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  1. Well..perhaps this signals a 4th-5th round pick on a running back. Chubba Hubbard brings speed and home run ability.
  2. How does Landon Collins project as an insidebacker? I'm not sure why he would be opposed to it as he plays better in the box.
  3. @Burgundy Yoda If any of the CBs end up being BPA I would be perfectly happy with that outcome. I would also add Trevon Moehrig to the list of first round DBs. This could add coverage versatility to our defense. Giving the pass rush an extra beat to get home.
  4. @stevemcqueen1 I appreciate the clip and write up on Zaven. The bounce in space particularly from the spy position was awesome to see. Mobile Qbs destroy us. Murray, Jackson, Hurts stand out from last year. If we can grab a LB at that size capable of neutralizing some of those Qb runs/scrambles and running backs underneath; sign me up. I think it comes back to his size. He's not undersized or a tweener like the other two highly rated linebackers.
  5. @Die Hard I agree. My take is either Harris or Etienne early or take a flier later in the draft. I also prefer Etienne over Harris.
  6. What happens if Gibson gets hurt? You want Peyton Barber as the lead back? I'm not saying we have to go RB in the first but there is value with Harris and Etienne at 19. If not I would look for one later in the draft round 4-5. Either the cream of the crop or take a flier on a prospect.
  7. Sure you could argue greater "needs" but when drafting at 19 there are a slew of variables in front of us. Drafting the BPA even at RB isn't a need per say but the value that could provide to our offense would be awesome.
  8. Ron and Co. did select Christian McCaffrey at #8 in the first round. If we stay true to our mantra of competition and depth at every position then Harris or Etienne should be in play at #19. I know we enjoyed success with two Rbs last year, but pairing Gibson with one of those studs would be another level and also save the wear and tear on Gibson. Insurance if he misses a couple weeks. Now my unpopular take. I like Etienne over Harris. When I look at Etienne I see Alvin Kamara. I see Harris as quasi-Derrick Henry. I prefer the speed and explosiveness over power.
  9. @HigSkin I'm good with any position we select in the first except for defensive line, strong safety and tight end. Bateman would be an awesome outside wr to complement our weapons. I understand he can play slot as well; the most appealing aspect is the offense would have three Wrs who can play outside and inside. With slot depth. This is also why I wouldn't mind if we grab one of the top two RBs in the first.
  10. @DWinzit We could also punt at QB this year and continue to develop Steven Montez. 6'4 231 strong arm and mobile with another year in the system. We also have preseason games this year.
  11. @KDawg I agree. Let's play it out. We should also consider that the value of BS probably won't get much higher then it is now. One minor injury and his price drops some. Can he again play at a high level under the tag? Either way we benefit. To be clear I'm not routing against BS to perform well. My point is if he plays well the team benefits and we still maybe get a deal and if he doesn't we can take some money out of the deal or replace him with Charles, a draft pick this year or a draft pick next year.
  12. Watching Travis Etienne highlights. 19 feels a bit rich for a running back but he has explosive traits. How dynamic would our offense be with him and Gibson on the field together in addition to the added depth for the running back room.
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