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  1. dudleyismydog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    How many season ticket holders are is completely insignificant. Season ticket money is a drop in the bucket in terms with how the team makes/loses money. That is why they are completely indifferent and out of touch with regards to this situation. If people want to spend the money, good for them. If people don't, good for them. Who gives a damn? Any negative feelings should be directed at this god awful regime and not other fans. I would argue that getting a stadium full of pissed off fans voicing their displeasure in some coordinated way will be ten times more effective than empty seats. Yes, by buying tickets you would be putting money in Dan Snyder's pockets, but as I described above, that is insignificant and meaningless. And for those of you who hold this position that they refuse to pay for tickets from the Redskins and only do it from Stubhub, I hate to break this to you but at least 50 percent of the tickets, especially the club seats are being listed by the Redskins. That goes for parking on Stubhub as well. The entire front office is in a bubble and have no clue about the level of fan dissatisfaction. That is where i personally think we should direct our ire, not at each other.
  2. I have six Redskins Dolphins tickets for sale in Miami. I am selling these tickets for $105 each (face value on ticketmaster is $110 each plus fees). These are in section 122 row 22 which is located in the corner of the Skins sideline. I am with a group sitting in row 21 so you will have lots of Skins fans near you. Let me know if interested- Tickets can be paid via paypal and transferred over through ticketmaster
  3. dudleyismydog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Once again the Redskins completely botch this- It is just stupid business practice to post the invoices before an email from the organization stating that invoices are ready and some details on what they are adding -(nothing worth spending the money for). And this is something i find the most insulting, they add a $25 "processing fee" . It is so unbelievably arrogant to send me a $25 processing fee when all my tickets and parking passes are digital.
  4. dudleyismydog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    The whole Drivers License to get in for discounted tickets could only be for maybe 2-3K seats just because of logistics of getting these people in the game. The Broncos and Chiefs do this currently, although I think the Chiefs is pure SRO tickets. I did the Broncos tickets a couple years back with Credit Card entry at a reduced cost and were not transferrable. You had to go in through a special gate and it was not the easiest to get in unless you went into the stadium several hours before kickoff. We are all sitting here wondering what trick Snyder is going to do as a way to try and save face. He always does this type of thing whenever things are at their most dire- Think Gibbs 2.0 and Mcloughan. I cant think of anything that they can do that would get the fans excited for next year. Even if he fires Bruce, it will be a long time coming, but that isnt enough to really get fans excited. That being said, I could see them dramatically changing how they sell their Season tickets including not forcing them to buying preseason games or doing it at discounted rates.
  5. dudleyismydog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Here is what is going to happen that will affect tickets and a strategy for getting your tickets at reduced cost if you feel like you must have Season tickets In order for the Redskins plan to stop selling deeply discounted tickets to large scale brokers in an effort (not to reduce secondary market selling) but to make secondary market prices comparable to what STH are paying for their tickets at face value. These brokers get their tickets at 80 percecnt off and with that they can sell the tickets at 20 bucks and make a profit and the Redskins can then say hey we have a sell out. With the black out rules changed, some NFL teams stopped going this route and if you are going to go this route, in order for it to work you have to accept the fact that you will not sell out and you will get crowds like the Redskins get unless you have a consistent winner. Even with a consistent winner, you probably arent goingn to sell out a 80K stadium for most games. Just look at the playoff tickets for Kansas City who adopted the same policy of not selling to brokers a couple years back. They dont sell out and they are a consistent winner. Plenty of tickets can be had from the Chiefs at face value for their first playoff game despite them being arguably one of the best NFL markets and one of the most exciting teams to watch. I liked that guy Lafamina (sp?) but he definitely sugar coated the situation on all of his radio and tv interviews prior to the season about the ticket situation saying only we want to reward our STH and keep tickets out of opposing teams fans which wasnt true. He should have been up front about how many tickets were available (rather than say waitlist is no more). By not doing this, that Colts game was so jarring when we all saw all the open seats. We have **** here. Nothing but **** and due to an itchy trigger finger and bad stadium optics due to this new policy, I would imagine Snyder will revert back to selling to brokers and the STH value will be crap unless you have good seats. And even those I would argue arent worth it when you factor in the two preseason games. There really isnt any reason to sign up for the whole package. My guess is we will see the Redskins next season tout how much more people are going to the games next year and how many more tickets they have sold. The problem those tickets will be sold at 20 percent cost and even 25 percent off a hot dog wont make up for the disparity in what you are paying for your Season Ticket as to Joe Shmo sitting right next to you. If you really want to have season tickets, this is what I have done the past few years. Treat the Redskins like a cable company. Dont re up your tickets when the invoices come out in the spring. Tell them to F off. Wait until just before the first preseason game and on one of the several calls you will get from Season ticket reps (and you will get calls) tell them you will re up your tickets if you dont have to pay for preseason tickets, preseason parking and you would like free tickets to whatever events are going on at Fed Ex Field during the months of August and September. I think this year I got the Terps game and a soccer game for free along with free parking. I was able to easily sell all of these items which greatly reduced the cost of my tickets to almost half of what my normal rate would be.
  6. dudleyismydog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    You can sell on Stubhub- Just save the parking pass as a PDF and upload it to stubhub.
  7. dudleyismydog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    You aren't missing anything, as part of the naming rights for the club level, the Skins sell a ton of club tickets specifically through stubhub and they price it as such where it would make more sense to buy through Stubhub rather than ticketmaster... Teams been doing this for several years now. I believe the team cut out all Brokers this year which is why you see all the empty seats. In the past, team would sell these seats at 70-80 percent off to Brokers who in turn could sell them for dirt cheap and still make a buck. With no fear of a tv blackout now, the Skins realized there was no point in saying they had this wait list or a sell out. All the empty seats at fed ex field aren't an all of a sudden middle finger at Dan Snyder, but just a change in sales philosophy. If Redskins sell 60K seats at regular cost to fans, they will make just as much even more than they did in the past selling 20-30K seats at such a discounted rate to brokers.
  8. dudleyismydog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I believe all club seats are sold directly through Stubhub by the team. For games like Cowboys and Eagles this is nice because they are usually pretty cheap relative to lower level seats. For games like the Texans, they will go down to around 80-100 bucks but wont go down much more than that becuase like I said, these tickets are sold by the team on Stubhub and they dont keep reducing the cost because they are worried about selling the tickets.
  9. dudleyismydog

    Season Ticket Renewals

    Wait a second, wait a second... Are you trying to tell me that the Redskins rolled out a new operation with their digital tickets and parking passes and didnt think things through thus creating unnecessary confusion? Nahhhhhhhhhh And then people tried to talk to the ticket reps and were told different things depending on who they talked to? Man, this is crazy... I cannot believe this is happening