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  1. Funny story but my username when I created it was for my favorite Wiz Dominic Mcguire, lol. Haha thank God for Mcnabb or I would have to change my username.
  2. UFC Fight Night 18: For a free event on Spike the card is pretty impressive and it does highlight a lot of those TUF guys. Condit vs. Kampmann is a nice main card fight. I'd predict Condit to win via submission. Ryan Bader vs. Carmelo Marrero is a pretty tough first fight for Bader, although it definitely is bottom of the talent pool for UFC lhw's. Bader is definitely an impressive wrestler with heavy fists. Carmelo is a very favorable matchup, although this fight with the two wrestlers could turn out to be a very boring laying and hugging match. I do think though Bader has some nice GnP. Not
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