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    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I don't know what Bryce Love is now, but if he can become what he was he is better than Thompson. Love was a three down back, not a bruiser up the middle, but quick through the hole and dynamic in open field. He was a huge weapon in the passing game out of the backfield. He was the best back in college football until he hot hurt, front runner for the Heisman Trophy. I sincerely hope taking all this time of he has gotten healthy and ready to contribute.
  2. If you accept as fact that Coach Rivera wants to win and understands he is being evaluated on wins/losses; it is reasonable to believe that he is surrounding himself with coaches he believes will give him the best chance of winning. I understand that not every one agrees on every choice and there is some loyalty to a select few staff members, but he is the HC and these are his choices. To all those who believed that the owner was still meddling and would insist we keep his boy as OC, hope this is evidence that we have turned a corner and football people are now making football decisions (even if you don't agree with them). HTTR.
  3. evmiii

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    The culture and performance of this staff and team almost demanded a complete purge. I think all the players, including DH, will benefit from a professional environment and true leadership.
  4. There seemed to be a completely different atmosphere when Rivera stepped to the podium than we have seen in many years. His confidence was very evident. He clearly has the biggest stick and full support of the owner. This is a good day in Washington Redskins story. A lot to be done, but we have taken several steps in the right direction. Happy Thanksgiving. HTTR.
  5. evmiii

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    It is just as critical that the HC and OC are of one mind as it is the OC and QB. I fully expect the HC to pick someone he is confident shares his plans and believes he has all the tools to be successful. If KOC can convince the HC that he is that guy; he will get the job. If not, we'll get a new OC. Regardless, I do not believe the HC is under any mandate to keep OC. It is not unreasonable that ownership mentioned there fondness of KOC and it is entirely appropriate for him to get an interview; but I and am very confident that the new HC would never of agreed to a mandate to keep him. It's a big job with a Defensive minded HC, needs to be someone he is 100% confident with.
  6. evmiii

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    It is completely understandable why Mr. Young would have had concerns about joining this organization. The hire of Ron Rivera and potentially Jack Del Rio as DC should make him feel a lot better about the opportunity.
  7. Bleacher Report just posted Jack Del Rio is the leading candidate for D.C. If true, we are definitely getting tougher.
  8. When the dam is leaking, you are not worried about the paint. This team has had a fundamentally disorganized and destructive foundation for a decade. I think Ron is the pefect hire to start repairing a decade of neglect. The Redskins didn't get there over night and they won't fix everything overnight, but this is a step in the right direction. Ron Rivera's reputation instantly helps the "culture" of the team. Realistic and justified hope is a powerful thing.
  9. FYI. Rivera is Puerto Rican. Rivera was a linebacker. That would never have happened.
  10. Everybody, except perhaps the owner, that Trent has a problem will most likely be gone. I think if the day after Ron gets the job he reaches out to Trent he'll start at LT for the Redskins on opening day. If Ron doesn't get a warm fuzzy, trade him for whatever you can get for him. Like Trent says, it's just business.
  11. evmiii

    4-3 Starting Lineup

    4-3, 3-4 either can work as our base defense. It seems in today's NFL you spend more time in hybrid defenses than your base. That said, Young and Sweat need to have there hand on the ground and rush the passer. That seems to fit the 4-3 pretty well. Until the last couple drafts we didn't have the personnel to play a 4-3 (or a true 3-4), but it seems after this draft we should be pretty well suited. If Foster can get done stay healthy that will help a lot.
  12. Dan doesn't need to fire any coaches, the new Head Coach will take care of that. I am certain that Ron Rivera will insist on control of his own staff. Dan just needs to clean house amongst the folks that worked for Bruce. Understanding this is still Dan, I am a bit optimistic that he is taking these changes on personally. Firing, however warranted, is very personal and not always easy. The important question remaining is whose job is it going to be to replace all these guys? Does he have a GM in mind but is just waiting to get buy in from the new coach? Is his new secret committee going to handle the hiring. While purging is long overdue; we need to replace smartly. Overall, this is a good day.
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    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The only way the Redskins don't draft Chase is (1) He elects to stay in school (2) Some team makes them an offer too good to pass up. I think both are unlikely. Teams don't usually jump up that far unless it is for a QB. If some team is still in love with Tus and they believe they need to get ahead of Miami at 5 it's possible. Go ahead and preorder your Chase jerseys. I will defer my own observations and go with the folks that get paid to assess talent. Chase on one side and Sweat on the other looks pretty strong.
  14. evmiii

