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  1. Did anyone else get the Gold Emails after the fact?  I got one this morning at 7:45 for the Ryan Kerrigan thing yesterday.    And the Gold Member Benefit email came yesterday but that was 1 day after the 1st interview on Sept 2.  So missed that too.

  2. Got an email the other day with the RedZone and NFL GameDay pass info as well as the usual insulting 15% off the team store.    Pretty sad they aren't offering any better deals on this soon to be worthless Washington Football Team gear.

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Hoover-ball said:

    I do not get why people come on a season ticket holder thread to question why people get season tickets.


    I enjoy knowing I have the whole season but besides what was said above there are perks like field access which my kid loves and memorabilia. The best I got was a three day all inclusive trip to the Bahamas with Doug Williams and a dozen other players. It included a golf tournament. Well worth season ticktes.


    Or my 3 day all expense paid trip to the Pro Bowl. (yes I know we are in the minority) but obviously having chances to win stuff like this is great.

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  4. 11 hours ago, ThomasTomasz said:

    Some people like having the seats in certain locations, like the aisle, in the 200 section under cover, or any number of reasons.  Also, the parking passes you buy are cheaper than just about anything you can get on the secondary market.  I got purple passes this winter for $50 each game, and I paid $75-100 on the secondary market the past two years.  


    Also, if the team has an upswing, then you have your preferred location locked in.  


    Personally, I found great seats that I enjoy, and I am going to ride it out until they relocate.  If it goes to DC and the tailgating scene is non-existent, I won't carry my tickets over.  If it is deep into Virginia, the same thing will happen.  I'm also not paying an exorbitant PSL fee either. 



    Ya I never understood that.  The parking passes always held their value or were sold for more (even after ticket sales dropped to nothing).  I decided to let them keep my money for now though I did stop the payments, I think I only had 1 or 2 left, so it was really only like $1200 or so.  I kinda wanting to see how it plays out.

  5. On 8/13/2020 at 12:17 AM, Last House said:

    The ticket office called me today, they wanted to know if I wanted a refund and if I had any questions. First thing the guy told me was the first 2 home games would be empty stadium games and the rest of the season was wait and see. I was surprised to hear that, since that's not what the email they just sent me, that day said. I asked if there was going to be any incentive to not take the refund, he flat out said no, but would let me know if that changes. I got the feeling it wasn't going to change, but I don't think they are sure about anything.  I guess the incentive would be if they said you could come to game 3 or whatever, you would already be paid up. The guy on the phone, called the team the Redskins, every time, when referring to the team. I don't care, but it surprised me. I got the feeling the whole thing was a fly by the seat of your pants operation. Especially, since one day they send me an email asking if I wanted to go to the games, the next day they send me an email saying it will be an empty stadium and hours later they tell me on the phone, maybe you can go after the first 2 games. Who knows? 



    From my Rep:


    "Correct, We will not be having fans in the stadium this season. You have the option to receive a refund or credit to your 2021 season tickets.


    You do have the option to stop payments on your payment plan this year and continue next season. Unfortunately, we do not have any incentive options to offer when it comes to the refund vs deferring."

  6. 14 hours ago, ThomasTomasz said:

    I got my email on Tuesday about wanting more information around 2 pm.  On Wednesday, I got the email about fans not attending at 8 am.  So what changed in 18 hours?  One would think that they would've asked all of the appropriate questions of state and local government agencies about their thoughts and plans for safety.  My best guess is that their submitted plan for safety and sanitization was rejected.  


    My rep said something different.  It does sound like this is all seat of the pants, or that the left and right hand don't know what the others are doing.  I also got a call from someone who left a voicemail, but he did call it the Washington Football Team.  Here is what my rep said via email: 



    Honestly, I took the refund.  At least the Orioles are giving me a 125% credit, so a quarter of my 2022 tickets can have a deposit.  Meanwhile, the WFT isn't even offering us vouchers or reduced parking or anything to stay on.  If my money isn't doing anything for me, I want it back.  

