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  1. Weird. I had a dream that everybody on ES stopped making a thread for every single thought they had. How would you guys like this scenario??
  2. that is ridiculous....machida never should have won...shogun got ripped off
  3. well silva vs shogun might happen now...machida definately didnt attack enough at the end
  4. couldnt agree more. Dana White thinks he can still make it happen but they have said no. I hope White somehow could pull that off. But for now, Machida has to win tonight.
  5. i think its a shame that anderson silva and machida are such good friends and said they will never fight....because if/when machida wins tonight, that would be an awesome fight to watch
  6. shouldnt have stopped it....cain would have continued to dominate anyway but it should have gone longer
  7. What Section and row are you in?? If they are decent seats someone on here might be willing to meet you at the stadium and buy them from you.
  8. try to do a search next time... theres a thread on this on the first page http://www.extremeskins.com/showthread.php?t=294075
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