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  1. Why do we need Robinson? There is a glut of wr talent in fa that the team should be more than happy with. Golladay, Jones, Fuller, Smith-Schuster, Godwin, Davis, and thats not even counting the second tier guys like Reynolds, Pascal, and Higgins. All would be massive upgrades of what we currently have.
  2. People watch one Chase Young game and declare he's a bum. Running out of popcorn reading this thread this morning.
  3. I know the hot talk is all about Young (as it should be) but has anyone looked into the tight ends much? Brycen Hopkins from Purdue, Alex O from Missouri, Jared Pinkey from Vanderbilt, and Harrison Bryant from Florida Atlantic are all on my wish list. Anyone else have a prospect they like in the tight end realm to watch out for in the later rounds? Who is the best blocker of the class? The more I watch Hopkins the more I like him. He has a lot of Mark Andrews like qualities to him which could be huge in helping our young QB develop. Other favorites?
  4. Antonio Gandy Golden is not getting nearly enough love. This kid is going to suprise everyone.
  5. I don't think the desirability factor is as bad as some think. Many of the teams that may be looking for a head coach just hired one recently. How many new coaches want to go to a team that fires a coach as quick as one changes under wear. How is that possibly a better future for someone with zero job security? That makes no sense to me.
  6. No hot takes on Zach Brown signing with the Eagles and how this move will haunt the Skins for the next 10 years? I'm disappointed!
  7. With Flowers what's funny is if you go back and watch the Jaguars games he looks no worse than Morgan Moses. You think I am kidding? Go back and look. Moses looked just as bad at times last year as Flowers. However we have this notion that Moses is this stud at RT. He had an awful awful year there. Being that they will move him to LG he will be far superior to Lauvao or any of the street guys brought in. Lauvao got pushed back on nearly every snap he was in there. Again if you doubt this stuff use your own eyes and grab game pass. It's all there. I don't think people grasp how bad that left gu
  8. I don't have a problem with not going for any TE in FA. However I can see us having 3 new tight ends as early as next year and that's crazy for a position overhaul all at once but needed.
  9. Are people seriously comparing Preston Smith to Landon Collins now? An allpro and multiple time probowler to a very average pass rusher? What world is this?
  10. I still think we have a surprise coming. Jordan Hicks maybe? Or further on the limb Justin Houston. Falling out of the tree pick is Earl Thomas.
  11. Reading some of the comments about Landon being worthless and sucking are incredible. This fanbase needs an enema.
  12. The most cost effective option is to bring back McCoy and Johnson along with a low priced FA QB. If there is a QB that Gruden wants let him get the guy. I do think however if Jay stays and the dust settles that if QB is not the first pick then he will have the last year on his contract to play out before being let go.
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