybe never ... but solid potential. Would be thrilled with a Donnie Warren/Doc Walker type career. They don't all have to be superstars. Admittedly I am very high ... almost "homerish" ... on Thomas. But obviously wait and see. Anyhow ... of the 5 skilled starters ... I agree with your analysis ... 2-3 could be classified as "weapons". With the other 2-3 positions having great hands ... blocking effort ... rushing production ... replacement level minimums. Not hurting the team. Agree again about the QB ... need mistake-free production/distribution from the position. Get that ... top 16 offense. Beyond this season ... with health luck ... could see developed into 4 coveted weapons.
  6. Because that's what was referenced. Not a bad # for the "best offenses". How many for the top half? Didn't take it as a negative ... and I completely agree about QB play. Would love "impactful" from the position. Would be ecstatic with competent. Just curious as to the number. Thanks ... I am funny .,. wasn't trying to be here. Which names are "hilarious"? The backups?
  7. Love that attitude. "I play ball man."
  8. I fully expect Williams to be on IR at that point.
  9. Not selling brother ... just believe it's his best option ... and that logic will prevail. I think the players would certainly welcome him back. Rivera and him could easily work together. Wouldn't be first time two stubborn/proud people figured it out.
  10. As an optimist ... I think he returns ... plays out the year ... has a pro-bowl type season ... and wins back the locker-room. It's the clearest path to set himself up for 2021+ big payday from the Redskins ... or someone else. It's his best option. Win - win for everybody.