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  1. MariusVT

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    Well guice is dead
  2. Not to rain on your doom and gloom parade but if the draft was tomorrow we'd pick 3rd. That doesn't solve the Giants potentially drafting Young ahead of us but I could also see a world where if we pick 2nd the front office takes a tackle anyway, even with Young on the board. We'll see if they are smart enough to get a first or 2nd + other comp for him, otherwise we're shopping the free agent market or relying on someone already on the roster being the answer at LT next year.
  3. MariusVT

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    Doesn't really matter, he shouldn't be playing or on the roster. Steve SIms does everything he does, but better.
  4. MariusVT

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Honestly at this point if they don't clean house starting with Bruce, I might finally relent and start following the Ravens full time. At least with their games I wouldn't need to find streams weekly.
  5. Certainly not white knighting 7, because I don't think he's the guy long term. I also absolutely wouldn't want any of those guys as the starter either. All, including 7, would have me saying the answer isn't on the roster. So why would you want one of them either is my point.
  6. So you'd rather have tannehill, Finley, Fitzpatrick, trubisky and B Allen on this team as the starter? I'm not saying he's great but he's also hardly the worst starter or behind every starter in the league plus some backups. Because if you rank that 35, you're saying you'd rather have guys like flacco, Dalton, Mariota here as well.
  7. MariusVT

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think DC should give them the land, but say any and all costs above that are on you. Hopefully everywhere else will tell him 100% of costs are on you, land & building too. If he doesn't want to fund it.... go find a city that will... Bye Felicia (dan)
  8. Oh I don't disagree and short of the franchise tag or a complete front office change, I fully expect him to be playing somewhere else next season. Personally I see the Redskins needing to sign 2 high callibur free agent oline (assuming a house cleaning doesn't change Trent and Brandon minds about staying) and draft at least one.
  9. He's consistently graded in the top 10 for guards, if not close to top 5 in pff rankings. 2 time pro bowler. If we don't pay him someone else will for sure and he's worth it.
  10. The thing I love about this bust vs not bust argument, is it doesn't matter. There's a less than zero percent chance if Dan made the pick, that Dan won't hire a coach that isn't committed to giving Haskins a chance. Given the state of the franchise we won't be pulling an Arizona and moving on from a top pick a year later. The only exception would be if Dan has somehow miraculously realized his mismanagement and turn it over to football people to run. But be honest with yourselves, it's been 20 years, the time for Revelations has all but past for Dan.
  11. MariusVT

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    At this point.... who knows... we the fans should just show up with a series of moving trucks in the middle of the night... pack the team up and send them to St Louis or some other town that wants a team, perhaps stick them on a cargo ship out of Baltimore headed for London. I'm honestly to the point I'd rather have no team in DC than the Redskins.
  12. MariusVT

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Oh we're absolutely drafting him, a highly ranked now very injured player? This is the draft pick Bruce lives for.
  13. MariusVT

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    I absolutely wouldn't draft Tua first overall or even in the top 10 if it was me given his ankle issues and now hip. That being said I don't know who i'd put at the top of my list in this draft class or even next really. Everyone salivates over Lawrence but he's had some very pedestrian games this year, hardly looking like the once in a generation talent some seem to push him as. I'd probably take a flyer in the 2nd on a guy like Fromm or Hurts but wouldn't draft them any sooner.
  14. And there you have it. According to the qb expert, the Redskins should clearly stick to trading for other teams proven qb or sign guys off the street until we find a franchise qb because there is absolutely no way we will be successful drafting a QB.
  15. Honestly, Schreff is a Scott draft pick and I could see Bruce letting him walk because of that alone. Nevermind that he's going to command somewhere around 14m per year (which I'm ok paying him). Bruce doesn't pay top dollar for players that are worth top dollar and I fully expect him on another team after the season.