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  1. Meh, they should just drop the football team and be just Washington. Roll with the solid helmets with numbers and leave it.
  2. I mean of all the crazy stuff since Dan bought the team, this could literally be the most "Formerly the Redskins" moment of Dan Snyder's ownership.
  3. Except if the league just wants Dan gone and a guy with Bezos money in. If you put on a tin foil hat, it all makes sense.
  4. In an ordinary world you're absolutely right, but things aren't normal right now and the league is going out of its way to seem racially sensitive. That fact alone wouldn't even surprise me if they straight up told the Dan to change the name and they'd cover all expenses, guarantee a super bowl in a new stadium and anything else to get him on the name change train. I also fully expect given the climate of things we'll officially be the red tails in a few weeks.
  5. If he plays it right, and if I were him, I'd be strong arming the league into paying all of the rebranding costs, they want it done and it's a polarizing time. How badly do they want it is what I'd be saying to the NFL.
  6. As far as Tua goes, I'd have to see him throwing and going through a complete workout before I'd be ok drafting him. I'd need concrete proof that the hip had zero impact on his ability to be dynamic. If he's slipped even a little, then he's not the high level prospect he was before the hip. Then given his injury history, you really need to think about breaking the bank in FA and putting in a top tier talent oline.
  7. Realistically I'd like to see them pick Young simple because I want to see him crushing the QBs in our division, but if we traded I'd be good with Miami's 5 and 18, but no less than 5 & 26 to give up passing on a prospect like Youbg
  8. Definitely, he won 2 super bowls so he's a lock IMO. Only qb is Jim plunkett that is not in the hall having won multiple super bowls.
  9. Sorry grabbed the wrong person'spost for quote from my phone
  10. You don't sign Teddy to that kind of contract and not have him as your starter with 16 mil sitting around in Alex Smith already regardless of if the cap can handle it or not. It also says it's already decided Haskins has no future with this team. Really this is a rhetorical post because I already know the stock reply from you.
  11. I now introduce to you the 2020 Washington RedPantherskins. I am cautiously optimistic but I want to see an improvement on the field before I even consider putting on any skins gear or remotely considering buying something that puts money into Daniel's pocket.
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