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  1. At this point the eagles are playing for their draft pick, gotta do something with Ron staying with a gimpy Alex.
  2. Let's see what montez has. Can't get any worse. Sad all they had to do was win 1 out of 3 games without Alex and the division is ours and they will go 0-3 and lose the division.
  3. I had high hopes for Harmon this year after how he finished last year but then got hurt in off-season.
  4. Hopefully Alex doesn't miss time, I think with Haskins we go 0-3 and it takes luck to win the east, with Alex we win 1 maybe 2 and the east. Neither situation helps for next year's qb situation but I'd like to see us in the playoffs regardless
  5. And it should be a significant draft pick, not this 6 or 7 round going around. Maybe a 3rd.
  6. Get lucky, that's the best way WFT will beat them. Any given Sunday, so it could happen.
  7. Lol his wife before he took the field, she can't believe this is happening...
  8. Meh, they should just drop the football team and be just Washington. Roll with the solid helmets with numbers and leave it.
  9. I mean of all the crazy stuff since Dan bought the team, this could literally be the most "Formerly the Redskins" moment of Dan Snyder's ownership.
  10. Except if the league just wants Dan gone and a guy with Bezos money in. If you put on a tin foil hat, it all makes sense.
  11. In an ordinary world you're absolutely right, but things aren't normal right now and the league is going out of its way to seem racially sensitive. That fact alone wouldn't even surprise me if they straight up told the Dan to change the name and they'd cover all expenses, guarantee a super bowl in a new stadium and anything else to get him on the name change train. I also fully expect given the climate of things we'll officially be the red tails in a few weeks.
  12. If he plays it right, and if I were him, I'd be strong arming the league into paying all of the rebranding costs, they want it done and it's a polarizing time. How badly do they want it is what I'd be saying to the NFL.
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