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  1. Am-WelshSkin

    RV Parking at Jericho Church

    HTTR! Was trying to get RV parking for the Dallas game but they are sold out. Next best thing is Jericho but not sure if they allow RV's (have emailed them but no answer to date) - does anyone know? Thank you all Kerrie
  2. Am-WelshSkin

    Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    My husband and I have gone back and forth on this issue. I am the immigrant, the one born in Wales. He's the 21 year AF veteran (I'm also a British Army veteran) - before I became a US citizen, my remit during the US anthem was to stand respectfully (no need to place hand over heart), people kneeling during the anthem are doing so (my opinion), respectfully. They are not shouting, goofing around, dancing - the two guys behind us last night's game with their arm raised (in the Black Panther salute) were doing so very respectfully - that was a powerful statement ... Do you know I feel it equally disrespectful of the FedEx field crowd when they shout "O" during the anthem. It's all about respect to your country and your flag! And again ... I was born and raised in Wales - at sporting functions our National Anthem is sung by the crowd (and always done with a passion) ... And man, what a feeling that is - I'm not sure how I would feel if a Welsh player kneeled. I really don't.
  3. Hi there,  we're interested in this ticket.  My husband and I have season tickets but we need one for our nephew.  You can text me on 301.807.5377 if it is still available.

    Thank you.