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  1. His perceived lack of "great" bend doesn't bother me. I do think he has good to solid bend especially given his size. I think Burns had the best bend but wasent as complete a football player as Sweat. It's the off-season but I'm feeling the Julius Peppers comp. Been reminiscing with his highlights lately.
  2. SkinsFootball

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    How much competition will Jimmy have for that slot CB position? Apparently Fabian is better suited to play outside. Be nice to still have Fuller but at this point having a quick twitch ball hawk feisty corner in Moreland sounds like the potential remedy.
  3. SkinsFootball

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    Kiem on his most recent podcast mentioned being interested in the development of Adonis. @Skinsinparadise Thanks! The guest scout mentioned his versatility between being an outside man CB and the potential depth he could provide at safety. I've mentioned previously how we need one of the slew of young prospects at corner to develop. It didn't occur to me that this guy right here could be the answer at CB or Safety. How nice would it be if he emerges as our new physical corner allowing us to trade/release Norman? How nice would it be for him to solidify our FS position effectively removing that responsibility from Monte? Regardless I love the options. I'm paying close attention to the training camp tweets with this guy!
  4. I'm with you on this one although I do believe Scherff is a little better than a Top 15 guy. I'm thinking closer to Top 5. I enjoyed him out on screens with Chris Thompson and pulls notably AP's long run against the Giants last year. We have had this conversation before indirectly. Given we will draft Trent Williams or Moses replacement high in the next few years I believe we can afford to pay Scherff. Depending on how Geron develops he could potentially replace one of the aforementioned players. As a result Scherff would be our only offensive lineman not on a rookie contract. If not we will atleast have rookie contracts at the tackle position which as you know is highest paid. All leads to us having being able to afford a slight overpaid for his services. Yes! This is with keeping Haskins in mind and mitigating interior pressure. Which is all setup by our running game and stable of backs.
  5. I know we have kicked this around a bit... but where are you at with the Scherff extension?
  6. Haskins sat behind JT Barrett. I think he will be okay in this regard. Haskins will sit if he's not ready. Jay needs to win to keep his job. I truly believe he is going to go with his best option to do so. The question is does Haskins flash enough to give him confidence he is a better option then Case? Things also to consider is if Case does start how long is his leash? 2 games under .500? If we are winning then at that point Haskins would be one injury away from being the guy anyway.
  7. Best case scenario for him he balls out. We make a playoff run and he leaves next yr for a comp pick. Either way the cookie crumbles I think we will be okay. Primarily a run first/defense team which should help allievate pressure on the Qb. As of now our receiving weapons are fairly unproven.
  8. Thank you. Where is the slow release coming from? Regardless release, arm strength look very good to me. I understand the foot work concerns but that's why he's a prospect not a finished product. Seems to me we lucked out he doesn't have more experience because if he did would he have fallen to 15? I did like the clips showing him diagnosing/calling protections. Very cool. @volsmet I thought you weren't big on Haskins until the last couple of days or was it you liked him but just thought Rosen is better or had better value in the 3rd?
  9. In the clips shown above and the OTA videos I'm not seeing this long slow release as advertised. Has this been overstated due to player comparisons or am I completely missing it?
  10. SkinsFootball

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    We are not splitting hairs. Do you believe that any of them were a Top 3-5 corner in their best years? Would they have been better with our current front seven? Probably. But circumstances are exactly what they are.. circumstances. I don't think any of them were excellent in anything. Yes. that includes man coverage. We need an upgrade at the position and that has been evident since we traded away Champ Bailey.
  11. SkinsFootball

    Welcome to the Redskins Ross Pierscbacher C Alabama

    No. I think your missing my point. I agree edge rushers and therefore tackles are traditionally a more premium position then the inside guys. My point is that is not the end all be all. Interior line play on both sides of the ball has had a greater emphasis over recent years. Do I prefer Khalil Mack over Aaron Donald. Yes. but I'm not going to poo poo Aaron Donald either. My original point was that due to the timing and way our current roster is built. We can afford to pay premium money to the RG position. We can draft a Trent Williams replacement in the next two years.. which will alleviate offensive line expenses. The importance of strong interior play on this team is particularly important due to a QB who needs to execute in a structured pocket and a running game that will be our identity.
  12. SkinsFootball

    Welcome to the Redskins Ross Pierscbacher C Alabama

    Good point but wouldn't you say that a greater emphasis has been placed on interior pressure over the years? Not just removing the abilty for opposing Qbs to step up and avoid outside pressure but also generate sacks through the middle. We haven't even discussed the A gap and Double A gap blitz/stunts which puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your C/G.
  13. SkinsFootball

    Welcome to the Redskins Ross Pierscbacher C Alabama

    Sure. But again given that we have a developmental swing tackle already in house and will probably draft a LT replacement for Trent in the near future. Who else on the line will command big money? From what I see and have read Scherff has flashed All-pro potential. It appears we will be a run first team for the next several years and that directly correlates to having a beast RG. My point is in general you are correct, but given our specific roster construction I think we can get away with it since none of our other tackles or lineman will be on their second contract. If and when they would demand that second contract then Scherff's extension should be near the end and we can reevaluate.
  14. SkinsFootball

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    Shut down corners all along? Outside of Champ were any of those guys ever considered one of the Top 3-5 players at CB? They all had some good to very good years but I don't see any consistent pro bowl or all-pro lockdown CB1 on that list. We haven't had one since Champ.
  15. SkinsFootball

    Welcome to the Redskins Ross Pierscbacher C Alabama

    The money shouldn't be an issue. Trent's contract should come off the books in the next two years or so right? Scherff would be our only high priced linemen. The rest would be draft picks or will soon be replaced by one.(Moses)