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  1. Just pulled into the Redzone Lot and I'd say it's about 70% Patriots Jerseys.
  2. Anyone check the current second hand market for Skins vs Patriots tickets? Cheapest tickets are starting at $135, this may be slightly higher then the Dallas game. In comparison the cheapest tickets right now for the 49ers game is $35. I'm thinking Fedex Field may be overrun by Brady fanboys this weekend....
  3. booo, I was hoping to see him break a record with 4 touchdowns in 4 games.
  4. Maybe but its not like the ticket folks have anything to do with how bad the team plays.
  5. Ok, the Redskin Gold Perks need to be fixed. Most specifically the entrance lines and the food lines. The problem is the folks are only checking your tickets, when it was announced the Redskins said they would check your "Redskins Gold Membership Card" which was supposed to be in the App but its really just a floating logo. Anyways tonight I saw so many Bears fans in both the line to enter the stadium and to get food and I can almost guarantee they probably just bought their tickets from a season ticket holder. I waited almost 20 minutes in the Redskins Gold food line while the regular
  6. Yup, I had a few people who were interested in my tickets for tonight, then they saw they can buy Club seats for $30. I didn't buy my tickets to make money, but not even being able to sell them even at a huge loss is pretty pathetic.
  7. Just realized my wife and I are in that photo. Nice! Plan on swinging by tonight, but coming right from work. Hopefully the traffic isn't to horrible!
  8. On the bright side, no other team will ever want him because he is so injury prone, so this could be his last year in the NFL, Now I won't need to burn my JR Autographed helmet and Football.
  9. Anyone watching the Titans va Jag game right now? Looks pretty empty there and that's a 1-1 team vs an 0-2 team.
  10. tickets are selling for like $25 on the secondary market. Ugh I can't even give mine away....
  11. Try emailing loyalty@redskinsrewards.com or rewards@redskins.com since Lisa left who knows who is running the show now. Might also want to email your ticket rep.
  12. I bet the Redskins Gold Lines for Food and Entrance into the stadium were extra short.
  13. At this rate we are going to need Redskins Platinum with a 80% discount on food to keep season ticket holders next year.
  14. Would rather they just drop the price of tickets to get people in seats instead of making cheap SRO.
  15. Speaking of SRO seats. I noticed there is a ton in the 400 level for sale on Stubhub. Who is selling those because I thought they removed those (at least last year).
  16. Is anyone' STM Redzone access working? I feel like I had this issue last year too. The NFL app shows my season ticket holder account is connected and under subscriptions it says NFL Redzone Active (yet it greyed out) *edit* had to login and then log back out. Now it shows up under the Games Tab.
  17. I was totally caught off guard when the players showed up. Still managed to get some nice photos. Definitely was a nice touch.
  18. I'm going to miss Lisa. She did a great job with Redskins Rewards. According to Jason Friedman who is VP of Ticket Sales and Service nothing is happening to the RR program and we would start seeing a lot more stuff on it come the beginning of the season. Last year they had an intern helping out for a bit so maybe they will be back.
  19. I'll be honest, I hate digital ticketing. I have season tickets to the Redskins, Capitals and the Valor. I hate having to pull up a digital ticket on my phone. And FYI I work in IT. Ever try to pull up a digital ticket with 20k folks using the same cellular network in a close area? (Yes I know you can screenshot it or move it to googleplay etc, but personally I like having a hard ticket.
  20. Looks pretty nice. My tickets are out for delivery. Supposed to be here today.
  21. got a fedex email today, looks like mine will be here Friday.
  22. Just got the following email: Don’t Miss Out on Any of the Action at FedExField This Year! Your Redskins Gold package, which includes your 2019 season tickets, is coming soon. You will receive another email with tracking information once your package has shipped. Don’t forget to use your Season Ticket or your Redskins Gold Membership Card in the Redskins Mobile App to take advantage of the exclusive entrances, fast lanes at concession stands, and much more! Customize the delivery of your season ticket package with FedEx Delivery Manager®. Receive an alert
  23. Redzone lot is obviously the easiest to get in and out of. No human foot which requires long stoppages of the cars exiting. Even though its a little further out. I love parking there.
  24. I got a text too the other day. So now I've gotten 2 calls and 1 text in a week period. A little excessive if you ask me. Also pretty sure I never gave them permission to text me. If I don't know you personally you shouldn't be sending me a text message.
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