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  1. Michigan state Spartans is offensive to me! They should change it as they have no association towards the Hellenic people
  2. The ref better not destroy another game !!
  3. gomez is overrated come on.. they do not have a true striker and yes he is the best defender. what more can you ask from a man play cb, rb and def mid. and still score goals ... who is better than him in the german league.. and yes of course biased but who doesnt here have a bias? no mention of the other youth in the u-19 group that almost won it all for hellas lol.. i like it that way just like 04 haters are gonna hate. guess gotta go for it again like 04
  4. yup whose worried about defense. offense wins.. ramos is solid?? solid at what? he's a liability in the defense... true he comes forward like many backs but hes lean and can get pushed off the ball easily. peque is good but lacks speed. the spanish win in the midfield and their forwards.. but last time i checked defense wins in any sport.. the spanish come forward allot and that is a huge mistake... italy will abuse that and will counter and play solid counter attack defensive game to frustrate the Spaniards... the german team is good but not great. yes they dont play as a unit. sorry but m
  5. who is spains back line? lol... germany needs to be consistent and play as a unit
  6. warparth sorry to burst your bubble with russia but not happening.. the euro 2008 group when they faced hellas was a joke. totally different team with attacking options... if santos decides to play fortunis 19 year old, and 22 year old fetfatzidis.. along with 2007 u-19 uefa man of the tournie sotiris ninis.. if he stays healthy... im calling denmark or someone else to win it all.. the big boys dont perform on a constant basis in the euro.. spain always underachieves and there defense hahah .. poyal out.. romas is a def liability.. every team has a weakness .. you just need to exploit it a
  7. brazil vs argentina @ met life in dirty jersey as well. god i wish the euro would start already!!!!!!!
  8. that depends on many examples.. ill name some... 1- goldman sach's flat out scre**D us offering bonds that were never attainable. 2- germany and england banks also had a hand in this as well 3- elected officals ate allot of the bribes and also stashed them away to other countries so that they will not pay taxes. 4.- they have money the higher rich people that is, they just have it hidden and in cash, due to them not paying taxes and not in the books. 5. lets be honest all along the mediterianian coast work comes 2nd, relaxing and taking it easy comes 1st. example. spania, italia, portuga
  9. hellas once again will surpirse everyone like 04.
  10. you guys should check out the prices that the giants vs skins game is going for.... wow.. double that of the opening game vs the bengels.
  11. http://www.myp2p.eu/competition.php?competitionid=∂=sports&discipline=americanfootball
  12. http://www.firstrow.net/sports/american-football.html guys this website has many many games and other sports as well soccer too of course
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