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  1. I haven't gotten any emails yet, but my 2020 invoice is up on the site. Looks like the prices stayed the same. Some info on the 2020 Gold Membership 158031718414746064185e31ba007e494_source.pdf
  2. So any of these current changes so far making season ticket holders feel any better come renewal time?
  3. Invoices for renewals for the 2019 season came out Feb 15th of 2019. I'll be interested to see what they have to say this year come February.
  4. I couldn't even get them to move me to the 40 or 50 yard line (upper deck) this year. Though I told them I would only move if I could stay in row 1 or Row 2 on the Aise, so that may had something to do with it.
  5. I'm a season ticket holder but sold my tickets earlier in the year. I decided to go when I learned it was STM appreciation day so I figured it only cost me what I paid for my tickets normally.
  6. So for today's Skins vs Lions game I decided to purchase a Dream Seat since they were going for around $100 and figured that might be the cheapest they will ever get. Honestly I wasn't impressed at all. Was in Row 2 about the 10 yard line. I had a great view of the cheerleaders directly in front of me, and anytime the teams were on that side of the field I had a decent view. But when they were on the other side of the field I really couldn't see what was going on at all. Also the Usher for this section kept letting his friends or people he knew into the empty dream
  7. I don't know if they underestimated how many season ticket holders would stop if they were giving out 1 per seat you owned. I know someone who got 4 items and they have 4 tickets, but most people I talked to only got 1 item. They definitely did a better job of processing if you were a gold member for this (ie they actually scanned the card on your app). Ended up wit ha Journal, I would have preferred a jersey, but a freebie is a freebie.
  8. Got this email about Redskins Gold Appreciation Day for the Detroit game.
  9. Just got this email. I feel like it should have come out earlier in the season, its like if folks don't know what you get by now there is an issue. I guess they can remove the 5th quarter party party since we haven't won a game at home.
  10. Huh? Since when can you do that?
  11. I actually plan on contacting my rep tomorrow to tell them I'm insulted by this email and the prices.
  12. Got this email today which is super insulting for us season ticket holders. Selling 4 tickets in the upper deck for $200 or 4 in the lower level for $249. So they are selling tickets at almost 1/2 the cost season ticket holders pay now.
  13. Just got an email from Groupon for Redskins tickets and this is the most depressing thing I've seen all season. Dream seats for $133, Club Seats for $33. The fact that I pay $90+ for upper deck seats makes this sickening.
  14. Whole family went Bowling last night with Derrius in Sterling. Was a blast, my daughter only made it 1/2 way through the second game.
  15. The Food discounts for STH are pretty bad. The only decent one is the bottomless soda for $6. Everything else is horrible. .50 cents off a pretzel $1 off a hotdog. They prices need to drop a lot more.
  16. Don't forget our 2018 Arena Bowl Champions! Yes I'm a Washington Valor Fan.
  17. I never like to post someones email, but lets just say Redskins use this for there emails. LastNameF (So Lastname then the first letter of their firstname) @Redskins.com
  18. This is the guy you need to be emailing. - https://www.redskins.com/team/front-office-roster/jason-friedman Your rep is just a middle man. Of course I emailed him already and he didn't bother to respond.
  19. at the rate we are going I don't think DC,VA or MD will want to give land to the Redskins to build a new stadium if only opposing fans will be going to it. Soon it will be "We are here in lovely West Virgnia not "far" from our Nations Capital.......
  20. I like how he admits the fans put their tickets on the secondary market to make a profit. I thoroughly enjoyed waiting in the Redskins Gold lines behind 20+ Patriot fans to buy a soda yesterday.
  21. Ok lets be honest. Jay wasn't a great coach, but I don't fault him for how bad this team is. I hate how everyone uses the coach as a scapegoat. How many coaches have we had in the last 20 years? And how many have done anything decent? Even Joe Gibbs couldn't give us a winning team again. Until Bruce goes nothing will change.
  22. Just pulled into the Redzone Lot and I'd say it's about 70% Patriots Jerseys.
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