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  1. SkinsFootball

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    I was neutral to pretty disappointed with the Haskins pick. I didn't absolutely hate it but I didn't like it either. Montez Sweat makes it up for me. My first round grade B+. If Haskins does work out and after all he was taken at a position of need. The most important position and at a great value at 15. As I type I'm starting to love this. Who are the round 3 targets at this point? OG,WR,FS,TE?
  2. SkinsFootball

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If we go BDPA who are the likely candidates at 15. Bush,Burns, Ferrell, Sweat?
  3. SkinsFootball

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    @Anselmheifer Based on your visits and draft correlation. I wouldn't be mad if we took OL,WR,QB in this draft and in that order. I think the clear offensive speed player at 15 is Hollywood Brown. Outside of him and Hockenson it would have to be OL if we are to believe the win now day one starter mantra.
  4. SkinsFootball

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I like that scenario. How about a TE with one of our 3s? Should be solid options still there. In regards to the offensive line I agree it would make alot of sense to grab that G/C in the 3rd.
  5. SkinsFootball

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I watched the Sportscenter special mock draft earlier this evening. Todd Mcshay had us selecting Hollywood Brown at 15. Been keeping up with this thread consistently the past few weeks and the general consensus is that we lack speed and playmakers on both sides of the ball. Looking at it from that perspective. I like Hockenson, Burns, Brown, Bush and now potentially Metcalf. I know we were linked to him earlier and yes he is a limited route runner but he is back in the conversation for me. What has now pushed Brown back to 15 for me was watching Desean Jackson Redskins highlights. I miss these plays on offense and the added benefit of opening things up underneath for others.
  6. SkinsFootball

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    My order of preference in this scenario would be.. Hockenson, Burns, Jonah, Bush, Ferrel, Ford, Wiliams. Would love Hockenson or Burns in the first at this point.
  7. I'm all for Bruce gettibg removed and Kyle getting the GM position. Build through the draft and let Eric work free agency.
  8. SkinsFootball

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Funny.. I've always followed the draft and prospects..but this year has been interesting to observe. Prior to two days ago Haskins was not linked to the Skins at all.. he has a pro day and all of a sudden people take notice and want us to trade up to get him. I feel like he's a nice player..but I also feel like Drew lock is nice as well. Regardless given the state of this team I'm strongly against any trade up. I understand Bruce and Jay may feel differently given their job security. Lets grab the best player available with our top four picks. Given the value at certain positions and how this draft could fall..we could easily address a playmaker on offense.. a pass offensive lineman and QB. I don't care which order we get them. We need the most swings to potentially hit on as many playmakers as possible. We are consistently average due to the lack of high end..all pro.. pro bowl talent and trading AWAY picks will not get us there. We are not one playmaker away even if it is a QB. We need 2-4 impact players.
  9. Yessir! Flex Reed out wide..slot.. etc. The biggest thing is having a capable TE at the opposite position to allow us to run and use play action. Sprinkle and Davis tip our hand with match ups. Reed too..but he's got to be on the field to catch passes. We don't seem to be able to develop WRs..atleast never top tier. TEs are typically a QB best friend.. large target in the middle of the field.. easier throws. Rosen, Keenum, Colt could all benefit.
  10. How about.. rd1 Hockenson rd2 Guard rd3 trade for Rosen rd3 Ben Benagu/Sutton since our Wrs stink run more two TE sets..and have the TEs work the pass game over the seams..and provide blocking for our run first offense.
  11. SkinsFootball

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I agree and I also think TE can be a fit early as well for blocking and receiving purposes.
  12. Putting the win now glasses on. It's gotta be AJ Green.. Gruden familiarity with the offense. Get for the low due to age and health. A quick gamble that could faltered or provide us 2-3 of added production. At what cost? A 3rd? and maybe a player? What is his salary looking like?
  13. Who at the WR position via trade would be considered a big splash? AJ Green?
  14. What is the prevailing opinion on Josh Doctson on the board? If I remember correctly he had a stretch of 4-6 games of like 5 catches 45-65 yards. The impact in the red zone hasent been as advertised. Is the general opinion that he will be gone next year or are a few of us still hoping he can step up to be a decent number two option? If so then we need an explosive weapon opposite him. Between Sims and Quinn should be enough of a tandem for number 4 duties. My assumption is draft pick/doctson/Richardson majority of targets. The flex spot is TE and although Reed provides receiving production he kills us in the run game and is always a health concern. I suggest we hit both positions early. We can fill the OG position via FA, cuts and within our top four selections. I think Qb becomes the wild card. If I am to believe Jay and Bruce need to win now to save their jobs. Then the plan is to build the best team possible around Keenum..the experienced Qb. This approach would allow us to build a team of Edge/TE/WR/OG with our first four picks.(in whatever the best order) If we stink next year .. that's fine we have a solid young team and can go get our franchise QB in next year's draft. If Keenum gets hot again for a season with the improved team then great a winning season and something to build on.
  15. SkinsFootball

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I haven't thought corner for us at 15..given our young depth at the position and hope that one or two will emerge from the group. but.... we don't have anyone elite at that position so if baker or Murphy is there and we pull the trigger then Norman is gone right? What is his cap savings if we make that move? I see edge, qb, wr, og, te all positions with greater need. Value is value and if we can get one of those two cbs..then so be it.