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  1. Yes. But the Jets may go winless and the Jags wont get another win. We are likely to accidently beat another team (Probably the giants)
  2. We need to understand that even if by losing today, we are not going to get Trevor Lawrence. We are not worse than the Jets or Jags. Despite how bad we are.
  3. Goff has 3x as many yards as the entire WFT offense
  4. Does anyone playing QB for WFT know how to throw the ball away instead of taking sacks?
  5. Alex Smith isnt the answer either. He cant throw the ball more than 10 feet.
  6. I thought he jump on Alex to not hit his leg. That is the type of player Donald is.
  7. Didnt he catch two passes before Wright on the last drive?
  8. For sure. I needed to know where the ball was a couple times. They would talk about the play but not where the ball was after the play. DHall is the epitome of a defensive player. Always hyped. Just needs to stop yelling while Bram is calling the play.
  9. They did ok. Need to give more info about whatvis going on. DHall needs to stop shouting, and they need to learn to not talk over each other. Could be a good crew, but they need some time together to learn the ropes.
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