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    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Ron called him this weekend and told him don't risk pulling something in the underwear olympics. You will not get past pick 2.
  2. evmiii

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    I'll take the Bears if you still need somebody.
  3. I hope he listens to those advising him to retire. Next concussion could have permanent affects on the rest of his life.
  4. Del Rio and a new defensive scheme (with Chase Young) is good for a minimum 3 more wins next year. Year two improvements in DH and a better running game (TW starting at LT) is worth atleast two wins. 8-8 should be our expectations; a couple good breaks and we could squeak out a 2 more for a 10 win season. We should be competitive in every game.
  5. evmiii

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Just watched a couple Chase Young highlight videos. No doubt he is a dominant force; but he is the smallest looking 6'5 265 pounder on film I have ever seen. He pulled off on many QB sacks and passed up on some big hit opportunities. Probably coached that way to avoid penalties, but I hope hits Jones, Wentz, and Prescott a lot harder than he hit most of the QBs in college. Looking forward to seeing him in a Redskin jersey.
  6. evmiii

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    Jordan Reed will never play football again; only thing left to determine is the injury settlement. Sure wish he could have stayed healthy because he had a bunch of talent and could have helped the skins. Unfortunately the overall team struggles wasted the few good years that he did have. I hope he can get healthy enough to live a good life away from football.
  7. evmiii

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Tua is just too big a risk. There is absolutely no reason to believe that he can be more healthy in the NFL than he was at Alabama. Even if his hip is fully healed, he just seems fragile and NFL defenders are bigger and faster. Zero chance the Redskins take him, possible some desperate GM false in love and chooses to permanently link his career to Tua and offers the world to get him. Burrow is Haskins last year with a National Championship. He had and outstanding year, slightly better statistically to the year Haskins had the year before. He played without hesitation and threw to a couple very good WRs. He is more mobile than Haskins, but his arm isn't as strong. Both he and Haskins made good decisions in college and had aggressive schemes to press the ball down the field. Both had very good run games and good balance offensively. (Note: Haskins beat him out at Ohio State for the starting job, Burrow transferred to LSU and it worked out pretty good for both) It is a bit confusing to me to hear some so anti Haskins coming out of college but so pro Burrow. All that said, the Bengals will take Burrow (and be happy about it). The Redskins will take Young (and be happy about it). Some team will probably go crazy and trade up to Tua (and will initially be happy but end up heart broken). From all I have read and seen, Tua is a great human being; overall great guy. I hope as a football fan he can get healthy and play. I just wouldn't bet anything I valued that this will happen.
  8. I agree a veteran WR is desirable, but I would not lock up anywhere near what Green or Anderson want. We appear to have a #1 in Terry so we just need a a solid #2. We need at least one TE, a couple CBs, a FS and at least one OL (assuming Trent starts at left tackle and we re-sign or tag Brandon at RG). I think we will most likely pick up a safety, a corner, a TE, and OL in free agency. Draft will fill remaining slots. Good free agency and solid draft we have the opportunity to be much improved and started down the path to respectability.
  9. Isn't it so nice to have the confidence that we have competent football guys making football decisions. It has seemed for so long that we lacked adults in the room. I'm starting to sip from the Kool-aid. HTTR.
  10. evmiii

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Evaluating talent is an art not a science. Just because you don't agree doesn't make them idiots. Historically, first round QB's are a 50-50 proposition. Odds are a little better on non QB's, especially defensive dudes. But all it takes is for one teams talent evaluators to fall in love with a player and crazy things can happen. Just look at Tua for example, he won't be a few teams boards at all because of his injury history but some team will forget the golden rule (hurt in college, hurt in the pros) and he'll most likely get drafted in the top 5. I work with an educated, smart guy despite the fact he is a Dolphins fan who is all in on Tua. I have zero trust in his health and wouldn't take him in the first round. One of us is wrong; Time will tell. I think this is what makes the draft so interesting.
  11. This sounds like a lot of hubbub about nothing. Agents pull this stuff all the time to get their agents more attention. If he is part of Ron's plan then he will get extended and get some guaranteed cash; if not, he'll get traded or they'll let him play out the year and walk. No news here.
  12. On a side note, Jim Zorn still can't win in DC (XFL).
  13. evmiii

