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  1. They are now showing up for my noon time slot (at 1pm) so maybe their system is 1 hour off.
  2. I literally got an email right at noon telling me to login. So I'm guessing this is just another screw up on their part.
  3. Ditto, logged in right at noon, says no Events Available
  4. Scalpers are already out in force, tickets selling on the 3rd party market sites for $300+ a ticket. Washington should have made them non-transferable. Though I feel like with only 3000 available, they can easily track who has them.
  5. Mine is at Noon on Wednesday too. Have had season tickets for either 10 or 11 years if they count the obstructed view seats. Would have been nice if they also took into account if you let them hold onto the money you paid for this season into account too.
  6. Lucky! I entered, wonder how many they actually picked vs how many people entered.
  7. maybe they will pay us to go
  8. Anyone get a package in the mail from the team? A friend of mine got some masks, lanyards, and the 2020 Yearbook, but that was last week.
  9. So I'm letting them hold $1800+ from me for another year and collect interest and they want me to pay $150 if I want a Fan Cutout during a game? What kind of BS is that. https://washington-fan-cutouts.aaaflag.com/products/washington-fan-cutout?variant=36285134700702
  10. Ok why the hell are they playing cheering noises for the Eagles and Booing for Washington?
  11. Did anyone else get the Gold Emails after the fact? I got one this morning at 7:45 for the Ryan Kerrigan thing yesterday. And the Gold Member Benefit email came yesterday but that was 1 day after the 1st interview on Sept 2. So missed that too.
  12. Got an email the other day with the RedZone and NFL GameDay pass info as well as the usual insulting 15% off the team store. Pretty sad they aren't offering any better deals on this soon to be worthless Washington Football Team gear.
  13. Or my 3 day all expense paid trip to the Pro Bowl. (yes I know we are in the minority) but obviously having chances to win stuff like this is great.
  14. Ya I never understood that. The parking passes always held their value or were sold for more (even after ticket sales dropped to nothing). I decided to let them keep my money for now though I did stop the payments, I think I only had 1 or 2 left, so it was really only like $1200 or so. I kinda wanting to see how it plays out.
  15. From my Rep: "Correct, We will not be having fans in the stadium this season. You have the option to receive a refund or credit to your 2021 season tickets. You do have the option to stop payments on your payment plan this year and continue next season. Unfortunately, we do not have any incentive options to offer when it comes to the refund vs deferring."
  16. Did you notice at the bottom of the link for picking refund etc it says: "Premium Members (Club & Dream Seat Members) will automatically have an additional year added to their membership agreement." Not that I have premium seats but is that even legal? I find it hard to believe the folks who have those seats contract says they can do that if fans aren't allowed in the stadium.
  17. Didnt see anything. Anyone contact their Rep yet?
  18. This was announced this morning. - https://sports.yahoo.com/washington-football-team-play-empty-121214853.html So in the 24 hours they took to send that out they made that decision?
  19. To let them keep $2000+ for a whole extra year, they better offer something more then a shirt or a gift card. I mean come on.
  20. That brings up the point that the majority of season ticket holders would have to defer anyways. They already said limited # of fans. So how are they going to decide who gets to use their tickets and who doesn't. With that being said if you do defer them what sort of benefit are they offering. I'd rather hold only that 2k for another year, then let them have it and collect interest. Though if they offered some benefit as a STH to keep my money then that is a different story.
  21. I won't shed a tear for no Pre-season, I was lucky to be able to give those games away. I used to donate them to Most Valuable Kids. Then they adjusted the prices and those games value was really low.
  22. So for some reason I never got that email, but I had happened to email my rep about something else and she said, " We are planning to send detailed information by email in the next few days that will explain the (limited capacity, refund policy and deferral program). Did you receive our email on Tuesday? " Which is how I realized I didn't get an email. Not sure what happened as it didnt go to spam and I've never missed a Redskin Gold Email. (not including that last virtual chat which they said was their fault).
  23. I'm actually pretty disappointment with the Skins right now. As a current season ticket holder they literally have not told us much of anything. And while I understand its been a crazy couple of months due to Covid as well as the name issue and the recent sexual harassment issue I can't imagine not even saying something to your season ticket holders (aka your most loyal fans) We received no email when they said they were dropping the name/logo. (To add insult to injury, in their announcement, they stated, "As part of this process, we want to keep our sponsors, fans and communit
  24. Interesting your mention that. While I don't know how that would work with regular tickets since its not a contract, I almost 100% sure that would be an excuse to get out of a Club Level or Suite Contract. I have to believe those contracts state something to the effect you are buying tickets to see the Redskins and now just a Football Team. On a side note Eagles just announced no fans at all for this seasons Football in the stands. - https://www.pennlive.com/philadelphiaeagles/2020/07/no-fans-allowed-at-philadelphia-eagles-games-this-fall-eagles-autism-challenge-moved-to-virtual
  25. On that note, they have a chance to do something really cool. ie "Founding Fan of the Washington XXXXXX". For instance when the Washington Valor AFL team started we all got cool Founding Fan Jersey's. We were also supposed to get our name on the Wall on the Capital One Arena (Though that never happened and I'm still ****ing about it as it was advertised as a Founding Fan Perk). Was also a Founding Fan for the DC Defenders, but they didn't really do anything super special for us. I really think the Ex-Redskins could use this to their advantage.
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