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  1. 4 hours ago, just654 said:


    What time was your group? I was the 730 group. I called them out on the BS and they seemed to get really pissed. They were like 14 other teams do it. I said if the other 14 teams juump of a bridge does that mean we have to do it to? I think I pissed out the main guy. I went up to him afterwards and blew me right off. 


    I was at the 5:30 one, though its odd, I was actually supposed to go to the 5:30 on on Wed. but I never got a confirmation or a follow up email.  So then I emailed them and they were like oh you can come tonight (Thursday the 8th) at 5:30.   So not sure how many sessions they had or how many emails they sent out cause my email clearly said July 7th 5:30 to 7.   (if it matters the majority of the group I was in had seats in the 400 section except 1 person).


    That being said since this was a 3rd party company I couldn't really be pissed at them, but I hope they are passing our concerns onto management.  I did notice they were recording the session.

  2. 48 minutes ago, just654 said:

    I had an interesting night at Fed Ex last night. Last week I got contacted for a Fan Focus Group. This one was centered around the new stadium. I did get a $100 Gift Card to the Team Store. This was not know when signed up. 


    The Team has hired a 3rd party group to look at what Fans want in a new stadium. They just started this week. My group was the final focus group. They had one before us yesterday. And many over the past few days. My group had about 8 people in it.


    We first started on who we are are, current or past season ticket holder, if we buy single games. What we think the value is and what not. We then got on to location and what is needed to be there. I was the first to answer saying there is really only 1 place for the new stadium and that is the old RFK site. The rest of the 7 people agreed with me. There seemed like a real push by the 3rd party group to push to see if we would travel farther down 95 or farther out west into London. We all pretty much said no even the people that live NOVA. They said traffic on 95 going south is just crazy and out west there isnt the roads that could handle it. 


    Then came the real reason we were there. To find out if we would buy season ticket with PSLs. Or a different name but a PSL. The new stadiums have changed the name because PSLs have a bad connation. Once he started to explain I knew what he was talking about. I was first to answer. And said not just No But Hell No!!! That PSLs are a slap in the face to season ticket holders. Dan can afford to build the stadium on his own or with the states help. Of course then they tried to sell it saying that all 14 new stadiums have PSLs and it is a way to raise money for the stadium. Also you would have first right of refusal of any events besides the super bowl that take place in the stadium. 


    They focused on General Season tickets, the suggested PSLs ranged from $1,000 a seat for the Upper level Endzone to 20,000 a seat for Lower level Corner. Anyone with Lower Level Sideline would be 20K+ because these are now "Club Level" seats. 

    Pretty much all agreed that is was a slap in the face, the team struggles to sell season tickets now. Try to get people to buy an PSLs on top of it, we said yeah right. Of course if something amazing happen and we get good over the next 5-6 years because that is what we were told to look into the future. They might be able to sell this. But I highly doubt it.


    So any current season ticket holders get ready for PSLs 


    I was there last night too.   Yup was total BS.  They seem to think everyone will want to buy season tickets just because its a new stadium regardless of how bad the team is.   Other then the BS about the PSL was the seating.  Basically anyone in the lowerbowl or middle area were "vip" seats.  Its like if you wanted "general season tickets' you basically had to go to the nosebleed.


    Oh also you are more then welcome to finance the PSL for 20 years at 8% interest........   (My Mortgage rate isn't even that bad).

  3. 10 hours ago, Skinsfan1311 said:


    Didn't bother trying.

    We had 'em the 2nd year they were in Richmond, and it was a fun weekend, but once was enough.

    We preferred the VIP "experience" in Ashburn. 


    We liked it 2 years ago when we took the bus down from Fedex field, they provided breakfast and lunch.   Didn't have to worry about the 2 hour drive each way.  I wish they would have done that again.

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  4. Anyone get the email about VIP tickets for training camp?  They were gone within an hour.   How did they prevent any random joe from using that code to get VIP passes.  Anyone could have typed that in.

  5. 22 hours ago, Skinsfan1311 said:

    Being able to stand is huge.

    We moved around the uppers a couple of times, before moving into the lower bowl. We may have stayed up there, but our seats were always on the visitors side and the sun and heat in the early games was absolutely miserable.  That's a shame, because we sat in seats in 431 row 2, in aisle seats.   You walk through the tunnel, hang a left and you're in your seats. The beauty of those is that there is little foot traffic in front, or beside you, because the first 4 rows in the uppers are in front of, (and next to), the steps leading up to the rest of the rows.  If we had to sit in the uppers, I would want seats on the Skins side, rows 2-4.   That's because the rail in the first row is annoying and the drainage sucks, so water pools on the ground in front of you if it has rained, and is an ice rink if it's cold enough.


    Weird, I was in the first row of the 400 section for a few years (2 different sections) and had no issues with drainage.    Only issue I had was how annoying the plexi glass was.  It was either super dirty or because they were different sizes (it was awards to look to the left as half the view was clear and half the view was through the glass.

  6. 44 minutes ago, Skinsfan1311 said:

     If you like an end-zone view, they're good seats. The problem with those, is that you're not under cover.   I have no idea about the rail, but I've sat in seats, in the 100's, 1st row, and the rail wasn't an issue.  In fact, it was nice to kick your feet up.


