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  1. Thank you. This post was a reminder of the Bruce and Doug press conferences and that era of the Washington front office. I know most are underwhelmed by our recent changes. Take 30 seconds and compare our front office to then and now. Ron, Mayhew and Marty are a clear upgrade to what we had just 12 months ago. This isn't just potential and pedigree. We won the NFC east this year. We are now a QB and only a couple of pieces on offense and defense from being a contender. That was not the prevailing opinion just 12 months ago.
  2. Overpay. 1st and 3rd for Matthew Stafford ( I would also pay for Dak Prescott if available). Plan B..draft Qb in the 3rd..compete with Heinicke and Allen. Continue to reinforce roster and get our QB next year.
  3. Resign Scherff. Let Darby walk. He isn't shut down and we could get similar play from a less heralded cb due to our line. Im of the mindset better downhill LB play will force more 2nd and 3rd and long situations. That combined with our dline..minimizes the impact of the cb. Draft a CB in the 3rd or 4th and maybe resign Fabian for the low.
  4. I figured Kyle Smith was 2-3 years away from getting the GM position. Just last year he received a promotion and increased responsibility. To make another leap so quickly seemed premature and this was validated by the lack of interviews he had for other openings. With two additional successful drafts under his watch which would coincide with our team winning on the field. That combination would lead to another rebuilding franchise trying to acquire his talent as they rebuild. I never read to much into him not getting an interview for the GM position because in all reali
  5. I agree with this take. I like option B Matthew Stafford. For cap purposes less money at the Qb position which allows us to retain most of our own. Less draft capital given up to keep our farm system healthy. Gives us the ability to win now and still win later. Buying us time to find a qb 4-5 years from now.
  6. @Wildbunny Yes they are and I just ordered one. That was the most fun I've had watching our team play in a long time and especially on offense. For that reason alone the shirt is worth it, regardless on how his career plays out moving forward.
  7. As you know I like the potential of Stafford on this team. What would you be comfortable giving up?
  8. I think this was my biggest takeaway from the Heinicke experience. The ball was being thrown downfield effectively. Those 10-20 yard chunk plays. I thought our offense was more dink and dunk but ultimately it appears that was the style of Qb we had at the time. With timing and anticipation Heinicke proved that in this system we can be more then dink and dunk. It seems he's the most comfortable reading through his progressions while the other Qbs would hang on to their first read and then either check down or throw late somewhere else. The rhythm or processing speed of which he ope
  9. Agreed. I would also like to double up on all three positions in free agency and the draft.
  10. The "Overall Football Ops" part is what gets me. Isn't that what the Head Coach centric model is for? To give Ron authority and control over the operation? Delegating that responsibility doesn't seem as if its a big mountain to climb for Kyle. Just not sure what part of the operation he is lacking an understanding of as I believe we have someone doing the cap and contracts who came from Carolina. The pro and college scouts report to him I believe. Who knows.. Regardless I just don't want to try to be to cute and lose a proven valuable resource.
  11. I've read a view articles stating that some of the potential candidates have more of a pro focus and wouldn't interfere with the draft and scouting process. Their job essentially would be to partner with Smith and groom him into the role. I find that a bit much to believe but I will continue to be optimistic until proven otherwise. Weird situation to me; if drafting and young talent is the priority to build a team his strengths seem to be the most important aspect of the job. Also via free agency.. we did seemingly well.
  12. 3 starters and potentially 4 with Charles and quality depth with Hudson and Ismael. This is what gives me optimism for our draft prospects even picking at 19 or lower. I do hope we retain Kyle and his team as these recent GM rumors give me some pause.
  13. I don't know; that calf will probably be sore and I doubt he practices much this week. Heinicke could be in play.
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