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  1. As a matter of fact I did. Good Luck!
  2. I'm the crazy guy who came down from Section 401. Best Wishes for a Happy Upgrade to you.
  3. Auto upgrades have begun---my completed invoice shows me in Section 110 Row 19! Hail!
  4. Last year I received them July 28th. The year before, I think it was about 4 days earlier. Hail!
  5. That's part of it, but the best explanation(with pictures) illustrating what I am talking about is in this thread: http://www.extremeskins.com/showthread.php?147933-Everything-You-Ever-Wanted-To-Know-About-FedExField&highlight=fedex+field Just scroll through this thread for lots of good information. Send me a pm if you want further clarification. PJ
  6. That's one of the other BIG reasons I thought the transition to the lower level end zone would be OK! We'll be seein ya in the lower bowl... ---------- Post added May-6th-2012 at 11:16 PM ----------
  7. Funny thing happened after responding to your "upgrade news" with my rather tongue-in-cheek post. I suppose I was feeling a little left out since I had not gotten the "upgrade to the lower level email."Well, I did eventually get the "upgrade email." I had great seats in the lower rows of section 401 that I had been coveting for some time now, and I was reluctant to move to the lower level endzone. I decided to take the plunge after going to the Army/Navy game this past year--had great seats in section 103. I also credit some of you in this forum for giving me the confidence to throw caution to
  8. Thanks! I also forgot to say "Congratulations"!(or Merry Griffmas!) "Griffmas" was borrowed from another thread title in the Stadium.
  9. So let me get this straight. You are in the upper level of the upper level; and you just got an upgrade to the lower level?! So do you attribute this upgrade to: 1. Your incredible skill and savoir-faire with the ticket office 2. Pure luck(or PFM--military acronymn) 3. Ticket office shenanigans 4. Ticket market forces Hail!
  10. All I noticed in this post was the $1500 for section 302, and I almost fell out of my chair! I didn't notice the minimum quantity(5) until I went to stubhub. :silly: I suppose most of the season ticket holders on here are getting the calls(come-ons) from the ticket office about "upgrading your seats." I've gotten three calls from the ticket office, returned one, about club level seats. The lowest quote was about $2500 per seat--for now. Hail!
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