    So I bit the bullet and picked up 234, Row 1, (5,6) which is the aisle.  I'm coming from the 400 section so I wasn't under cover there anyways.   Supposedly the price on these ticket used to be $1100 but recently dropped to $999 (last week, so the ticket office said).....  Figured for $150 price difference for the 2 seats, not having to deal with the ramp or the escalator makes it worth it.   The Rep also didn't seem to think the railing would cause any viewing issues.

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  7. 2 hours ago, skinsjoy said:

    Thanks for the update. I did get in touch with the ticket office yesterday and pre-opening yesterday there were two in my section two rows back and closer to the aisle (202 row 6, seats 5 and 6).  

    But what someone said about ticket exchange is also true about transferring your tickets. Since they didn’t tell us about the relocation process occurring this year before issuing the tickets, I had already transferred tickets to a friend who then transferred them to his son. The ticket office said if I got my friend’s son to transfer them back to me, I could then call them to move. I figured they’d be gone by now (she looked up my window and it was noon today), so I was waiting to ask here if they were still available before going through that hassle. Now, I know that I’ll be sitting tight as well. 

    Anyone snag the prime 202 seats yesterday? 



    Anyone know if section 234, Row 1 is any good?   Any obstruction from the metal railing?

  8. On 6/5/2021 at 6:43 AM, KtotheT said:

    My upgrade window also opens Tuesday at 3PM. STH since 2008. Curious to see if anything’s left since they’re already selling individual game tickets.


    According to the member service team, they withheld the best seats for STH and they weren't part of the single seat sale.  Read that however you want.....

  9. On 6/2/2021 at 9:59 PM, sundancer91 said:

    Good luck !  Mine is tuesday at 2pm not holding my breath. Usually no tickets left gor me



    Mines 3pm on June 8th, I've had season tickets for 11 years or 12 if they count the year I had obstructed view seats.


    On an unrelated note, I haven't wonder if they are going to let us come to OTA's this year, normally it would have been mid June, but haven't seen any emails.

  10. On 5/7/2021 at 5:19 PM, Hoover-ball said:

    That is a very good point. Also still waiting to hear about rewards points carry over. 

    I would hope they waive the $25 processing fee for STH that renew on first day too!


    Agreed!  Why should we have pay a processing fee when the average joe can get tickets today and not.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Hoover-ball said:

    WFT announces plans to have full admission for the 2021 season.


    Never had it in 2019 but hey shoot for the stars.


    Sort of surprised they didn't send an email to STH about this.  Also says they are waiving all fees for 1 day only for single game tickets.  Does that mean no select a seat for current STHs?

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  12. So I had a blast last night.  Obviously the first time back at Fedex field for my family and I in over a year.   I thought it was all handled well from a social distancing prospective.   Lines didn't take long for really anything.  Definitely enjoyable.

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  13. On 4/22/2021 at 10:28 AM, Hoover-ball said:

    Got the Draft Day tickets with Season Plan code. Looking forward to getting back to the stadium.


    I picked up 4 tickets (for my family of 3 too!  Not sure how its going to work, if they make us sit in our seats the whole time or what.  I'm just excited to get out. ha ha

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  14. On 3/29/2021 at 9:21 PM, Hoover-ball said:

    I can't imagine they won't have fans at the games. Maybe not 100% but that would probably be true without the pandemic unfortunately.


    They need to unveil a team name and a solid stadium plan ASAP!


    Got a Washington Gold email today, was the first one I've seen in a long time.  Had a bunch of survey questions about the new team name.

  15. I got my hat today.   To be honest I'm not that excited about it anymore.  Might have been cool to wear before they lost in the Playoffs, but who wants to wear a Division Team Hat for a team with a 7-9 record.

  16. Let me re-write this:


    Dear loyal Season Ticket Holder who has already paid or mostly paid for next season.   We are sending you a NFC East Champs hat and no we will not threaten to raise your ticket prices next season if you don't renew.




  17. On 12/22/2020 at 8:30 AM, Hoover-ball said:

    One of the main benefits to being a season ticket holder to me is the opportunity for playoff tickets on the off chance we make it. 


    Also I still have Reward points that have not been used that I hope go to something. 


    Did everyone fill out their survey? What did you put in for team name or comments? Red Wolves here.


    I put Washington Redskins. :)  I also put I miss the Reward points.

  18. 23 hours ago, skinsjoy said:

    I was surprised yesterday to receive a small package from BDA. Inside were two Washington Gold baseball hats and a pin! My first WFT gear! Funny that I just purchased a shirt during the 25% off sale on Tuesday. I think it comes today. Keep the perks coming, Mr. Wright!


    ya I got a fedex notice I have a package from BDA coming today.  I had no clue what it was till someone posted on Twitter.

  19. 2 minutes ago, skinsjoy said:

    You do not. I’m saying that if I’m going to be spending 4+ hours sitting directly next to someone that I’ve had no previous close contact with, I’d prefer to know we are both COVID negative first. For anyone that would not fill 2 or 4 seats with their own household, they’d be in the same position of either risking their and their guest’s health, buying a $100+ ticket and not using it, or getting tested to be sure you all don’t have it before spending time together. 

    Comes up fine for me. Midfield is sold out now. Maybe you have your window time wrong? Call your ticket rep if you are still having trouble. 


    I literally got an email right at noon telling me to login.   So I'm guessing this is just another screw up on their part.

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