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  1. Da Reeeeeeeemmmmmmm. He should get a title shot next. USADA Reem is calculated but still has insane power. Great KO
  2. Think Canelo wants to fight GGG, clearly B-Hop and Oscar do not want him too. Hope it happens in September
  3. All respect to Khan and he looked great for the first four rounds. Once Canelo found his range and touched his chin it was night night. Wow what a KO
  4. Khan-Canelo is the first PPV fight in a while that has made me a little uncomfortable due to one fighter being at a complete competitive disadvantage. I can't see any way Khan isn't brutally knocked out. His chin was being checked at 140 lbs and Canelo is a big puncher at 155...
  5. Crawford is legit, excited to see him step up in a big fight outside of Omaha. I don't think Pac will be fight him in April but he is on the verge of a big fight/PPV co-feature
  6. Straight Outta Compton - Very good movie, way better than Notorious. The actor that plays Eazy E and Ice Cube's son as Cube were great in it. The first 90 minutes of this movie are as flawless as it gets, after that you can tell they had to cut some stuff to get the movie releasable in theaters. F. Gary Gary (the director) said the directors cut will clear three hours. One of the best movies I have seen this year.
  7. Mayweather-Berto will be on PPV in Sept. On the PPV undercard will be Badou Jack-George Groves, Rocky Martinez-Orlando Solido and one more fight. Ishe Smith-Vanes Martirosyan will be on Showtime before the PPV starts
  8. Canelo-Cotto official for November 21st at Mandalay Bay, amazing PPV fight. Hopefully Lemieux-GGG is priced well so most casual fans can afford a year with May-Pac, Cotto-Canelo and a GGG PPV debut Mares-Santa Cruz Mayweather in September Wilder on NBC in September Matthyse-Postol Cotto-Canelo GGG-Lemieux Arum's Dubai card with Walters Loma-Rigo (??) Fury-Klitschko A Khan December fight potentially or a Khan-Thurman annoucement for 2016 Crazy end of year for boxing
  9. Arlovski wants a Fedor rematch. I think that would be a good fight to get his feet wet in the UFC. They could totally sell out and go old school PRIDE and have Fedor-Cro Cop
  10. Meh, sets up a 50th fight on PPV at the new MGM arena against Pacquiao/Thurman/Khan/Winner of Cotto-Canelo Rigo-Loma is just sick, really excited for that fight
  11. Weidman-Rockhold Jacare-Yoel Will probably happen on the same card later this year if I had a guess
  12. Bradley's chin is iron, solid fight. Not sure I want to see a rematch but I wouldn't be mad if Bradley took another opponent like Vargas before jumping back into the elite level talent pool. He was fighting a murderers row of opponents for a few years.
  13. Was anyone clamoring for a Floyd-Berto fight? Honest question. I was never a Berto fan so maybe I missed the groundswell of support for him to fight Floyd. Khan is very annoying but I think Khan-Swift II might be a possibility at 147. We'll see if Swift's power can translate, he really wasted some momentum after beating Matthysse
  14. Berto was always an HBO hype job, if Mayweather had fought him over Marquez, Hatton, or Mosley he would've been crucified. Then Ortiz beat him in the FOY that year and Mayweather fought Ortiz. I'm hoping for Mayweather-Porter, Thurman-Spence and Broner-Maidana II on that September card. Pair that with a Mares-LSC fight at the end of August with Canelo-Cotto in October and you have a stacked slate for the Fall.
  15. Broner is heavier as of yesterday, rumors of in the mid-150s. Porter is apparently already down to 147 so he should make 144 easily. If there was no rehydration clause then I think Porter wins. Now I am not sure. Spence v Thurman on a Mayweather undercard would be great
  16. He definitely needs a foil to push him back in the "Money" persona. When a fight can sell itself (Canelo, Pac) he is pretty quiet in the lead up. If he acts how he did in the lead up to the Ortiz fight combined with Danny Garcia's pops that fight will do serious numbers either on PPV or Cable IMO. Him v Khan would be okay too but I don't think Khan can fight in September. Whatever happens I think a fight in Sep on CBS and then #50 v. Pacquiao next year looks the plan for him.
  17. If Floyd is fighting on CBS in September then I think Danny Garcia will get the nod. He headlined one of those cards already and his dad will sell the fight ridiculously.
  18. Canelo-Kirland next week should be a great fight and is the first potential roadblock between now and a Canelo-Cotto showdown in the Fall.
  19. Mayweather outlanded Pacquiao in power punches, that is a shocker and speaks to his dominance.
  20. Went how I thought it would go now, and in 2009 and in 2005 and in 1996 . Pac doesn't have a good jab and can't cut off the ring, that's a recipe for an easy W for Mayweather. Freddie Roach is looking funny in the light, how does Pac come out and throw 30 punches in the first round? Really would like to know what the plan was.
  21. Thurman-Guerrero was a great action fight, especially the last 5 rounds or so. It saved the night after that brutal Broner/Molina fight
  22. Cotto signed with Roc Nation and Top Rank is pissed. Cotto-GGG has a better chance of happening than any Cotto-TR or Cotto-Haymon fight IMO.
  23. GGG v Murray is at 5:45 today on HBO. Interested to see what GGG does against better competition, if he stops Murray early (or if at all really) then I will be super impressed