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  1. Yes ! why not Trubisky? Dealt with a lot of adversity this year but came back to finish strong. Has shown glimpses
  2. This is also why I don't trust the quarterback From either School Because The talent level goes deep Into the depth chart to the point Where They will never have a wr core that Overpowered again
  3. Fields is a lot like Jalen hurts in that he is A great athlete but not so great At diagnosing defenses and Getting Through progressions
  4. From what I watched a Fields he doesn't read the field well.
  5. Yeah you're right big difference in Four Seasons and five seasons. Who wants a top 5 quarterback anyways?
  6. Bottom line is you don't trade a first for used carr
  7. Landon and Matt just turned 27 this month. Since when is 27 Old? Plus we're talking about them filling in for players who would allow us to get a top five NFL quarterback who would put us over the top and make us the instant Super Bowl contender
  8. All I know is that our defense is too good to be picking in the top 10 anytime soon and chances of snatching a franchise quarterback at 19 is not very likely. After all the first and second round picks we've missed on wouldn't it be worth trading for a sure thing like Watson barring injury. Which you can say with any player . anyone who's ever played the game knows that it only takes one wrong hit or step to have a catastrophic injury
  9. So is that how it works in the NFL now? If you're over 25 and have an injury you're old and injury-prone? Lol check their age and injury history
  10. I would definitely be interested in seeing Collins play linebacker
  11. The point was I watch enough games to know that Derek Carr is not the answer for us
  12. I could care less what anyone thinks about me and I didn't make up the TV thing just not going to put a picture to prove it because I'm a grown man who doesn't seek approval of others
  13. Payne & curl could be replaced by Matt I and Landon
  14. You have swayed me to put sweat on my no trade list after thinking about the impact he had this year with young
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