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  1. Thanks Mark, I was trying to put the text off to the right. It wouldn't let me. I can't do much. I have very few privileges, I'm lucky to have a pic. Y'all won't let me upload anything. I know I am the hated bottom feeder.....but Geeez...
  2. Wow, I thought he looked bad. No really, you stunned me for a second, you are correct. I had to think. It was his retirement parade not his funeral parade. (or should I say, when he got dumped) Don't worry, he gets plenty of hate for that still.
  3. I dug a few up that I had. Did you have this one? If you did, sorry. Every time you lose you die a little; not all of your organs, a portion of you; maybe just your liver. ~~ George Allen I'd run over my own mother to win a Super Bowl. ~~ Joe Jacobi, Washington Redskins I'd run over Joe's mother, too. ~~ Matt Millen, Oakland Raiders I'm bored, I'm broke and I'm back. ~~ John Riggins returning to football after a one year hold-out Lighten up, Sandy baby. ~~ John Riggins said to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spe
  4. No, I'm not mistaken, Mark. You are just not listening. During this week, twice a year, yes it is the biggest rivalry. But just not all year long like it is in DC with y'all. Don't get me wrong. I wish it were the same. I am from that era and I miss it. It is the younger fan that doesn't get it. And yes: "Any Cowboys fan that thinks the Redskins game is just another game is either very young or very stupid." -Anonymous veteran Dallas fan Is my favorite quote you had listed because it is true. Although they were all good. I think I have some that you don't. I will try to find them and put t
  5. Hello again MTH. When I referred to you either love or you either hate us, I was not meaning y'all literally. I know that y'all REALLY hate us, I was referring to people in general. Concerning Pavlovian? No need to look it up. The conditioned response is referring to Mr. Pavlov's dog. I know. And the whole loathing part? I get it. I was just explaining that most Cowboy fans have moved on and hate the other NFE teams more now. But please don'y worry, I can still find enough hate in my heart for your little pointed head. Still working on the sig, I know you like it. I'll get it.
  6. OK, I might have to come back and rub KDawg's face in it.....LOL
  7. I think you may have misunderstood. I am old enough to remember the George Allen days, so it is still a big deal to me. I was referring to the attitude in Dallas in general. The rivalry has lost its luster. We hate Philly and the Giants more now. Nothing personal, guys. Don't worry some of us still hate y'all a bunch. But Dallas is just one of those VERY polarizing teams. You either REALLY love us or REALLY hate us. No in between. Kind of like the Yankees in baseball. Everyone down here REALLY hates them except for a few people which we despise because they live here and should support our tea
  8. I'll admitit it sucked, but that's in the past. Time for new quotes. How bout "It's hard being America's Team, but somebody's gotta do it"
  9. Thanks! You are correct. Although, its about to be 14 and 2. No really, we all know that records and stats all go out of the window when we play each other. It's just plane ole smash mouth football. The best. I can't wait.
  10. It's not December. It is November and Romo is 13 and 1 in November.
  11. Not bad actually, thanks for asking, there are only 4 teams in the NFL with better records. We're gonna add to that record on Sunday, too. Thanks to y'all. We don't hate y'all like y'all do us though. We just feel sorry for ya. I'm a fair pittier though. If by some fluke y'all win. I will come back and take my lumps. And if we win, I won't come back and rub it in. Looking forward to another great one...
  12. I just love watching y'all hate us so. It makes me soooo happy. It just makes winning soooo much more fun. Thank you!
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