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  1. Just got this email. I feel like it should have come out earlier in the season, its like if folks don't know what you get by now there is an issue.    I guess they can remove the 5th quarter party party since we haven't won a game at home.





  2. 22 minutes ago, hail2skins said:

    Can probably get four seats in the club level cheaper on Stubhub than what the Redskins are asking for these. 


    And while I appreciate the post, if an STH response is anything short of asking the Redskins to credit the difference between what they are asking for these seats and what they asked you to pay, then you are part of the problem. 


    I actually plan on contacting my rep tomorrow to tell them I'm insulted by this email and the prices.

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  3. Just got an email from Groupon for Redskins tickets and this is the most depressing thing I've seen all season.  Dream seats for $133, Club Seats for $33.       The fact that I pay $90+ for upper deck seats makes this sickening.




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  4. 16 hours ago, hail2skins said:

    49ers are apparently hiking season ticket prices next season (first increase since the new stadium opened), but are going to make a lot of the non-speciality concession items free for STH.  Meanwhile, the Skins will be offering their STH tickets a dollar off a bag of peanuts.



    The Food discounts for STH are pretty bad.  The only decent one is the bottomless soda for $6.    Everything else is horrible.  .50 cents off a pretzel   $1 off a hotdog.    They prices need to drop a lot more.

  5. 11 hours ago, ananoman said:

    let's see, we have a Mystics team that just won a championship, a Caps team that recently won a championship, a Nats team on the cups of a World Series, and the Skins- the laughingstock of the NFL who I think a Fox commentator said isn't even an NFL caliber team.


    Don't forget our 2018 Arena Bowl Champions!   Yes I'm a Washington Valor Fan.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Gellnasty said:

    Do you have his email? I will send one too. 


    I never like to post someones email, but lets just say Redskins use this for there emails.   LastNameF      (So Lastname then the first letter of their firstname)

  7. Ok lets be honest.   Jay wasn't a great coach, but I don't fault him for how bad this team is.  I hate how everyone uses the coach as a scapegoat.   How many coaches have we had in the last 20 years?  And how many have done anything decent?   Even Joe Gibbs couldn't give us a winning team again.   Until Bruce goes nothing will change.

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  8. Anyone check the current second hand market for Skins vs Patriots tickets?  Cheapest tickets are starting at $135, this may be slightly higher then the Dallas game.  In comparison the cheapest tickets right now for the 49ers game is $35.     I'm thinking Fedex Field may be overrun by Brady fanboys this weekend....

  9. 6 hours ago, suresign said:

    The Redskins have bigger problems to worry about than a food line for sure!!!!!


    Maybe but its not like the ticket folks have anything to do with how bad the team plays.     

  10. Ok, the Redskin Gold Perks need to be fixed.  Most specifically the entrance lines and the food lines.   The problem is the folks are only checking your tickets, when it was announced the Redskins said they would check your "Redskins Gold Membership Card" which was supposed to be in the App but its really just a floating logo.   Anyways tonight I saw so many Bears fans in both the line to enter the stadium and to get food and I can almost guarantee they probably just bought their tickets from a season ticket holder.   I waited almost 20 minutes in the Redskins Gold food line while the regular line went 3x as fast since they had 3 cashiers.

  11. 8 minutes ago, EasternNCbywayofNOVA said:

    2019 = 👀 


    week 3 and tickets on stubhub for $16


    it will be so embarrassing to see a half empty stadium in prime time


    Yup, I had a few people who were interested in my tickets for tonight, then they saw they can buy Club seats for $30.      I didn't buy my tickets to make money, but not even being able to sell them even at a huge loss is pretty pathetic.

  12. 1 hour ago, Taylor 36 said:

    Why do we still have Reed on our roster?  Mr. Glass is available more consistently than Jordan.


    On the bright side, no other team will ever want him because he is so injury prone, so this could be his last year in the NFL,  Now I won't need to burn my JR Autographed helmet and Football. :)

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