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  1. Anyone get this email the other night? Sounds like they are having more issues selling seats still. Good Evening, Hope all is well. I wanted to touch bases with you in regards to our add-on process going on 7/5 through 7/14 for this upcoming season. I see you’re a current season ticket holder.Wanted to inform you amazing seats are still open in our upper & lower levels of the stadium for next season. If you’re interested in purchasing additional seats for yourself, family, friends or Redskins fans this is the prime time to do so! Feel free to contact me and we can
  2. Don't recall if you can cancel even after you've started to pay for a renewal. Technically since no services/product has been rendered yet you should be able to cancel for a full refund.
  3. Yep, called my ticket rep and she split it to 4 months like last year for me. Required me to sign some Adobe PDF though.
  4. just got an email that said my invoice was available. Looks like the price stayed the same.
  5. Anyone get their gameday pass working? Tried to use my code and it tells me invalid promo code.
  6. The redskins dropped the price of all pre-season tickets this year and then raised the regular season prices to compensate. So to a season ticket holder we pay the same overall. I think its an attempt to make us feel better that we still have to buy pre-season.
  7. Have a friend who got a call from the Redskins TO last month, told him his name came up on the waiting list, they offered him LL sideline tickets for his first year. Pretty crappy to existing season ticket holders if you ask me.
  8. Got my tickets today. My favorite part the letter it came with to ticket holders: Variable Pricing: With Variable Pricing you individual game tickets will better reflect the value and expected demand of each game, pre-season and regular season............................ Every ticket of mine is the same price except the 2 - preseason. Your telling me the game vs the Browns has the same demand as vs the Cowboys?
  9. Just got an email they shipped, and will be here Tuesday. No signature required, which is surprising, as all the years I've been a member they always required a signature. Every year I looked forward to driving to Fedex to pick them up cause I missed the driver. Maybe they trying to save money....
  10. Got this email today (at noon) notice it says Good Evening. Good Evening Mr. XXXXX Hope all is well. I wanted to touch bases with you in regards to our add-on process going on for this upcoming season. I see you are a current season ticket holder in Section 449 , Row 1. We have amazing seats that have opened up in our 100 & 200 levels of the stadium. If you’re interested in purchasing additional tickets for yourself, family, friends or Redskins fans so they don’t have to wait years to purchase season tickets this is the prime time to do so! If this offer interest you feel free t
  11. So I called the ticket office to check on other low rows in the upper deck. The rep couldn't find me anything on the sidelines in a pair of 2 closer then row 12
  12. So in case anyone is looking. Currently the lowest row in the upper deck right now is (section 421, Row 2 (seats 11,12) (aisle) Also 421, Row 3 on the aisle is available which aren't bad cause they are at the top of the steps so no one is in front of you.
  13. I wonder if you call in if they can see seats that are available that you can't? Last year I called during my Window and they found me row 1 (aisle) upper level but those didn't show up on the website. My Window is at 2:00pm today, but unless I can move closer to the 50 yard line, I'll probably stick with row 1. I kinda like the little foot reset and no one being in front of me.
  14. No price increase on mine either. I'm in the upper level sidelines, row 1.
  15. So what are the chances of next year season tickets going up now that they won the Division.....
  16. I was kind of digging my new seats this year. Row 1 in the upper level. No issues seeing any of the plays develop. No one standing in front of me. A nice little ledge to put my feet and or drink. I didn't really have any issues with the glass interfering, but the small 1/2 inch gap between the glass was a bit of an annoyance, wish it was a single sheet.
  17. Wow depressing. I see parking selling for more! ugh
  18. So interestingly enough the Redskins Reward site says: Tenure Group: 7-9 Years but I didn't get my season tickets till 2010. So they must be counting the 2 years I had obstructed view seats. Also I don't like how they lumped all upper level seats together for points, it should be based on the price range.
  19. Not to say I wouldn't consider it, but if they offered a 12 month payment plan I'd almost consider trying the club seats for a year. That is the one thing that annoys me. The redskins do a 3 month plan, (or 4 month starting this year) but its still a lot of money. I have upper levels and paying $460 or whatever for 4 months is a lot of extra cash. I also have season Caps tickets and they let you pay over the course of the whole year (no interest) so while my total bill is about $3600, I'm only paying around $230 a month.
  20. So while a few may not agree with this switch, I just gave up 427 row 7 (on the aisle) which i moved to yesterday to 449, Row 1 on the aisle. It was a hard decision but in the end I choose the row 1 seats over the 50 yard line seats for the following: a tad bit more leg room no one in front of me Row 1 (easier for resale?) home team sideline a ledge to put my food/drinks.
  21. So this is interesting, they won't unlock your account for a 2nd upgrade this year. I called and they said they aren't doing it this year, but your more then welcome to call and they can check what locations are available. FYI if anyone is in the upper level 417, Row B (on the aisle is available - 2 seats)
  22. Ok, so I had a pair in section 425, row 2 on the aisle but the damn website timed out and I lost them. But then I just found a pair in Section 427, Row 7 on the aisle and grabbed those. So I went from 429, Row 8 on the aisle, to 427, Row 7 on the aisle. So down 1 row and directly on the 50 now.
  23. anything in the upper level available, first 7 rows?
  24. I will only stick with the upper level, no desire to pay more money to sit in the lower level in the corners when I'm sitting on the 45 yard line in the upper level.
  25. I just got my upgrade email. Been a season ticket holder since 2010. Mine is June 1st at 4pm. And closes June 2nd. Just like the previous year the amount of time they give us sucks. At least 2 years ago we had a whole week, so we could keep logging in to see if better seats became available.
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