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  1. Friends- anyone have a pair of 49ers tickets for sale?
  2. Anyone know if 2017 season tickets have different preseason vs regular season face value? If so, what is the breakdown? Specifically interested in section 203. Thx.
  3. That's a great tip and great idea. I'm in 237 now and have heard too many complaints about the 100-level to jump down there, even if it meant moving farther toward the 50. Do the complaints about standing hold true in those seats?
  4. Not much to see along the home-side LL sideline this morning (I'm in the 10:00 a.m. window). Best available "pair" seems to be two caddy-corner piggy-back seats in Section 103, Rows 23/24. Plenty available in the corners and endzone though. Some LL sideline seats together in the 100s and 200s on the visiting side, as others have mentioned.
  5. I've also had tickets since 2010 but no upgrade email yet, and nothing showing up in my ticketmaster account. Hoping it comes soon...
  6. I was considering a jump to club level this offseason. Even after two consecutive miserable seasons and giving away free club "relocation passes" last year, the cost was still inflated. One of the things I asked for was free Orange parking - that might have made the difference. The ticket rep said the team "was not allowed" to give away free parking because most of that revenue went straight to the county, for whatever reason. Guess that was another lie.
  7. Great tip- I've had the card for years and never knew about this trick.
  8. Now that the April 1 deadline to grab your season tickets has passed, many will turn their attention to the seat upgrade program. Last year the Redskins sent an email on May 7th advising of my upgrade window (which opened a couple weeks later), so I'm not expecting much news for another month. If anyone hears anything sooner, please share.
  9. Howdy neighbor! Hope to see you at one of the tailgate parties.
  10. Just renewed my seats in Sec. 235, row 2. This is my first year in a decade I've actually lived within 1,000 of the stadium, so looking forward to getting to more games and seeing some of you guys at the ES tailgate!
  11. I talked to a club ticket sales rep in December to inquire about switching to club seats in 2015. I was shocked when he refused to give me the same price I had a few seasons ago considering the team has actually gotten much worse. I brought up the fact they gave away free club upgrades all season long and he tried to convince me that was "only for a couple games at the beginning of the season." Based on the reports from fans who got upgrades, we all know that's not true. Can't wait to if they do it again next year, ya know, "for a couple weeks at the beginning of the season."
  12. Were they offering you something close to your old seats, or did they want you to take something worse?
  13. Does anyone have experience taking young kids to games? I am sort of on the fence about renewing. One of the factors is whether and, if so, how often I would be taking my three-year-old daughter to the games. My seats are lower-level corner on the aisle near the Redskins side, so seat access is great. Those in my section (235) are usually well behaved, but I wonder about the overall noise and her general attention/interest throughout the entire game. Anyone have thoughts or tips on taking kids to Redskins games?
  14. If money is tight and you plan on tailgating with the RV, I would skip the Green Parking and just buy RV passes as needed. You will not make enough profit, if any, on the green passes to justify the weekly hassle of trying to sell them.
  15. The Superdome has something similar where you can see most of the field from the lower concourse. This picture gives you an idea, but I don't have a better image available. It's a great effect and makes you feel more connected to the action from the minute you walk inside.
  16. How hard did the ticket office try and talk you out of leaving?
  17. Not sure where you heard that, but I spoke with a club ticket rep last week and was offered tickets. No talk of a "wait list" of any kind.
  18. I spoke with a premium seating ticket rep this week who advised they are phasing out the AAA Tailgate Club and would likely be doing "something else in its place." Anyone have the scoop on what that might be?
  19. Correct. Last year, my club seats did not have a printed value on the ticket. This is because all the club seats are different prices depending on the specific contract and lots of club owners would be irate if they knew what their neighbor just signed a deal for.
  20. From: Zone B Club (1 year contract) To: Sec. 235, Row 2, aisle (home corner) Seniority: 3rd year with tickets; joined waitlist about 12-15 years ago. Notes: requested seats in 200-section closer to Redskins sideline; requested aisle seats above row 4. Wanted to be under overhang, but I'm not complaining about row 2!
  21. Got a call from ticket office offering incentive to buy club seats again. He was able to tell me where my lower level seats would be this year, but still not showing on invoice.
  22. All mine shows under completed invoices is parking and shipping, which they were kind enough to put on two invoices so I had to pay the online service fee twice :-)
  23. FWIW, my tickets have not reappeared. I'm moving from club to GA, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  24. Same here! Looks like the upgrade train is pulling out of the station!
  25. Worse, attorney. But the point is that Snyder could hide that fee in the delivery charge or ticket price (though he probably doesn't want to be accused of "raising" ticket prices right now). If that was the case, no one would care, and most wouldn't notice. Just because the invoice is more itemized, what's the sense in complaining? It's $3! Let's play some football!
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