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  1. I'm listening. What are these grey market addons you speak of?
  2. Hate to bring this up, but if the show is so bad, why do you guys listen? Seems like they're actually doing a good job if the point is to get you all riled up and actually listening. It's the oldest radio trick in the radio handbook. I mean, you do see the irony here right?
  3. I'm just surprised Tony Wyllie isn't have a full meltdown right now on live radio. He's probably in the basement at redskins park tied up with a gag in his mouth so he doesn't go spouting some stupid **** like he usually does. He seriously might be the worst PR man in the business.
  4. Yeah the handshake one seems to be the culprit. As soon as it was posted I had a hard time loading the page.
  5. Maybe if he didn't try to sell that foul he wouldn't have hit his head so hard. Who's that asshole telling the cameraman it's his fault? What a dick.
  6. That's a bit much. I do think i'd like him more if he didn't look like a toddler.
  7. No. I'm also glad to dee Dellavedova is back to his usual self, garbage. I can't tell if he's shooting or trying to pass the ball half the time.
  8. Cavs are gonna win this series. Lebron went off to sow his wild oats and came home a man. I hate to admit it but it's the truth.
  9. I feel like I'm watching my 13 year old self play basketball during recess and its the best Ive ever played. I know its never going to happen again but I just keep doing the improbable. He should retire if the cavs win because that will be the peak of his career.
  10. Who thought Deladadova would be the series MVP.
  11. I don't know how many more missed threes i can watch GS throw up.
  12. Instead of firing them all, maybe it should be harder to become a cop. Maybe you should have to possess basic inteligence and decency before you get a badge and a gun. Crazy idea that just popped in my head.
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