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  1. I also received the email today notifying me that the tickets were sent yesterday. I just checked online and it's on the delivery truck already. I could have them today
  2. Just tried to log in...same error
  3. Seat Data Example: Change the last three digits in the URL to find your section, they have most sections.
  4. Thanks for the info, my seats are closer to the end of the row. Hopefully the movement towards the sidelines won't take too many years.
  5. I also got upgraded. I was in the UL (section 426) and now my seats are in Section 132 - Row 8 Section 132 puts me right in the, but Row 8, is that too low for the Endzone or is that just the sidelines? edit: Does anybody know how many seats are in each row for the Endzone sections?
  6. Like dgreen said, no specific locations. I was told, like everyone else, I'll find out in a few weeks
  7. I've only had the tickets for one season, this is my second season and I was upgraded. I don't know how that works but I'm not complaining edit: I just got a call and the green lot was full so I'm back to waiting list for that, the LL seats aren't affected however
  8. I got the same email, I called and I got upgraded! It was a bout a 12 minute wait but once I got through the guy offered lower level seats (Endzone). I was in Section 426, row 22. No club level offer or anything, straight-up upgrade, just have to pay the difference. On top of that I was upgraded from gray to green parking. I'm excited.