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  1. Who would be the best fit for our team? Trey Lance, Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields?
  2. Should be fun to watch Gibson and Mckissic on early downs in two back sets. Initially to catch teams by surprise and then later in the season as we get more advanced and dare I say Haskins has a bit of freedom to dictate a few match ups. The c-mac comparison has been overblown in my opinion. From a stats and productivity standpoint I think we should look at the rushing yards and receiving productivity of Alvin Kamara as a best case. 700/700ish.. supplemented by Mckissic. Barber and Love.
  3. I like it. As fans this is our dress rehearsal weekend before actual game day next week. Let the day drinking commence! In all honesty I drafted Gibson in my fantasy league..he was lingering late. I support this message. I'm excited for football next week. Let's get it!
  4. How cool would that be? Would definitely change the narrative of our team and start to get positive buzz and star power.
  5. Revisiting the 2018 draft class. It appears Geron, Troy, and Greg have been making plays this training camp. With Daron and Tim already considered contributors. This class could emerge with 2-3 starters and depth. Nothing elite but not dookie terrible either.
  6. I agree. Kyle Allen who knows the offense isn't killing it. Apparently he is captain check down and will randomly throw deep into a double team. It also appears just from an arm juice or athletic profile he isn't a threat to Haskins. Although none of the reports describe Haskins as dominating they have also quickly dismissed Allen as a threat.
  7. I think we use our cap to resign our own. Draft a WR or CB high in 2021.
  8. I agree. It's just business on the field this year. I like it because it's generic and unique at the same time. Nothing flashy.. and cheap. Just numbers and colors.
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