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I don't think anyone is calling him a loser, I'm just not drinking the coolaid that he is a generational talent. Great athlete with a huge upside, but he's is definitely NOT Mack or LT right now. If the skins draft him I'll be pulling for him to be all he can be, I truly hope some other team has the same opinion of him as Todd McShay and wants to make us a deal we can't pass up. Without a trade the skins will draft him #2 and I sincerely hope I'm undervaluing his worth. We need him to be what you think he is; not what I think he is. I've never wanted to be wrong more.
  15. evmiii

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    With all the hype, if he comes out (he will) the Redskins organization does not have the inner gumption not to take him. I have seen film breakdown that looks amazing, but I just haven't seen it in a the limited time I have seen in play live (on TV). He is a freak athlete that will do amazing at the combine. He may turn out to be everything the hype says, but I think he is going to need some good coaching and a loving motivational push to get here. Hope we have the guys to do it.
  16. evmiii

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm not an expert and I didn't stay at a holiday in last night, but I've seen Chase play 2 games (Michigan and Clemson) and for the most part he was not a factor. Tonight I saw a bunch of plays with a pathetic level of effort. I understand they are chipping and doubling some, but I saw a bunch of times he could not beat the tackle one on one. Great against lesser opponents; disappears against the better teams. Everybody's better in the NFL. I don't see either Bosa brother when I see him; he doesn't have the motor. I hope he decides to stay in school and pursue a National Championship so we don't draft him #2. If he turns out to be what McShay says I'll admit I'm wrong; but I don't see it.
  17. evmiii

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    If Bruce is indeed gone, all talk of head coaches should stop immediately pending the hire of the next GM of football operations (or whatever they call the position). If Dan and committee hire a coach before the GM we are headed down the same path that they have proven doesn't work. Please do this correctly. This could be the start of the slow return to glory or the next step down the same broken path. Unless they hire a coach/GM in one and give one guy all the power. Pick the right guy and it might work, historically not the best path.
  18. I do believe the opinion of the talking heads and others outside the Redskin organization of Trent is higher than that of the general opinion on the board. I think a late two will become available.
  19. I have mentioned before and I think the end of this season supports my opinion. Haskins got better every week he started in college, he has progressed every week since he became the starter. No reason not to be optimistic about his future.
  20. I think the goal will be to replace the 2nd rounder we don't have. Take a 2nd and run.
  21. evmiii

    Next Coach?

    The guy choosing our next head coach thinks the "culture of this team is damn good". Why should we have any confidence of his selection.
  22. evmiii

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    Our wonder boy play caller is as predictable as Gruden was. They can't let the loss of McVay rush them into scared decisions. I hope new coach brings entire new staff (OC and DC).
  23. evmiii

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    I have just seen a couple sporadic minutes of this game, but every time I did #20 was missing a tackle. Did Collins have a bad day?
  24. Lost in all of this excitement is the fact that we are now a game ahead of the John Mara owned ( can't type me true feelings towards him due to site rules), Danial Jones loving crybaby whiners from New York. Maybe Danny Dimes isn't the savior after all.
  25. Not sure how you do any true evaluating of DH when our OL is as this bad. Nothing works when you have no time. I'm trying to decide if our defensive problems are talent or scheme (probably both). Can a new defensive staff fix what we got? This draft needs to be OL and CB heavy.