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  1. 6 hours ago, gbear said:

    What are the top 5 moments in U.S. history not usually mentioned in any U.S. history classes?  I would prefer racial history because of the impacts they may have on my kids as it is a part of their cultural history which I wasn't taught growing up.  However, I like history.  So I am curious what isn't taught.

    3 race-specific events that occurred because "former" Confederates got mad that blacks had power and decided to do something about it:


    New Orleans Massacre of 1866:


    Colfax Massacre


    The Wilmington Coup/Massacre:


    A couple that aren't race specific, but are class related so often intentionally overlooked:
    Haymarket Riot:


    Coal Wars-specifically the Battle of Blair Mountain:

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  2. 3 hours ago, Mooka said:


    60% of cars searched by the dog.


    They usually only bring out the dog if they have suspicion. And i guess 40% of the time they just want a BS reason to search your car.

    100% of the time they want a BS reason to search your car. 60% of the time they either got lucky, or were able to fake enough evidence that it's the same thing.

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  3. Got my 2nd dose 2 weeks ago, so I'm officially fully vaccinated! Feels so great mentally. I'm also still annoying the **** out of everyone I know to get shots, so congrats to everybody in here still getting their first or 2nd shot.

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  4. 1 hour ago, tshile said:

    Did ratm and rtj announce that? I had enough friends going I was going twice... but wasn’t actually following it...


    I was hoping to go see Rezz @ red rocks in September. I’ve got it all picked out and racked up so many travel points over covid it won’t even cost anything, but it’s looking like I’m scrapping it and looking for something else now. 🤷‍♂️ 



    The show in Pittsburgh got moved to 2022, I just assumed it was the whole tour because it would be too late in the year to start it when everything opened up, but I don't know if it's everywhere or just the first % of shows?

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  5. 1 hour ago, tshile said:

    Booking one for the end of summer 

    I'm really hoping Riot Fest (in September) doesn't have a push back to next year. Already lost Rage Against the Machine/Run the Jewels to 2022.

  6. 3 minutes ago, mistertim said:

    So I'm going to guess that we're not taking a QB. If we wanted one we wouldn't wait until the next to last pick. Pretty surprised that both Newman and Buechele are going to go undrafted most likely.

    Next to last pick isn't the worst time to take a QB. If you want to make sure you get one and don't want to gamble on the UDFA market, that's about as close as you can cut it.

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  7. You would think this franchise, of all fans, would appreciate having a good Long Snapper, even if it means spending a late round pick. Sundberg and the Red Snapper spoiled us. Don't make me bring up...the Turk.

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  8. Just now, Voice_of_Reason said:

    Who’s going to be the first to say we blew a pick on a long snapper?


    Just now, Birdlives said:

    This seems like worse than drafting a punter. Aren’t there a 1000 of these guys?

    Found him!

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