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  1. True and he did look good with his reps, but he got constantly hurt. Any player that can’t be healthy is going to be let go. AGG looks legit and is going to help push this young WR group. I have high hopes.
  2. This guy looks dynamic! I am very excited on how we fit him in to the offense. I can see him definitely training some fools a la Mike Sellers in his day. HTTR!
  3. Gibson looks built af. Cannot wait to see him Mike Sellers some ****es. HTTR!
  4. I feel Kyle Smith is gonna go with a player none of us are considering. Let’s get another McLaurin type of player!
  5. Just send him to season long IR and be done with him. Trent Williams lives in fantasyland and he will never receive what he thinks he deserves.
  6. Trent Williams ****ed his whole situation up himself. Whole league realizes dude only cares about himself
  7. **** Trent Williams. I think we should just hold him to his contract. Dude is a complete tool and the whole league has realized. He really ****ed his situation up.
  8. I dunno if this has been posted or y’all follow Chase Young on Instagram but he put up 3 stories worth of a Wale music video. He is 100% a Redskin.
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