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  1. Is Gibson playing? He has been "limted" all week in practice.
  2. No HDMI. Will it run on a PC because I can run an HDMI out of that.
  3. Can you stream it to a TV from an Ipad using AppleTV? Nevermind found the answer they have disabled the mirroring on this app. LAME
  4. And right there you have made their argument for them. The term is not and should not be synonymous with Native American. Again even if one does not consider it offensive the name helps to reduce Native Americans to a stereotype which does not accurately reflect their broad history or diversity.
  5. This is a very telling post. The cultural bias and ignorance is on full display. You actually believe that some Native American tribes deserved to be brought to the brink of extinction but that showing a proud Indian Warrior on a football helmet makes it ok or am i miss-reading this?
  6. This will be the end of the current name. It will not be up to just Danny Boy. The NFLs revenue sharing agreement will have baring on the matter now. All the other teams with the exception of the Cowboys share in the $$$ that the "Skins" name generates. When you cannot stop the unlicensed RG3, Jackson, Rak & Garcon merchandise from flooding the market place the other owners will loose $$$$$. Smaller market teams will not want to loose their piece of the "Skins" merchandise. I think it is long over due.
  7. It reduces the vast and diverse use of the tomahawk to a simplistic caricature which does not correctly identify the use or meaning of the tool in Native American culture.
  8. I think the Skins are going to start to loose money. If I remember correctly the law suit to remove the trademark is still out there. On top of that more and more pressure will be coming from current and prospective sponsors. This issue is no longer local. Synder and his piss pour PR department has allowed it to go national and once it does he cannot win.
  9. Marshall was a flat out racist. It was not that just that he was the last owner to integrate it is that he was an overt and public racist to the day he died. He left the bulk of his money to a foundation that had only one restriction on how the money was to be used. It stated “any purpose which supports or employs the principle of racial integration in any form.” This was in 1969!!!!! He gets everything he deserves in terms of his legacy. It was not a singular event with Marshall it was a way of life. The great players, great owners, coaches and traditions since him will not be tainted by
  10. Most recent one: Your score is: 4416 (Drafting Ability: A, Player Quality A, Future Draft Picks: N/A) Round 2 Pick 21 (CINN): Matt Elam, SS, Florida (A) Round 3 Pick 24 (IND): Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut (A) Round 4 Pick 22: B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary (A) Round 4 Pick 29 (T.B.): Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State (B+) Round 5 Pick 14 (T.B.): David Quessenberry, OT, San Jose State (A) Round 5 Pick 21: A.J. Klein, ILB, Iowa State (A) Round 5 Pick 23 (CINN): Cory Grissom, DT, South Florida (A) Round 5 Pick 29: Bradley McDougald, FS, Kansas (A-) Round 6 Pick 23: Braden Bro
  11. I liked this one: Score 3728 Round 2 Pick 21 (CINN): Bacarri Rambo, FS, Georgia (C+) Round 3 Pick 15 (MIA): Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida International (A) Round 3 Pick 22 (CINN): B.W. Webb, CB, William & Mary (A) Round 5 Pick 21: Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego State (A) Round 5 Pick 31 (S.F.): Adrian Bushell, CB, Louisville (A) Round 6 Pick 23: Aaron Mellette, WR, Elon (B-) Round 7 Pick 21 (S.F.): Robert Lester, SS, Alabama (A) Round 7 Pick 22: Bruce Taylor, ILB, Virginia Tech (A) Round 7 Pick 31 (S.F.): Miguel Maysonet, RB, Stony Brook (
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