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  1. I also think Kirk played a large factor with Doctson as well.


    After the conclusion of the Kirk saga, it was especially evident last season that Kirk was playing for stats more than anything. Young receiving options didn’t get many chances with balls and he went to guys he was most comfortable with most of the time.


    With a QB under center on a long term contract, and one who has played in the league longer with several different receiving cores, I think it will help Doctsons development immensely in a critical year for him.

  2. Here is an updated list of our draft visits/meetings for any that haven't seen it yet. So happy to see Foley Fatukasi and Rashaad Penny on the list, my favorite non-first round prospects at their respective positions.


    • Quin Blanding, S, Virginia (SR)
    • Bryce Bobo, WR, Colorado (EW)
    • Tony Brown, CB, Alabama (PRO)
    • Tyler Conklin, TE, Central Michigan (SR)
    • Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon (SR%)
    • Leighton Vander Esch, ILB, Boise State (PRI)
    • Rashard Fant, CB, Indiana (WOR)
    • Folorunso Fatukasi, DT/3-4DE, Connecticut (EW)
    • Riley Ferguson, QB, Memphis (COM)
    • Daurice Fountain, WR, Northern Iowa (PRI)
    • Derrius Guice^, RB, LSU (PRO, WOR)
    • Desmond Harrison, OT, West Georgia (PRI)
    • Connor Hilland, G, William & Mary (EW)
    • Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State (COM)
    • Ronald Jones II^, RB, USC (COM, PRI)
    • Nick Keizer, TE, Grand Valley State (PRO)
    • Kameron Kelly, CB, San Diego State (SR)
    • Mike Love, DE/3-4OLB, South Florida (PRO)
    • Cole Madison^, OT, Washington State (SR%, PRI)
    • Jordan Martin, S, Syracuse (EW)
    • Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma (COM)
    • D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland (COM)
    • Dorian O'Daniel, ILB, Clemson (PRO)
    • Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, Western Michigan (PRI)
    • Da'Ron Payne, DT/NT, Alabama (PRI)
    • Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego State (SR)
    • Billy Price^, G/C, Ohio State (COM, PRI)
    • Malik Reaves, CB, Villanova (EW)
    • Braden Smith, G, Auburn (PRI)
    • Kentavius Street, DE, N.C. State (EW)
    • Josh Sweat, DE/3-4OLB, Florida State (PRI)
    • Matthew Thomas, ILB, Florida State (EW)
    • Robert Torgerson, DT, Southern Utah (PRO)
    • Vita Vea, DT/3-4DE/NT, Washington (PRI)
    • Akrum Wadley, RB, Iowa (SR%)
    • Cedric Wilson, WR, Boise State (SR)
    • Deon Yelder, WR, Western Kentucky (PRO)
    • Definitely some fan-favorite 1st round guys on there like Vea and Payne, and some other interesting names like Sweat, Guice, DJ Moore, Vander-Esch, Billy Price, and the two TEs Conklin and Keizer. I like where our focus seems to be and the only name I dislike is Baker Mayfield.

    • Read more: http://walterfootball.com/prospectMeetings/byteam#ixzz5C6VRocFn


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  3. On 4/1/2018 at 11:46 PM, NickyJ said:

    Agreed. There's just something about it that looks unprofessional.


    I'd be curious if you both prefer chrome accents on vehicles over matte gray and black accents.


    For instance, my father is a chrome guy and it may be a generational thing.


    A combo of matte and gloss could also look nice as well. As much as I hate the Seahawks I think they did a great job on their recent uniform refresh with the gloss carbon fiber stripe down the center of the matte helmet.


    Come to think of it, since NFL teams are limited as to what they can do with the helmets having to be the same color (which makes zero sense, btw), I think a play on the feather stripe down the center of the helmet from back in the day could be a cool alternate look. Much better than the atrocious clash we have to go with on our current throwback unis. 