    Agreed.  At least the Orioles are offering 125% credit, so it's essentially a quarter of my cost for 2022.  That's a pretty good deal if you view it as a short-term investment.  With the WFT offering nothing, I want it back.  My money needs to be working for me, and if they aren't offering anything close to that deal that the Orioles are offering, I want it back.  


    Did you notice at the bottom of the link for picking refund etc it says:  "Premium Members (Club & Dream Seat Members) will automatically have an additional year added to their membership agreement."



    Not that I have premium seats but is that even legal?   I find it hard to believe the folks who have those seats contract says they can do that if fans aren't allowed in the stadium.


  7. 1 hour ago, KtotheT said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see any incentive for choosing to apply the money to your 2021 tickets. Why would anyone choose that option?


    Didnt see anything.  Anyone contact their Rep yet?    

  8. 3 hours ago, CTennant said:

    There is one big thing that the first email does not mention.  If you choose to defer (credit or refund), will the same seats be offered back to you?  I have emailed twice about this and have not gotten any response.  It seems logical, but I don’t want to assume anything.  Has anybody received any sort of clarification on this?




    That brings up the point that the majority of season ticket holders would have to defer anyways.   They already said limited # of fans.  So how are they going to decide who gets to use their tickets and who doesn't.    With that being said if you do defer them what sort of benefit are they offering.  I'd rather hold only that 2k for another year, then let them have it and collect interest.  Though if they offered some benefit as a STH to keep my money then that is a different story.

  9. 2 hours ago, Synergist said:

    And then this update today :



    Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.05.01 AM.png


    I won't shed a tear for no Pre-season, I was lucky to be able to give those games away.  I used to donate them to Most Valuable Kids.  Then they adjusted the prices and those games value was really low.



  10. 3 hours ago, SkinsNatsFan said:

    I received this via email on the 21st...



    Dear Gold Members,

    Thank you for your continued support. We recognize that this offseason has been unlike any other for our fan base and we appreciate your loyalty more than ever.

    We understand that there are many reports circulating regarding the 2020 NFL Season. As the situation continues to evolve, we will update you with relevant information regarding the season and other team related news in a timely manner.

    Over the next few weeks, you will receive a series of emails with updates about the 2020 season as part of our Gold Member Update Series. In each email, we will provide important pieces of information related to your 2020 season ticket membership. If you have additional questions you can reach our Membership Services Team via call or text at 301-276-6050, or by email at tickets@redskins.com.

    Thank you for your patience. Your loyalty and support mean everything to us. We can't wait to welcome you back to FedExField soon!

    Thank you,
    Your Membership Services Team



    So for some reason I never got that email, but I had happened to email my rep about something else and she said, " We are planning to send detailed information by email in the next few days that will explain the (limited capacity, refund policy and deferral program).  Did you receive our email on Tuesday? "


    Which is how I realized I didn't get an email.     Not sure what happened as it didnt go to spam and I've never missed a Redskin Gold Email.  (not including that last virtual chat which they said was their fault).

  11. I'm actually pretty disappointment with the Skins right now.   As a current season ticket holder they literally have not told us much of anything.  And while I understand its been a crazy couple of months due to Covid as well as the name issue and the recent sexual harassment issue I can't imagine not even saying something to your season ticket holders (aka your most loyal fans)


    We received no email when they said they were dropping the name/logo.  (To add insult to injury, in their announcement, they stated, "As part of this process, we want to keep our sponsors, fans and community apprised of our thinking as we go forward."    Should have put fans before sponsors in that announcement.


    We have received no information on what their plans are for this season (typically season tickets would ship by now.


    Have already missed out on multiple Season Ticket Holder Gold Perks (Taste of Fedex, OTAs, VIP Training Camp Access,  In Person Town Halls)


    Even a "we haven't forgotten about you, will have information soon" would be fine.  But completely silence is insulting.

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  12. 9 hours ago, LCA77 said:

    I agree. I paid to see the Washington REDSKINS and will be asking for a full refund. It's a bit irrelevant anyway because it's hard to imagine any fans at games because of Covid. The team will use this as the reason but I am really curious as to how many people would have canceled anyway due to the name change. I am one of them. Good time to cut ties that should have been cut long ago. Snyder killed this team years ago and the Redskins I grew up with and loved have been long gone. It's just official now. A good time to get away clean and feel like it's justified.


