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  1. Notice anything unusual about this picture?
  2. Hung out talking to Joe Walsh for about 60-90 minutes after his show at an outdoor amphitheater in Detroit's northern suburbs. In the late 80's, I was at U-Michigan dating a girl whose older brother was the top morning drive time DJ in Los Angeles. The older brother knew Joe, so when he came to Detroit for a show, my girlfriend and I got backstage passes. She had previously met Rick the Bass Player and they were friendly in a "kid sister of my buddy" kind of way. So we're backstage hanging out in the Green Room, and it's time to go. Rick told us the hotel they were stay
  3. If you check out the news reports (Google the name of the volcano), it's not necessarily a Darwin Award situation. 11 year old kid crossed the fence to get a closer look. Fell into quicksand. Dad then Mom tried to save him. Got stuck too. All appear to have finally succumbed from the fumes. Damn tragedy. I know I crossed fences I shouldn't have when I was 11.
  4. Justice and irony both demand that the vegans be charged with animal cruelty.
  5. Catch that commentary right at the end? "I've knocked many a phone off the hook in the bedroom..."
  6. Looks a lot like a wolf spider. They live outside and sneak into our basements to eat bugs, then slip outside again. Not exactly the type of spider I'd expect to sneak into the country inside a banana. No banana guts whatsoever on him either. I vote fake. Now, with that said, and to paraphrase a line from the Game of Thrones thread, COULD PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD PLEASE STOP BUMPING THIS THREAD. That is all.
  7. Sonny and Sam said: "But the conjecture that it is caused by huge numbers of fans not renewing is not supported by the facts. At least in the lower level....." I completely and 100% agree that the facts as we all understand them do not allow us to conclude that the hypothesis in question is, in fact, correct. However, I maintain that the facts also do not permit us to conclude that the hypothesis in question is, conclusively and in fact, incorrect--as was asserted above. I brought up my renewal letter only as evidence contrary to that assertion, and not as an attempt to prove the hypothesi
  8. WTF? FedEx speculated that the ticket office is extending their deadline to try to get back people who had dropped their tickets. Your entire post (not just the first three words) said he's wrong and here's why. But it turns out that the ticket office has indeed extended their deadline to try to get back people who had dropped their tickets. You know, like FedEx speculated. That's the guy you called "wrong." It's actually happening. That's not an "anecdotal example" it's called evidence./ As in the kind that disproves your thesis that the ticket office is not extending its deadline
  9. "That is wrong" -- wow, sounds pretty declarative. I guess you have all the answers. In truth, it's not so cut and dry as that. I have good seats and did not renew. They originally told me I had until April 1 or my seats would be lost. Now I just received a letter yesterday that I had until May 23 to keep my seats. FedEx Nosebleed might be on to something. In the meantime, if anyone wants to buy 4 seats in Sec 106 LL corner near the Redskins Tunnel for this season at face value, PM me.
  10. thought long and hard about whether to go with 8 or 10. I went with 8 because we seem to win preseason like we win the offseason. It's not until games actually matter that our true crappage emerges...
  11. Sorry, forgot it's the offseason. #WINNING
  12. Well, at least we get to watch 8 games of crap for renewing
  13. My invoice is live too. Bittersweet to see, it's really pushing a hard decision, since I can't afford my tickets this year, but I hate to give them up forever (4 seats in section 106 which is next to the tunnel--who knows when I might ever be able to get back there again?) Has anyone ever had success selling their entire set of season tickets at face value for just one season? Seems like the best options are Stubhub, NFL Exchange, ES classifieds, or Craiglist. Any advice on the best way to go?
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