    Maybe something like the current helmet color with updated center feather stripe logo (with the gray facemask swap we currently do when we wear our throwbacks) with a black and burgundy jersey on white pants similar to the Florida State blackout alternates. I'd love to see that for 2 games a year or something.

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  4. Regardless of our plan of attack early in the draft for D-Line help, I'd like to see us draft Foley Fatukasi out of UConn in rounds 4-6. Kid has Tomsulas pet project written all over him.


    He is 6ft 4" 315lbs with his main knock being lapses in technique and simply being raw. He played Nose and 3-tech at UConn and would fit perfectly in our scheme as an End in base with the ability to slide inside to DT in sub. He's a pocket destroyer and just needs to put it all together. 


    Im pretty confident the kid is going to be a great pro just like I was with Deatrich Wise last year who went to the patriots in the 4th.


    He's the exact type of player you should try and draft every year to keep feeding the DL rotation in hopes of building something epic.


    Allen, Ioannidis, Lanier, and Fatukasi would make for a great young group.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, thebluefood said:

    I just don't want this team to look hilariously dated when we look back on it in 20 years. 


    I'm not saying we need to revive an old uniform but isn't it best to shoot for something that's going to stand the test of time?


    I think something subtle like the vikings did recently would be well received by both younger and old school fans alike.


    Going from gloss to matte on the helmet and maybe just making the logo bigger on the helmet would go a long way for a refresh while pretty much remaining unchanged at the same time.


    Throw in a spearhead alternate for a few games and we'd be set.

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  6. I'm onboard with drafting Vea at 13, and if he's gone... Trade down.


    Simply because the back end of the first round to third round is full of players at positions of need that should be close to BPA as well. The DL, RB, and OG positions should all have very high level talent available when we pick through the first 3 rounds.


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  7. 29 minutes ago, DC9 said:

    I like that he's chosen the Skins over the Falcons more than anything.  I suspect he understands he's a role player in both spots.  Curious if the money and playing time are equal in both places, what made him choose us?


    Norman, Swearinger and other recent FAs have been quoted as saying they believe in what is being built here when they came to visit. I really do think we have a strong culture now, especially defensively. I think McPhee and others get excited about the potential of the team when envisioning playing alongside these guys. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, 50yrSKINSfan said:

    I agree. I am not loosing any sleep now that JG is gone. For 2 years I waited for this bum to show me how great of a pass rusher he was and when he finally got on the field he looked lost to me, without any deep penetration. Did he actually drive a LT back into the QB and make a sack like RK does...


    For a guy coming off two achilles, yes he had a slow start to the season. However he finished the year as one of our more productive pass rushers, hence being the number 1 rated PFF free agent pass rusher.


    And I think the reason you didn't see him bullrushing LTs into the quarterback is due to him being a different style pass rusher. He was a speed rusher not a power guy like RK.


    But yeah I guess he was a bum?

  9. 2 hours ago, Skinsinparadise said:


    Someone posted the list the other day, hit rate if I recall at 19%.  Not hot.  But in their defense when you do the bottom shopping the odds are naturally not going to be with you.


    Im sure it's not far off from the league average and Im of the opinion finding high quality starters should be weighted much higher than depth FA signings. Especially when we didn't overpay for them.


    Norman, Swearinger, Zach Brown, and Vernon Davis were home runs. And to a lesser extent guys like Dunbar, Nsekhe, Mason Foster, Colt McCoy are essential to "hit" on as key reserves/role players/glue guys.


    And if the FAs we missed on weren't overpaid and didn't leave a bunch of dead money on the books when cut, I'd say we're winning overall in that department.

  10. 4 hours ago, markmills67 said:

    A question for you, if you want us to build solely through the draft and pick up average players via FA then why trade one of our better draft picks and a 3rd rounder for Alex Smith, if your not going to give Smith the best chance to succeed ?


