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  1. Surprisingly the Eagles cap situation is far worse than the Saints situation. Saints have Drew Brees retiring, which puts their number to 59 million over, and near the Eagles total. What makes the Saints situation bad but not awful is that they haven't restructured or extended many of their guys yet. While the Eagles have already done that to literally everyone. There's a limit to how much you can restructure and still get a benefit from doing it, and the Eagles are practically maxed out. Saints can offer big contract extensions to maybe 2 of these three guys in Lattimore, Ramc
  2. We should always be wary of players who play around an all-star supporting cast. Mac Jones has too much talent around him that makes him look better. Tua did as well, though it's early. Haskins as well. Sometimes it still works, but it's a worry due to production inflation.
  3. JP Finlay said that Ryan Cowden from the Titans is so far the front runner. Titans drafting has been hit and miss, who knows who much Cowden had a say in it. 2019 and 2016 were good to great drafts. 2018 was ok for how few picks were used. 2017 was rough. 2020 looks awful. If it's Cowden, I hope Kyle Smith still has a lot of say with how the drafts are done.
  4. That's an impression of mine too. We only get Robinson if we trade for Stafford. There exists a scenario where we trade for Stafford without giving up #1, then sign Robinson, then draft Waddle at #19. Normally I'd say let's not draft a slot guy at 19, but Waddle can play outside as well. That's not quite the full offensive overhaul we need, still need OL and TE depth. But it's a massive offensive makeover.
  5. QB's never leave in Free Agency. Tom Brady did, but he's 43 years old. Drew Brees did, but some teams were worried his shoulder injury had already killed his career. Kirk Cousins did, but he's not exactly a great QB. Philip Rivers did, but he's old and was just about washed up anyways. Peyton Manning did, but they had the #1 pick to draft Andrew Luck, and there was still worry his neck/nerve issue would ruin his ability to play at a good level. Deshaun Watson wants out of Houston, but the only way he's going is through a trade. Stafford is rumored to want to leave, but doesn'
  6. As long as neither are on a NFC East rival, I'm happy.
  7. Who wouldn't trade up for him? I don't expect Chase to go ahead of Smith either. If you're picking First 5 picks are 3 QB's, Sewell, and Smith in some order. Miami could really use him.
  8. Leonard weighed in at the combine at 234, and the Colts list him at 230.
  9. On 6 days notice...I now don't think he starts. You already know he's not healthy, you know he's probably going to tweak it again and make it even worse if he does play. What's the outcome of that play as he tweaks it? Sack? Fumble? Interception? It seems too risky to rely on him.
  10. A win's a win. But... Coaches have to look long and hard on if Smith's calf is ready for the playoff game. I know he was immobile before, but he was a statue today. Heinicke is our only option if Smith's calf doesn't get better. Our defense played better than we think we they did. If it wasn't for some questionable (and some legit) penalties keeping Eagles drives alive, it would've been a shutout. Hurts in 3+ quarters only had 72 passing yards. With how he extends plays with his legs, I'm surprised. Our free agent strategy was a monster success. Lots
  11. I can't decide what would pair better for our Gibson/McKissick-style of misdirection out of the backfield a super shifty and explosive guy like Toney or someone who could be a "Big Slot". As an aside, Toney is maddening to figure out as a prospect. On same plays, he's Round 1. On others, he's late Day 3. It looks almost impossible to figure out how to coach him up cause his unique route running is both his blessing and his curse. It's all of his mojo. And if you teach him to not do it at certain times, does that make him a superstar, or does he lose a bit of his regular mojo w
  12. We kept at least one or Scherff/Roullier. So that's good. We can't quite make all the moves we wanted to make in the off-season if we re-sign both...but both are good enough to where it's not a bad idea. Darby and Scherff are the next two big FA's we have to think about.
  13. Before this season, you thought this team was going to win that many games? Really? This roster? Our defense was 27th overall by DVOA last season. Our offense was bad last season, 30th overall, or more specifically 29th passing and 26th running. Even with Chase Young, you can't reasonably expect this defensive leap that's happened. I don't know how you spin that to being a negative on the coaches and front office. The RB's, OL, and one TE (Logan Thomas) have exceeded expectations. I don't know how you spin that to being a negative on the coaches and fron
  14. There's no argument for it being a Panthers Prevent D either. He had 1 touchdown on a bomb, and he had two more bombs that were dropped by players that got behind the defense. They got behind the defense or only had 1 defender anywhere near them deep...that's the opposite of a Prevent D. Panthers played a normal D, and Heinicke looked capable of carving it up.
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