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    What can't happen is a repeat of last year. Options as I see are: 1. Add a year to his contract, guarantee some of it. He starts for the Redskins the next two years. 2. Trade him. I expect a 2nd and maybe a 4th for him. If there is a first rounder out there even better. Either option is acceptable (I prefer option 1), but we must have some return next year. He should have been traded last year, but since he wasn't and we have had a complete staff change maybe this can be salvaged.
  14. evmiii

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Dan Patrick asked Joe Burrow who was the best athlete on the team? He replied, without hesitation, Clyde. I don't think we should be thinking RB early enough to get him, but if we were going to pick a RB he would be tough to pass on.
  15. I just can't understand the opinion that it had already been determined Haskins is a bust. He showed progress in every start ( just like he did in college). I think he's going to very good, but I'm certain his future is yet to be determined. I fully expect he will be the starter this year and we will know a lot more about his potential this time next year. If he is as bad as some claim, we should have a pretty early pick again next year.
  16. The more I look the more I like Chase but three #1s + is almost too good for a team with as many holes as we have. A 1st round DB, first round OL, and a first round LB would fill some glaring holes. I don’t think we will get that offer and I will be very happy taking Chase #2, but if we do I think I would have to take it.
  17. evmiii

    Correcting the fan interest problem

    Nothing really matters but winning!
  18. evmiii

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Wow, you could know absolutely nothing about football and understand this is bad. I understand this was not all KOC, but he was involved enough to get the stink on him. Ron R. had to make a change.
  19. I think the only way this is even feasible is if the Bengals take Chase Young first. In this case Chase is NOT available and we then we start the Burrow lottery. Best offer wins. Teams can't trust Detroit and know they have to get in front of Miami. If Chase is on the board at #2 I can't foresee an offer that would be worthy of not drafting him.
  20. If Alex Smith was healthy enough to play I'm in that camp. His salary cap hit is there regardless, why pay another back up and use up any available cap space. That said, I do not believe Alex will ever play again. New head coach and OC means a new offense so having Colt losses some value. Case thinks he can still start so he will try to find a better opportunity. If he can't we can probably bring him back relatively cheaply. If he leaves I say we cut Colt and pick up a journeyman. We could draft a QB late or pick one up eligible for the practice squad in case of emergency and to have another arm in camp.
  21. I acknowledge that Burrow excelled in a different system, but I don't agree it means nothing. Guys who coach and evaluate talent for a living watched both guys in that scheme and all agreed Haskins was better. Enough so that they supported Burrows transferring. I fully expect both can be successful in the right scheme.
  22. Just a reminder to everyone who is so willing to dump Dwayne Haskins, he beat out Burrows in an open competition at Ohio State. Burrow saw the light and transferred to LSU. I remain optimistic that DH will continue to improve and be the QB everyone expected him to be when he was drafted.
  23. evmiii

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    My ideal draft scenario. Bengals take Burrow with #1 A couple teams get really excited about Tua. Miami believes that Detroit will take Tua 3rd. Makes a lot of noise and an offer to Redskins to jump to 2. Detroit hears all this and offers their first (3rd) and second (35) to jump to #2. Skins accept. Lions draft Tua with the #2. Skins draft Chase Young #3 and added a second round pick. i can dream can't I.
  24. evmiii

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I expect a significant difference in the defense with the new system and new leadership. If we add talent (.i.e. Chase Young) we will be even better. Last years defense schemes were much too predictable and not executed very well. Way to many guys out of position, guys running uncovered, not maintaining an edge; mix this with poor tackling most of the time you saw the result. I am still very excited that they actually recognized it was broken and made changes. HTTR!
  25. After Monday night, it will take a never before seen trade offer to keep Joe Burrow from being the next starting QB of the Bengals. I believe this years draft starts at three; 1. Joe Burrow (Bengals), 2. Chase Young (Redskins), 3. Detroit is on the clock.