    Because you make an exception for the most important position in football. Losing a player like Fuller stings but unfortunately that's the cost of doing business when it comes to acquiring a top tier QB. Luckily we are very good at scouting and developing DB talent and may already have his replacement on the roster in Moreau.


    And Alex Smith absolutely fits the team building philosophy we've stuck to the past few years. We refused to over-pay for a QB that was trying to hold us hostage and chose to think of the overall team first and foremost, which allowed us to sign complimentary pieces like Paul Richardson, Zach Brown, McPhee and potentially Hankins that would have been impossible otherwise.


    He's still playing at the highest level and allows us to be competitive and continue to build through the draft with us ideally drafting a developmental QB in the next couple years to groom under him.

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  11. 2 hours ago, -JB- said:

    Good riddance, Junior Galette.  How many teams are desperate to sign a guy with a past of off the field incidents plus multiple Achilles tears?  Dude really thought he was gonna fleece the Redskins with crazy contract demands?  Welcome, Pernell McPhee.


    Jeez man. It's not like he was a habitiual offender. And you have no idea if he's demanding anything crazy or trying to fleece someone. And he clearly has interest from other teams. Little harsh, no?

  12. 6 hours ago, Bonez3 said:

    IDK...McPhee and Scandrick. Seems like the same ole, same ole. Dumpster diving FA's that almost certainly will disappoint and be cut by next year, if they make it that far. 


    Seriously, I'd rather just roll the money over and go with PS players. Although, the Scandrick deal barely makes the top 51 so whatever. But edge rusher at bottom of barrel still gonna cost some $. That money could be spent better


    We've actually had a good hit rate on our free agents, not sure what you're getting at...scandrick is essentially insurance if youth development doesn't go as planned (Moreau, Holsey) and McPhee is arguably as good if not better than Junior (who he is replacing). Going with an equally talented player that is more versatile makes complete sense there.


    As I've said before, statistically free agents typically underperform or completely bust with their new teams more often than not. Swearinger, Norman, Zach Brown and others more than make up for those that I assume you are referring to as "dumpster" FAs (McClain, McGee, Pryor).


    And what's great is our misses aren't biting us in the rear in the form of dead cap either.





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  13. 47 minutes ago, SkinsFTW said:

    I don't think Hankins has the injury history for the Redskins to sign him. If he missed 1/3 of the past 2 seasons games and therefore cost only 6-7M a year they'd be all over him. 


    It's not a big fluke that the Redskins somehow always lead the league or come close to it in injuries every year. It's because those are the players they get.


    That's one way to view it. On the contrary targeting players in the draft with an injury allows you to get tremendous value. IE: Allen, Moreau, Fuller.


    And with free agents busting more often than not statistically, I don't mind the approach in FA either. They are Low risk/high reward signings that don't put the teams salary cap situation in jeopardy moving forward. I'd much rather be able to use our big contracts on extending in-house talent. 


    The alternative is overpaying for a guy who is historically likely to underperform but pleases the fanbase because it allows to view a roster weakness as "fixed" going into the season.


    As far as the injuries go, I think it's all a crapshoot. Teams lose drafted players for the season with no prior injury history during training camp all the time.

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  14. Man it sure is nice that we no longer get free agents only by being the top (read: overpaying) bidding team.


    We extend fair offers and the player actually chooses the Redskins over other suitors. Speaks volumes about how far we've come. While we still may be looked down upon by other teams, the media, and a large portion our own fanbase... it's clear the players view of the Redskins is a little brighter.


    We understand the risk in the player picking to go elsewhere, but we stay true to our team building philosophy of homegrown drafted players being the main focus, coupled with free agents sprinkled in that we refuse to overpay for.


    I think that the confidence in allowing players to leave the building after a visit instead of coming off desperate may lead to players actually respecting us a little more. At least the ones who are interested in more than just money. Also shows that the player truly wants to be here which is a good first impression to the locker room as far as welcoming him with open arms (as opposed to players resenting the arrival of an overpaid FA)



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  15. 1 hour ago, rumplestilskin said:

    Kick the tires on a drug trafficker.  Really? REALLY?


