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  1. Just so I understand this. Coaches are trash that we have. When they leave they do not want to be apart of this crappy team and were good suddenly even though everyone called for changes. Get a new coach he has to suck because he was fired by another team and only comes here because no one else would hire him. Just making sure I am keeping up with the pitchforks.
  2. fordranger76

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Trading up to get Haskins is a complete panic move. No way no how should that be done. You have aging superstars, a tight cap with a possible injury settlement, and would result in giving up a ton of draft picks that would contribute in positions of need. Let the draft fall to you and don't panic!!!
  3. fordranger76

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    This season may very well be a blessing in disguise as players that are toxic expose what may very well be whats wrong in the locker room in regards to themselves.
  4. fordranger76

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I go on youtube and type the prospect's name in and vs. Brings up the physical games they played in with markers usually. I do it this way so I do not see highlights. I stay away from those as much as I can because it really skews what they can or can't do.
  5. fordranger76

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Bosa. Not even close.
  6. fordranger76

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think Jachai Polite is the second best edge rusher in the draft. Better than Allen, Ferrell, and Sweat. Does not play the run as well but we ask our ILB to do that way more than our edge backers. Apparently a good team mate which that locker room could use and should be there when we pick. Sign me up.
  7. Baffled by the Preston Smith love. Go to the draft for this. Quite a few good linebackers in the class which wont cost 7 to 8 million dollars.
  8. fordranger76

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    We cannot make the mistake of trading a ton of draft picks to move up to get Haskins. Too much talent in this draft for positions of need. just because he is the best QB in the draft does not mean you move from 15 to 1 or 2 to get him. That is a crazy way to think considering how few years ago we did that exact same thing and hampered us for years. Continue to build the rest of the team and get the QB when the TEAM is ready and if impatient then get one in the 2nd or 3rd that falls to you.
  9. Why I'm so bullish on a FA safety is it can be fixed this offseason if Bruce isnt cheap. A lot of talent seems to be there for the taking and we should really throw our money there. Draft does not look to be so hot there.
  10. Truth be told for cuts I would only cut Brown. Did not like the move resigning him last year and it seems like his time is done here as it should be. Hamilton has already surpassed him. The cap hit on Norman and Reed can wait another year. No sense in it for this year. Probably don't want to have to replace too much in one go. Norman IMO is still the best corner we have. We do way better drafting than FA IMO but we should snag one of the safeties out there. Preston can walk due to the abundant talent in the upcoming draft. I think he is easily replaced. More worried about keeping Crowder than anyone else. Needs to be resigned if reasonable. Peterson, Cooper, Johnson and possibly Mo Harris are the only others worth keeping.
  11. fordranger76

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    In complete agreement with you in regards to the line. They have to get better here and cannot ignore it again. Makes sense to go young here. The cap I think is around 20 million right now and I'm guessing it raises by another 10 but who knows. I don't want them to be that active either but they have to get a safety. Not much in the draft starter wise right away. Collins, Matheieu, and Thomas are big gets and my hope is its Collins. I also think they are not going to bite on ILB. My guess is they are going to cut Brown and Hamilton takes over his roll and Foster replaces Foster. CB and Edge seems to be loaded in this draft especially the latter which of course leads to Smith being expendable. The speed receiver however will probably turn in to a slot man if Crowder leaves because I don't believe Quinn can be the lone option here as a replacement.
  12. fordranger76

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    We're all gonna have a good laugh about this when the master plan is to signing Landon Collins.
  13. fordranger76

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    One question. Would the Patriots cut him after this?
  14. fordranger76

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    Do try to remember a few things here. We are not privy to what has also been going on in the locker room. Who knows whats going on behind the scenes as well. Perhaps he is causing a lot of trouble there as well. Maybe not. Who knows? Also the guy is now going to be on what his 6th team in 7 or 8 years? Track record folks. You can knock the team for both of the Fosters and that's fine but you have to understand why they did this. Its a pattern. Its not surprising. It was needed.