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  1. Rumor is that Bruce doesn't negotiate extensions on contracts with more than one year remaining. Until the tumor is actually removed and the healthy tissue that was removed from around the tumor are both biopsied, the doctors aren't certain about the surgery. Plus, it's surgery, there are always risks associated with surgery.
  2. From JP Finley's story, it appears that the team doctors told him that it was a cyst, and that nobody visited him for 2 weeks after the surgery including teammates. Front Office never contacted him during the holdout. He had nothing but positive feelings toward Dan. From what I read, while a player is either under contract with a team, the team provides all medical services for the player. I think it's because the team wants to make sure that a disease doesn't sneak up on a player. And now I can see why Trent is pissed if they kept telling him it was a cyst and not a tu
  3. Kind of hard to not notice that one of the first places that the Caps went to celebrate was at a Nats game, and that the Caps were celebrating as hard as the Nats were last night. Compare to a lot Wizards and Redskins players that walk around in each others' rivals' gear and go to the games wearing that gear, except for a few players that have embraced the fandom of the DC teams. Funny thing is that those players are the one's that are loved and respected by the DC fans.
  4. I believe this is what is frosting Trent's ass. His contract for this season and next season aren't guaranteed. The Redskins could wait until final cuts and release him, and he gets nothing, and since it happens right before the first game, most teams won't have any cap space to sign him, and if he does sign, it's probably for one year. Plus, teams will wait until after the first game to sign him making the contract pretty much a game to game contract.
  5. It's the other way around, the suspension is heard by the commissioner, and then it is appealed to an arbiter. The Commissioner represents the teams/owners ("the League"), the NFLPA represents the players, the independent arbiter is the what the CBA uses to settle contract/financial/medical differences between the League and the NFLPA. The team/league can suspend Trent all they want, but the NFLPA/Trent will take the contract rollover to the Arbiter for him/her to decide. Once the Arbiter decides on that, then the team/league and NFLPA/Trent must accept the decision.
  6. Except this is a contract/money issue. Those always go to arbitration. Much like if Trent felt that he was treated poorly by the medical staff, or that they denied him treatment, then he should have filed a grievance with the union.
  7. Commissioner has absolute power when it comes to player conduct, not for CBA or contract grievances. If there is union grievance filed because of something in the CBA, then an independent arbiter will hear and decide the case. Goodell may say Trent's contract will be rolled over to 2021, but Trent then will file a grievance and the case goes to an arbiter.
  8. I regret that the team didn't sign him when the rumored asking price was $75M over 5 years ($15M per), at that price and with backups costing about another $5M, this team could have shored up the receiving, offensive line, and DB corps with some solid players. Now the free agent Kirk Cousins contract would have been one to walk away from, not because of the dollar amount, which is pretty much the league average for starting QB not on a rookie contract. Not because of the dollars, but because of the length. A 3 year contract for someone who has already had the tag put on them is way
  9. They will go to arbitration, that is almost always the case in a CBA, neither side really want the courts involved in it because quite frankly, neither side likes having the courts decide if something isn't legal or not. I'm kind of leery of the whole "medical staff" issue going around because he would have filed a grievance with the union had that been the case, especially if it was a life or death matter. I'm leaning towards his camp knowing how pissed the fans are about all the injuries the team has had and hoping that would get him some goodwill with the fans and make the injur
  10. I think it was JP Finley that reported months ago that Bruce asked him who on the med staff screwed up and he would fire them right then. Trent's response was that he didn't want to do that and cost someone their job.
  11. Trent: "Feels like I pulled my groin/hamstring Doc. I don't think I can go this week coach." No medical exam can detect that.
  12. Those are bad, but they are the team's usual pants and jerseys, not those gawdawful yellow jerseys.
  13. The color rush unis were awful, the absolute worst ones in the NFL. This was the 2016 design, the Redskins were the only NFC East team to have an entirely new color jersey as their color rush scheme.
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