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  1. Smith returning punts. And said it 4 times. I bet it was Dan Schneider's idea. LOL Tony Dungy is with Tirico.
  2. I listened to it off and on. Bram sounded better than I thought but the other two were not good. Amateur hour. Everyone talking over everyone. I'd say D- at best. Nothing like the past.
  3. I agree. I paid to see the Washington REDSKINS and will be asking for a full refund. It's a bit irrelevant anyway because it's hard to imagine any fans at games because of Covid. The team will use this as the reason but I am really curious as to how many people would have canceled anyway due to the name change. I am one of them. Good time to cut ties that should have been cut long ago. Snyder killed this team years ago and the Redskins I grew up with and loved have been long gone. It's just official now. A good time to get away clean and feel like it's justified.
  4. This "Season Ticket Renewal" thread has turned into a "Our stadium sucks/where will the new stadium be" thread! Having said that, I wonder if the front office changes have helped with renewals? I think a lot of people who were firm on not renewing actually did renew. I'm one of them. It seems they are trying so I decided to stay on the train for the ride.
  5. The email was so misleading and it lead everyone to think they could get it. Typical Redskins stuff though. I went to the 5th quarter party one time and was stopped three different times just to see my ticket. It was crazy. They were nice but after an hour of being there, it got to be annoying.
  6. The answer is no, you are not supposed to do this but as in many cases, the left hand at Fedex Field never knows what the right hand is doing. I am the kinda person who gets into things like this fairly easy and I was unsuccessful each try.
  7. Wow, you are thinking about renewing tickets MANY YEARS in advance!
  8. Yes, but you could buy a paper ticket from a co-worker, Craigslist, etc. and still get the perks. Most people aren't going to give a buddy or co-worker their actual Gold Card with all their games on it, they will do the online transfer, thus eliminating most of this issue. I like it.
  9. I agree 100%. The Chase Young one is just ridiculous.
  10. Positive: he wouldn't be a yes man to Snyder and wouldn't take his crap. Negative: everything else at this point. So...no.
  11. The problem is that is you knock Dallas out, you are letting the Eagles in, which is just as bad. The better pick for sure. It doesn't matter very much this year though, neither of them are going past the first round. The NFC is too strong.
  12. The best dream seats IMO are in the end zone. No one is standing in your way there. We sat there once many seasons ago and really enjoyed them. Both teams combined for 6 scores in the end zone where our seats were for that game.
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