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  1. I'm on record as wanted G.Williams. A great Defense with an adequate offense has a strong chance to make it deep every year. However, JDR as a D-Coordinator only is very legitimate. We are batting 1000 this off-season and nothing is frothy about it. Looking forward to the rest of 2020 folks.
  2. He didn't inherit his money. May not be the nicest guy, but absolutely not an idiot. Not if you realize along the way that he was a manipulative fraud. And, we don't know how those final conversation ended..Bruce's reputation is far less than flattering. And by the way, the term friendship has a lot of beer froth on it.
  3. Real talk man. If I based my understanding on Redskins football or any player or coach based on a forum or series of post on extreme skins, I would have stopped watching football. Fan culture is rift with well informed option as well as deliberate misinformation - somewhere in between is venting and honest fan dialogue of what we think we see or know. I try to pull narrative from player perspectives and what can be extracted base on all know factors.
  4. You won't get burned. Dan started to "get it" in 2004 when he went to Gibbs. It's been nothing but learning and growth since then. I feel good man.
  5. No one likes that. But I think his hate of mockery is over blown. Dan has shown the ability to self evaluate. He's not to maniacal.
  6. I'm going to trust Ron on this. I could not in good faith trust Shanahan or Jay. So, fresh off season folks!! This is the most true thing on the internet.
  7. This is not a mistake. It's ultimately how it works. Cook facilitated the same position whenever there was a rift between the front office and Gibbs. And Cook absolutely didn't give a flying rats ass about the ins and outs of football. Please don't believe that anyone and I mean anyone who invests in the success of any enterprise (that also happens to be the tip of the pyramid) is a voided presence. Every NFL owner is the ultimate tie breaker. The difference here is the collective experience and growth of Snyder as an owner. He is (Dan) leaning on integrity and accountability through what he's betting on is a competent human and football coach.
  8. I see you dropping that anti troll logic!
  9. This is a very important take away. Another is the continued growth of Snyder. Winning isn't absolute. The breaking of Snyder after year 5. And his continued exploration of doing it the right way has taken another turn for the best. From Gibbs who had absolute control but ultimately was out of touch. To the Zorn (approved by Gibbs) for the ..maybe next new best thing... That was sad. To Shanahan again, complete control and team president (and egomaniac) To Bruce and once again complete control that resulted in a culture that resembled Bruce (artificial and donkey sauce). Dan, to his credit has turned to a coach focus approach based on personal integrity and player respect. This is something to put my trust in. I feel good folks.
  10. Trolls will be exactly who we know they are.
  11. Ron mentioned that Dan studied how the Patriots and Seahawks as well as other sustainable winning system function. One of the key delineators was that the teams were coach focus (Competent coach focus). We have a competent, level minded, and focused coach. I love it!!!
  12. Dan said that the team will have only one voice going forward. He said that it about winning and only winning And the organization will be and run through a HC focus approach. Ron said that it was a core reason why he choose the Skins. Ron said that we have to and will do it the right way. A player focus approach that predicated on disciplined on and off the field. I love it!!
  13. I'm good either way. It will give my 17 year old son a chance to see what happened in the past and will provide a small measure of hope for what may happen in the future. His only memories of greatness is an RG3 clock that use to hang in his room. Bring out the cake Dan!!
  14. And you get it. "Up Here" as my man Gibbs use to say.... There are no such thing as gloves.
  15. I can go tick for tack on all the extreme bullish and di¬Ęk movies Snyder has pulled as an owner over the years. However, thats not what I was responding to (In fact, show me a billionaire that's picked up a NFL team within the past 40 years that isn't bullish and I'll show you a leprechaun). This particular discussion was in reference to Snyder as an outlier in the worst category of ownership. My point was that most of the arguments used to justify him as the "Titanic" of owners are flimsy when compared to the other 21 teams that have not won a SB in the last 20 years. Now...if you want to talk about his totality of personal and business behaviors on public record, then thats another conversation. Good dialogue thou,. With or without definitions
  16. Make no doubt, I'm not an apologist for Snyder (Just a realist) and I'm not placing a positive spin on anything (our last 25 years have been horrible). I'm simply pushing back against a bad narrative.
  17. Lol. Seriously, put on your critical thinking cap and tell me what owner got it right without an office general? Are you suggesting that Snyder is incapable of selected a team president and GM? Did you call out Gibbs, Shanahan or Bruce Allen as absolutely bone head decisions before anybody else? What NFL franchise won with an owner that had tight purse strings? Look man, it's very easy and cheap to say that Snyder is the singular problem, based on his behavior in his first 5 years of ownership. Just remembered, he hired Joe Gibbs in 2004. 5 years after he bought the team. Joe had final decisions on everything through 2008. Was that Dan's fault? What about the hire of Mike Shanahan who also had 100% control. In retrospect, we can all agree that Mike is/was a special kind of donkey, but who could have honestly knocked the signing and or thought it was a horrific idea to give Mike full control? And now, after Bruce's 10 years of culture, We are celebrating his departure. So yeah, I guess flipped "Dan is the worst owner" bit is the going catch phrase for smart NFL fans...
  18. Nope. I'm happy to be on the ship, especially knowing that Dan got damn near all of his new ownership jitters out the way for sometime now. (The short version) We have been in the President/GM,HC and QB hunt for well over 20 years. I'm happy to have an owner that's willing to spend the money, fight his impulses to win now and who absolutely can't stand losing.
  19. I'm not sure I would touch Mayfield with a 10 foot pole. He's proving him self out to be Jonny Football without the Cocaine.
  20. I love it!! My 17 year old son just asked " Did we lose again". Ha!!
  21. Okay folks. Will be on and off throughout the off-season. Well catching up on draft day! Be good!