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  1. We have been a joke for years now. Why stop now? (serious question, not trying to troll)
  2. Anybody want to print up some gear while we can? j/k Guess its actually going to happen sooner or later
  3. Lawler still wrestles on the independent circuit when he isnt doing Raw. He was wrestling in Aruba this past weekend.
  4. I guess this is the right place for this, but do Cowboys fans in Texas hate the Redskins? My dad lives in Texas and I have several friends down there all Cowboys fans(die hard and semi-die hard) but none of them really hate or care that much about the Redskins. I told a friend that they call it "Dallas week" up here and he almost laughed in my face. The only Cowboys fans I know that hate the Redskins live in Virginia/Maryland/D.C. I guess I'm not sure if its just the people I know or is this a one sided rivalry where the Washington fan base is all amped up about it but the Dallas fan base doe
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