    People still act like pot is a big deal? There is 450 grams in a pound dude, id say he's far from a drug trafficker. And it's the off-season, if he wants to smoke some pot who cares...


    If you think he's the only player who likes pot and enjoys it in many different forms (edibles, hash oil, flower, etc) then you've lost your mind. And he isn't the only millionaire athlete flying internationally with it either before you call him stupid for doing so. Again, it's the off-season man...


    If the Pats are ignorant enough to cut ties with him over something so silly I'd absolutely bring him in for a visit. And it would be more than "kicking tires" because Harmon is a good player.


    People are so quick to write people off in today's society it makes me sick. Hyper sensitive, social media court of public opinion bs. 



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  16. Sigh. Checked in this thread and regret it.


    Same people that dogged the MGMT for letting Chris Baker walk. And take a look at how his time was spent in Tampa. Hint: loafing. 


    If y'all don't get it right the first time you'll never cease to amaze me with your ways of pinning the tail back on your ex future father in-law (aka Snyder/current GM)

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  17. I wonder if Smith's terms were that whatever team he goes to doesn't draft a FIRST round QB or that they draft no QBs at all?


    I mean, a first round QB is a lot closer to getting on the field than say a 4th-5th rounder.


    Reason I ask is because I think this is a good class for a developmental QB. Like the Lauletta kid from Richmond. 


    A raw project QB drafted in the 4th or 5th would be perfect as he would likely be ready right around Smith's on his way out...

  18. I also believe that if there is any QB that fits the mold you look for to groom under a veteran without being drafted too high to cause controversy this year it's Kyle Lauletta.


    Unfortunately after his senior bowl performance I doubt he'd last until the 4th round. Maybe he will, who knows. As of right now he's the only QB I like to bring along under Smith.


    Perhaps we trade back in the 1st and pick up the 3rd rounder needed to draft him, or we get lucky and he lasts until our 4th rounder.


    The only drawback I see to Lauletta is that he may not possess the wheels Gruden looks for in his ideal QB. The other knock I see on him is his arm strength, but that's also a knock on Smith. Didn't see any duck balls from the tape I watched either...


    Kid also had a different OC every year he played at Richmond and has played under center. Very interesting QB prospect 

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  19. Is this the year that the stars align and gives us a true Nose Tackle, one that is scheme versatile and can stay on the field when we're in nickel like we are the majority of the time?


    Vita Vea and Payne could both play NT, play next to Allen in nickel at DT, and still be athletic enough to play end in heavy 4 DL sets at LE. Something like LE - Vea/Payne DT- Allen, DT-Ioannidis, RE-Kerrigan.


    Or flip Ioannidis/Allen to LE instead of Payne/Vea... Either way... We'd quickly become a very versatile front on the line allowing for all kinds of interesting stunts and confusing looks. All the while still giving us the Nose we've lacked but have been reluctant to spend high picks on due to the small percentage of snaps we are in a true 3-4. The athleticism of Vea in-particular kills two birds with one stone and justifies the high pick.


    I'm just not sure I'm sold on the WR talent at #13, and can't bring myself to advocate for a RB in the 1st round. Especially when this draft seems to be pretty deep at both positions.


    I like DJ Chark at WR and apparently we met with the RB from SDSU at the senior bowl as well. Penny and Chark could also give us a couple new faces to try out at KR/PR as well.

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  20. Ok, a lot of the misinformation touted as fact by those bashing this trade is getting on my nerves after listening to callers on sports talk radio today.


    First off, Smith signed an extension not a new contract so he will be making the 17 million he was scheduled to make from his previous deal.


    Not only will we have waaayyy more cap room than some seem to think, it will pale in comparison to the cap number of Kirk's eventual deal. 


