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  1. I for one don't get why everyone here is talking about Perry Jones and Harrison Barnes because I honestly don't think this team will be picking in the top 5 in order to snag one of those guys. I think this team if they get hot enough and (Josh Howard comes back strong) may make the playoffs as 7-8 seed. Just my two cents. edit. and to the above post there is absolutely no way Atlanta trades Al Horford they just signed him to a long term deal and think very very highly of him.
  2. awesome game by the young guys. loving the young talent on this team. All we really need is a SF because I really think Wall,Young,Blatche and McGee are future pieces to a contending team.
  3. Lol WTF?? Arenas won't be here much longer. Blatche will be the PF for atleast the forseeable future. If anything I say we draft a new SF to replace Howard/Thornton, although Thornton has played well recently I think its just a flash in a pan. I hope Flip eventually gets fired so a new coach that's better with younger players and starts playing Nick Young/Trevor Booker more so we can start planning on what else we need to build around Wall.
  4. Hopefully it's better then that crap Skip Bayless did on ESPN a few days ago.
  5. I got this idea after skimming through a different Wiz board. But if cap/salaries/attitudes wasn't a problem and just based purely on talent...would any of you consider trading John Wall (purely hypothetical,obviously would never happen) for Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant or any other player in the NBA?? IMO I wouldn't trade Wall for any player I think he is eventually going to be better then any guy out right now.
  6. Blatche has a really nice shot but sometimes I think he shoots too many jumpers
  7. I know its the Magic and Arenas and Howard are out. But the blind homer in me still hoped they would look better then this in the opener...
  8. Haha is that Wang Zhi-Zhi there in the background?? Talk about blast from the past.
  9. John Wall is the fastest player in the NBA right now. He is going to be scary LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant good.
  10. Actually I wouldn't be surprised if they did win more the 50 games. They were a good team last year and they have brought everyone back and got rid of a terrible coach. That team is young and with youth comes progression.
  11. I don't like how Delhomme wines though after the play I understand the play was dirty but come on Jake.
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