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  1. Always feel like you can sign a blocking tight end but in the draft you go for potential starters especially in the first four rounds. I will say that I was wrong for saying Bates was a bum. My reaction was more based off wanting Jordan than Bates. Just like people see Bates as a underrated receiver. I truly believe Brevin Jordan is a underrated blocker.
  2. Lol just had too! KDawg I respect your opinion but can't wait to see how this all plays out.
  3. Lots of stars have been drafted way later than they should have been and I'm not going to insult your intelligence by naming them off but all I can say is that he is way more talented and has way more upside. I could be wrong and will admit it if I am. Also hope Bates makes me eat crow every week!
  4. Although I agree with you that Bates and Cooley are not alike. I stand by Brevin Jordan's blocking ability. I'm of the belief you should always draft looking for starters and not someone who is classified as a third tight end and blocker. I do like Bates as a blocker but just not over Brevin Jordan overall. Guess I just don't see eye-to-eye with taking a blocking tight end and following it up by trading up for a Long Snapper in the 6th . I've been right about a lot of players we've missed out on before but I will say that the last time I threw a fit over a pick it was Terry and I changed m
  5. I hope you just spoke that into existence
  6. And a lot of the fathers of the people on this website should have wore protection but everyone makes mistakes so I'm willing to forgive them for this pick!
  7. Wow this highlight video made me hate the pick even more. Falls after almost every catch,slow,and gets tackled by DB's much smaller than him. Man I miss Kyle Smith!
  8. I never pushed for Miami players in the past but I know for a fact this kid is special
  9. Brevin Jordan would have been the starter at TE by the end of the year!
  10. Holler at me in 2 years when Brevin Jordan is a star and Bates ain't even on our team anymore
  11. I watch every Miami game and he can most definitely block. There is nothing special about Bates but Jordan is Jordan Reed with blocking and no head injuries
  12. Brevin Jordan is going to be a star! Exactly what we didn't need another player who is not going to contribute s*** just like Jeremy sprinkle
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