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  1. Yep, I dunno myself and at least 2 other season ticket holders I know didn't get it. I've emailed my rep to ask what happened. But that could explain the turn out if it wasn't sent to everyone.
  2. What chat last night? I didn't get any emails regarding that. *edit* checked with a couple of friends and they didn't get any invites either.
  3. I wonder how the cancellation of 1 home pre-season game will effect our season ticket cost. Are they going to try to say the ticket is only worth the lower face value because its pre-season or they going to count it as 1 out of 10 games not actually played.
  4. Yep Ditto. Now its telling me 3 hours to go. I reached out to my rep and she basically said this is all that is available. Basically because of the Corona Virus they did not remove the seats from the accounts of folks who did not renew. Honestly this should have been postponed if that was the case.
  5. So I got an email this morning saying mine started at 10am even though my last email said 4pm. Anyways I logged on and there is barely anything available. I'm talking almost nothing. Even in the Upper Deck. Something is definitely wrong or they havent relased the seats.
  6. Mine is 5/28 at 4pm Season ticket holder since 2010 or 2009 if you count the 1 year I had Obstructed View Seats.
  7. Purple parking is pretty nice, but I still find parking in the Redzone lot so much better. Quick Walk to the tailgate area, huge spots, dedicated entrance/exit with no pedestrian traffic.
  8. They might be getting rid of Redskins Rewards. You notice how the amount given from renewing this year was like way lower compared to past years. I think they are starting to phase it out.
  9. Few photos from the other night. Why yes my daughter is covering her ears on National Television...... Go figure
  10. Well we still at least 4 months out from Pre-Season so I think they have time. I'm more annoyed with the sports that are currently in progress and have given us no information. "I'm looking at you Capitals........"
  11. Just got this email: We value our fans and hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well during what is undoubtedly a difficult time. As part of our Club’s commitment to you, we are making the following updates regarding your 2020 season tickets. For those currently enrolled in our six-month payment plan: Your next season ticket payment scheduled for the month of April will now be deferred to May. The final payment on your six-month payment plan will now be in September. There is nothing you need to do to take advantage of this change. We will automatically ad
  12. Anyone see this? My friend sent me some article, not sure where it came from, but I haven't seen any emails regarding tickets. "The Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday became the latest NFL team to allow season ticketholders to delay payment, telling fans they could delay at least a month to pay. With the Falcons, 50 percent of NFL teams have now delayed season ticket and personal seat license payments, while many of the others say they will respond favorably to customers who call asking for more time, according to a survey of the 32 teams. The other 15 teams that are delay
  13. Ok, now this Virus is messing with my Football enjoyment!
  14. I think one big issue was it just couldn't support 90k+ people. To be honest this last year were crowds were closer to 50k or maybe even less, parking, concessions, bathroom lines etc were a lot better than past years.
  15. People always complain about parking at Fedex Field. I went to 1 game at the Raven stadium and I thought parking was 100x worse. All their lots are randomly scattered about in any nook and cranny that was available. And the beltway exit ramps can't handle the traffic getting off the highway either.
  16. Got my email this morning at about 10 am, went to spam so might want to check there. At Fedex Field.
  17. My wife got this email yesterday. Just for sh*ts and giggles I checked to see what is available. It doesn't let you pick a seat though. You can pick a section. Lower Sidelines, Lower Corner/Endzone, Upper SideLines 1-15 or 16-21 and Upper Endzone. Just checking I selected lowerside lines, it gave me section 124, row 21 (seats 18-19)
  18. Ditto on the Red Lot. The huge benefit other than the crazy large spots is there is no pedestrians traffic. So you don't run into the issue where they block you from leaving the parking lot while hundreds of people cross the road. You also don't have all the other lots converging into one to exit.
  19. If you renewed super early you got this limited edition post card in the mail. Supposedly they only sent 100 of them out. Looks like I was the only one who tweeted it though. https://twitter.com/Instegone/status/1228504182908489728/photo/1
  20. Went to my second game yesterday, was great, but sooo cold and I had 3 layers on. On a side note I got to go on the field before the game (season ticket holder perk) then as a surprise they let us stand outside the tunnel as the players came out and high five them as well as stand on the field for the National Anthem. So that was pretty awesome.
  21. They also sell Devils Backbone at a discount for season ticket holders in that little lounge area behind the west endzone for STM. Haven't found any 400 level sections that do it though.
  22. I went to the game the other day. Bought season tickets (well 1). It was an enjoyable game, but by halftime I was freezing and it was 45 degrees outside. I think the cold weather is going to be a buzz kill for most people. I definitely don't see them getting 17k next Saturday. They hyped up this game big time, (first ever XFL game as well as first ever Defender game.)
  23. So I suggested this to one of the execs last year when I was complaining that anyone who bought a ticket on the secondary market was taking advantage of the Gold perks because it was based on the ticket. Glad someone was listening.
  24. Caps said they were doing away with Paper tickets for 2020 too and they were removing the S&H fee.
  25. I haven't gotten any emails yet, but my 2020 invoice is up on the site. Looks like the prices stayed the same. Some info on the 2020 Gold Membership 158031718414746064185e31ba007e494_source.pdf
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