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  1. I also think Kirk played a large factor with Doctson as well. After the conclusion of the Kirk saga, it was especially evident last season that Kirk was playing for stats more than anything. Young receiving options didn’t get many chances with balls and he went to guys he was most comfortable with most of the time. With a QB under center on a long term contract, and one who has played in the league longer with several different receiving cores, I think it will help Doctsons development immensely in a critical year for him.
  2. I'd be curious if you both prefer chrome accents on vehicles over matte gray and black accents. For instance, my father is a chrome guy and it may be a generational thing. A combo of matte and gloss could also look nice as well. As much as I hate the Seahawks I think they did a great job on their recent uniform refresh with the gloss carbon fiber stripe down the center of the matte helmet. Come to think of it, since NFL teams are limited as to what they can do with the helmets having to be the same color (which makes zero sense, btw), I think a play on the f
  3. I think something subtle like the vikings did recently would be well received by both younger and old school fans alike. Going from gloss to matte on the helmet and maybe just making the logo bigger on the helmet would go a long way for a refresh while pretty much remaining unchanged at the same time. Throw in a spearhead alternate for a few games and we'd be set.
  4. Sigh. Checked in this thread and regret it. Same people that dogged the MGMT for letting Chris Baker walk. And take a look at how his time was spent in Tampa. Hint: loafing. If y'all don't get it right the first time you'll never cease to amaze me with your ways of pinning the tail back on your ex future father in-law (aka Snyder/current GM)
  5. Exactly what I said would happen when I saw the news break. No shot we get blessed by the football gods to play a weakened Dalass team. History would suggest he gets it dropped to a 4 or 5 game just in time to take out his aggression towards the league out on the Redskins nose-less defensive line.
  6. Does the Twitter thread always crash yalls mobile browsers? It happens regularly with me and it makes the thread unreadable. It sucks because I'm not on my desktop often and its one of the best sources to stay up on the latest Skins news.
  7. Im always torn on this issue. Part of me wants an updated alternate for the Redskins but I also would like to avoid the league becoming anything like college with a million different uniforms for each team. I love the deep-rooted tradition of the marquee NFL franchises like the Redskins and the uniforms that are a part of that tradition. All too often the "new and improved" of some teams uniforms end up looking dated sooner rater than later (see: Buccaneers, Jaguars). But sometimes an update can be done in good taste while keeping the overall classic theme like the recent Lions upd
  8. Hope that Steven Daniels wasn't cut simply for being one of the players that Scot stood on the table for on draft day. Kid had great ratings from PFF in college. If he goes off for the Eagles im going to be furious, especially since we didn't get to see him play a single down for us before cutting him.
  9. But when all the other teams had to follow the stupid rule, their throwbacks matched the helmets or they discontinued wearing them. We should have switched to a different throwback or adjusted the uniforms color accordingly to match the helmets. The rule is a joke in the first place. Does the NFL think colleges value the players health less than the league does? Schools like Oregon and Maryland seemingly have a different alternate uniform and helmet every week. And even pro players are allowed to switch to a different helmet brand if they find a new design to be more comfortable al
  10. Every team in the NFL but us seemingly gets love from Nike with alternates (multiple in some cases) or at least throwbacks with a different logo. Even another traditional franchise in the Raiders received a very tasteful modern uniform update this past year for them to use in rotation. I really liked what Nike did for the Raiders actually. It can be done. Meanwhile, we have the option of different pants and a half-assed throwback with a clearly mismatched helmet that doesnt even get its own matching logo. Oh I forgot, we remove the stripe and change the facemasks to gray... woohoo.
  11. Probably just the subtle change needed to make the throwbacks not clash with the current helmet color due to stupid NFL helmet rule. Thats my guess at least.
  12. Media are trying so badly to hold on to the "Snyder still running the circus in Washington" narrative its almost comical. The whole non-story about Allen not letting Scot talk to the media could have just as easily been Allen not letting the media talk to Scot.
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