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  1. Got a call from the Redskins Ticket office yesterday asking me if I wanted more seats. Supposedly the 2 seats "BEHIND Me" are available. Guy said they wanted to ask their season ticket holders if they wanted seats before offering them to the public. I just laughed.
  2. I feel like in the past the 25% off wouldn't work on Jersey. I may be wrong though.
  3. LOL, I hope not. He was practicing with the non-contact folks though and looked to be a WR.
  4. We went June 6th to the first one. A lot of fun, this was our 3rd year going. Previous years we had to use Redskins Reward points to go. This year I think they just invited all STH. Haskins was the last one off the field and signed/took photos with everyone. Petersen and Norman also spent a good deal of time taking photos with folks. Joe Theisman was there too and he took photos and signed autographs for people which was a nice surprise. On a side note, can anyone tell me who this player was, I'm not good with names/faces when they don't have a jersey on.
  5. I couldn't find anything unfortunately. I'm in the upper deck, row 1 (on the aisle) on the 10 yard line. Only would have moved if I could get closer to the 50 and stay on the aisle and in row 1. Very few row 1 seats opened up, let along aisle seats.
  6. They definitely hold really good seats. I'm in the upper deck and last year my rep (who doesnt work there anymore) said they were holding a lot of really good seats in the first couple of rows mid field, but their boss wouldn't let them release them.
  7. Mines June 6th at 10am. Had season tickets since 09. Also same day, I'm going to OTA's so that sort of stinks. I'll have about 20 minutes to check before I need to leave for practice.
  8. Went to the Season Ticket Holder Forum last week. They did it a little differently this year. They had tables setup with different items such as Redskins Gold, Fan Experience, Food, Parking etc. Unlike last year where everyone sat in front of the execs and passed a microphone around.
  9. Oddly enough I got the email yesterday to buy tickets with the free Adrian Petersen Jersey. I hate when they do stuff like this. First they obviously need to organize their records better (who has tickets vs who is just on their mailing list). But it stupid they are giving a jersey to new STH vs existing ones.
  10. Hmm I dunno, I pretty much try to go to every Redskins event I get an email from. Definitely never seen the food one.
  11. Had season tickets for 9 years now and never got invited to the food tasting event. Thought that was always for Club seat folks.
  12. First ever Redskins gold related thing. Though more then 2 hr notice would have been nice. Also not sure why they call it a presale when the tickets are free. The Washington Redskins cordially invite you to our Draft Night event at The Anthem on Thursday, April 25! Watch the Redskins make their 1st-round selection, listen to live commentary from players and alumni, and more! As a Redskins Gold member, you get special presale access to Draft Night tickets. Use the code XXXXXX to get your free tickets! PRESALE STARTS: Wednesday, March 27 at 10AM ET OFFER CODE:
  13. My normal seats are in the upper deck and its not crowded but for the Dallas game I sat in the lower level and it was worse then crowded. You could barely make it to the rest rooms let alone find the end of a food line.
  14. Hmm, he has had them for like 15+ years, I guess its possible he is still under contract but seems odd.
  15. Did Club level seat owners get a price increase? My co-worker told me his invoice in the mail said his tickets went up for next season.
  16. According to my Rep its another type of Loyalty Program (not related to RR) though would make sense to merge them. I'm actually pretty surprised they didn't announce it with Renewals though.
  17. Shrug! I renewed. I'm still thankful the the trip to the Pro Bowl I won from the Redskins Reward program last year. That easily paid for my upper level seats 2x over.
  18. fyi, just spoke to my rep, tickets are digital or paper just like last year.
  19. oh I missed that, but 6 payments is nicer. I used to always call up and they would let me do 4 vs 3, so that is a plus.
  20. That processing fee has always been there. But if they they are going completely digital then that is an insult. Also what is BS is they clearly said at the Fan Forum last year they would not be removing the hard tickets.
  21. Just checked, my invoice is online, same price as the last 5 or so years. Don't see anything that says Redskins Gold. I'm assuming we should get an official email today or monday.
  22. Renewal info seems late this year, looking back and previous years it was always by the 10th of Feb or earlier. Wondering if they trying to figure out how to retain ticket holders this year.
  23. What they need to do is what the Caps did for a while. They had 2 different STM prices. 1 for Renewals and 1 for new folks. So if you renewed you got a bigger discount on your tickets then new season ticket holders. And new season ticket holders got a bigger discount then gate prices. Obviously that the Caps don't do this anymore cause they are the hot team in town. On a side note I'd love to be able to see available see before committing to renewing. I'm in the upper deck row 1 in the corner Endzone. My rep told me there was a lot of seats in row 1 or 2 closer to the 50
  24. Curious to see what the Redskins do come renewal time. Its usually at the end of January. In the past early renewal got you extra Redskins Reward points. Not sure that is going to work this year.
  25. My Friend just got an email from the Redskins that says Mini-Plan available. NY and Eagles - Guaranteed Playoff Priority. Plans start as low as $70. Now either that is poorly worded or somehow they are now selling tickets for $35 a ticket per game to hit that $70 mark.
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