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  1. Between the 70th, 75th, and now 80th anniversary throwbacks, nothing beat the 70th. Those jerseys were just beautiful. I would love to just keep those as our alternates every year. I'm rocking my 70th anniversary Darrell Green jersey for the game tonight. For regular games, I say burgundy on gold for home, and white on burgundy for away. I think all those bring together the perfect combinations and influences from all our eras when you throw in the darker burgundy of the 70th anniversary uni's.
  2. It's funny, but I didn't like the move to the gold pants with the burgundy jerseys. Now that white is back, and I've been looking at them side by side, I prefer the gold. Not that the whites are bad, but the gold pants just make the home uniforms so much more dynamic. I'm definitely on board with you guys about white over burgundy or gold for away, and burgundy over gold for home. I wish at the very least we'd get some continuity from year to year.
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded. Glad I did that. It was after dinner. Don't remember what time, specifically. I just consider after dinner for calls not from friends or family to be late.
  4. It's still up to the Redskins to approve the use of any "wild" design Nike throws at them.
  5. I don't think black ignores heritage or tradition. Each throwback look was new when it first came out decades ago. The current uniform was new when it came out decades ago. If the black uni's keep with the block font, have burgundy and gold, spear, chief, or feathers (or any combination), I don't care that they're black as long s they look good. Sometimes you gotta add new traditions to the old ones.
  6. What game(s) would we want the alternates this year? For divisional games, I'd want one against the Giants, home or away, preferably home. For everyone else, if the alternate is a home jersey, the Panthers. If the alternate is an away, either the Saints or the Steelers.
  7. So I signed up for the waiting list for some GA season tickets the other week. Just the other night, the Skins called me offering me 2 premium tickets. It was a little late at night, and I was shocked. I ended up passing on them, as I figured the GA seats would be a better deal. I'm starting to wonder if I made the right decision, and just wanted to get some opinions.
  8. Jerseys are growing on me, but I'm still going to need to see how the material looks and feels in person. The pictures are all either CGI, touched-up photos, or bad quality, so it seems hard to gauge. I can say, regardless of the material, I miss the mesh. I know times are changing, and moisture wicking is becoming the standard, but I really miss that jerseys had certain qualities to set them apart visually and texturally.
  9. May still get something neat for alternates or throwbacks, especially since this year's an anniversary year.
  10. Yikes. Quality on the stitching looks worse than the cheaper Chinese knockoffs. Design isn't half bad though. Wouldn't like it for the Skins, but I think it suits Seattle.
  11. You guys gonna be posting updates in this thread? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's got Twitter blocked, which includes the widget on the Uni-Watch page.
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