    Interesting your mention that.  While I don't know how that would work with regular tickets since its not a contract, I almost 100% sure that would be an excuse to get out of a Club Level or Suite Contract.   I have to believe those contracts state something to the effect you are buying tickets to see the Redskins and now just a Football Team.


    On a side note Eagles just announced no fans at all for this seasons Football in the stands. - https://www.pennlive.com/philadelphiaeagles/2020/07/no-fans-allowed-at-philadelphia-eagles-games-this-fall-eagles-autism-challenge-moved-to-virtual-format.html

  13. 11 hours ago, ThomasTomasz said:

    The NFL itself has already said if either of those happen, a full refund will be issued.  


    Pre-season is anyone's guess.  Probably a refund but we won't get much since they implemented variable pricing.  


    I doubt that they would advertise about the name change, but I am sure that they are getting that question as we speak.  With my family connection to the team and how I feel about it, a new name really feels like we are an expansion team that I have no connection to.  I am going to keep my tickets for this year and hopefully attend games and give it a full season to see how I think about things, but right now I am leaning about 80% to being done with the Redskins after the season.  


    On that note, they have a chance to do something really cool.   ie  "Founding Fan of the Washington XXXXXX".        For instance when the Washington Valor AFL team started we all got cool Founding Fan Jersey's.      We were also supposed to get our name on the Wall on the Capital One Arena (Though that never happened and I'm still ****ing about it as it was advertised as a Founding Fan Perk).


    Was also a Founding Fan for the DC Defenders, but they didn't really do anything super special for us.     I really think the Ex-Redskins could use this to their advantage.

  14. 28 minutes ago, London Kev said:


    I was recently waiting in a supermarket line wearing a Redskins cap. I heard a woman behind me whisper to her friend "that's that racist American baseball team, isn't it?" I didn't really feel like getting into a debate with a stranger and actually felt a bit uncomfortable so I acted like I didn't hear her. I'm starting to think that I may only wear my gear indoors.


    The point that some posters have made regarding vintage gear is interesting. Are they still going to sell them with the Redskins name on them?



    Should have replied, "if you don't know what sport it is shut up. " :)    j/k but this is a problem, people who have no clue about the team are now automatically on the that is offensive side.

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  15. 5 hours ago, PlayAction said:


    We shall see in a few days.  Fans will disappointed but if the NFL bans Redskins jerseys from games (as advocated on the sports radio station) I think people will be really mad.  The NFL will need to step up and buy back gear.  


    I can't imagine the NFL would ban Redskins jerseys or gear from the stadium.  That would open up a whole new can of worms.  

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  16. Curious if folks will still wear their Redskins gear if the name changes.     In Public?  To a Game?  In Private?


    I've spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars or Redskins clothing/gear and I'm don't see myself hiding it away in a drawer.   I honestly could care less if someone gives me a nasty look for wearing the stuff I bought.  Now if people start saying something to me, that might open a whole new can of worms.

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  17. So just heard back from my rep.  Supposedly they had an issue where it wasn't sent to anyone on the payment plan.   They said they have fixed  that issue going forward.  

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  18. 3 minutes ago, Hoover-ball said:

    I thought all season ticket members were "Gold" or was it just for folks that paid already?


    Washington Redskins
    descriptive text


    Don't miss the Redskins Gold Annual Member Meeting with special guests Head Coach Ron Rivera and No. 2 Overall Draft pick Chase Young! Tune in to the link below at 7PM tonight to hear from the Redskins organization about the upcoming season followed by a Q&A with Coach Rivera and Chase Young. Learn more about the event and submit a question for the Q&A with the link below.

    descriptive text
    descriptive text
    Washington Redskins
    Facebook Twitter Instagram TikTok Snapchat YouTube



    Yep, I dunno myself and at least 2 other season ticket holders I know didn't get it.   I've emailed my rep to ask what happened.   But that could explain the turn out if it wasn't sent to everyone.


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