    Also, the other guys some are saying they would have rather had under center instead of Smith (save for Colt, obviously) would have commanded around the same salary since they would have signed new deals in the current QB market. I'm sorry but you can't tell me Alex Smith at 17 mil isn't a better value than Bridgewater, Keenum, or Bradford at 15-18 mil. 


    Not only that, but as has been repeated but continuously ignored is the fact that the contract details are yet to be known for the extension. I suspect it will be team friendly, with the majority of the total guarantees only in the event of injury or if he is on the roster by x-date in the 3rd or 4th year of the deal. Effectively making it a 2 year deal perfect for grooming a young QB under. 


    And you'd be hard pressed to tell me there is/was a better option out there to tutor a young QB than Smith, and one that fits Grudens system better than Smith as well.


    But keep getting hung up on Fuller being part of the deal. There were SIX teams interested in Smith with the original asking price being a 2nd rounder. We got him for a third and unfortunately had to give up a young player in order to beat the other teams bidding, but we did mitigate the loss somewhat by making it a player from one of our deepest position groups.


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  21. Alex Smith allows you to keep the team competitive and not lose the locker room due to lack of confidence in the QB. 


    The guys some are suggesting as the guys theyd rather have instead of Smith are laughable. Bradford, Keenum, Colt, Bridgewater. All those guys would force you to play the rookie you were planning on grooming and bringing along slowly like we've seen happen way too often.


    Alex Smith is in the EXACT same Tier as Cousins. Oh Smith has never done much in the playoffs? News flash neither has Cousins, and those 3rd tier "stop gap" names you're suggesting certainly haven't either.


    What he does provide is stability and an end to the Circus that constantly surrounded Cousin's contract saga. He easily has 2 or 3 years of good QB play left in him and if anyone thinks Kirk would have signed for what Smith did you're on drugs.


    Sure it sucks we lost Fuller, you have to pay to get a pro bowl caliber QB, regardless of age. 

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  22. 2 minutes ago, mistertim said:


    How the hell are we going to do that? 


    They could structure the deal to make the first year cap hit minimal (which would be temporary until trade is completed anyway)


    And I'm also not positive but if a team can be over the cap until the start of the league year it would also allow for a sign and trade.



  23. 3 minutes ago, CapsSkins said:

    If this works out all y'all will come back lmao.


    Smith is good, we have the $ to go build an elite D, losing Fuller is painful but the FO did what it perceived it had to in order to get their guy and losing a slot corner is not the end of the world (especially when we have good depth at CB assuming Bree is back).


    If we re-sign Brown, sign Bennie Logan or Sheldon Richardson, draft well, and stay healthy next year then we'll be right in the mix. This thread is just the herd conditioned to act like we're the Browns no matter what decision is made.


    Amen. I'm done arguing with people who can't do anything but default to the same old Redskins narrative that is exacerbated by local media that know this is how the fanbase is conditioned and therefore will do anything to tie any and all moves back to said narrative since it gets clicks and moves the needle.

  24. 5 minutes ago, CjSuAvE22 said:

    I couldn’t see why anyone would wanna play for this team that’s any good...play we’ll and get traded or offered a contract to play for peanuts...


    Who did we offer a contract to play for peanuts?


    Who has played well and got traded?


    Current era front office citations only please.


    I'm expecting some names like Garcon or Jackson. Which immediately is an ignorant argument because neither were home-grown draft picks and both were over 30 years old when we let them walk. But I guess smart teams play aging wideouts QB money, right?


    Or maybe Chris Baker? How did the buccaneers do again this year?

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  25. And give me a break on the overly sensitive bs that you're done with the team because you think it's awful Fuller had to find out through Twitter. You know how many times players walked out to practice only to find out they were headed to a new team the same day? Life moves fast, take off your training wheels and stop crying.




    All they have to do is quote a couple tweets from teammates sad to see them go, even though in reality the players all know the NFL is a harsh, unfair league and anyone can get walked or traded at any time...




    I mean has anyone watched hard knocks? 



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