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  1. Sorry about that. I couldn't find the article in here. It got shortened for me.
  2. Could this be in reference to
  3. Very Matter of fact artice this guy has produced. <staff edit of excessively long quote of an article (and it's all stuff posted in here more than once already so you didn't miss anything new)>
  4. Brad Gagnon seems to think he has all the answers.
  5. I wasn't siding with or against. Just food for thought.
  6. Interesting take on all of this by Rush Limbaugh. Like him or hate him its a good take.
  7. Mr Dan Snyder did the only thing he could do in my opinion. Take the side of the protesters and he loses Redskins Nation if/when the name changes. Take the side of Redskins nation and if/when the name changes he looks attacked. I enjoy reading peoples views on this. Great thread. Hail
  8. I'll just drop this here. This is becoming to much.
  9. SusqySkin

    Random Thought Thread

    Tom Hanks continues to crack me up
  10. SusqySkin

    Random Thought Thread

    Random thought, look at the far right in the aisle. What in the world is that person wearing holding the flag above the dude in the blaze orange hunting gear?
  11. SusqySkin

    Random Thought Thread

    That is one amazing sig.
  12. SusqySkin

    Random Thought Thread

    I've waited all my life for a good team, and I just started here not long ago. I'm ecstatic.
  13. SusqySkin

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Possibly own3d? Maybe future own3d? I dunno. i don't post here much. Just thought I would drop this here. Its not my picture. Its Febreeze from SA. An entire thread dedicated to P. Manning going to another team and the team logo being changed.
  14. SusqySkin

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    Was the call a three point shot?
  15. SusqySkin

    The Beer Thread

    Great thread. New to the site and love talking micros. For the game tonight I was working on Ithaca Flower power.