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  1. Wow, those fireworks exploded so hard that they turned the lights back on and mysteriously made him change shirts!
  2. This. I love thunderstorms and Ive watched tons move in, but Ive never seen one move that quickly. Looked like it was doing about 60 mph.
  3. Next time just use the youtube tags but from the youtube address ( ) only put the stuff AFTER the equals sign in between the tags, not the whole url.For example, on the video you just posted, do p9t_wxkyZBw[*/youtube] but without the astrix. /took me forever to figure that out, so thought Id pass it on
  4. The victim's brother now has a new song warning you of the rapist. Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! hMtZfW2z9dw
  5. A couple of funny gifs to start the day off right
  6. Darwin would be happy. If you play in traffic as a grown man, your genes should probably stay with you.
  7. When the old video game Twisted Metal and reality meet: E14kNqMwD6s
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