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  1. Am I misremembering, or was Steve Smith's release all about friction between him and Dave Gettleman. Gettleman asked him to take a paycut, Smith said no, anger ensued, and Gettleman cut him. No anonymous leaks. Gettleman publicly stated that the conversation went south and Smith asked him for a release. Smith publicly stated that he never told Gettleman that, and he wanted to keep playing for the Panthers. It's a whose side do you believe between the GM and Player. No "leaks" when they aren't anonymous. It was a pretty public spat right? Am I misremembering?
  2. Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen back. Dan Snyder is unfairly maligned. Maybe Vinny Cerrato as GM with Bruce Allen as new Team President. Can Steve Spurrier still coach? What's Chip Kelly up to? I think Tebow still has the goods, give him a shot. Rivera starting to change the culture is bogus, bring back the ol' boys club where you can smack women on the ass like it's the 1950's. Sexual Harassment isn't a thing. (This is sarcasm)
  3. Depends on if Gettleman gets another year. I could see them cutting Solder, drafting Sewell, and moving Andrew Thomas over to RT. I think the coaches might be more done with Jones than the GM and owners are.
  4. So for a slightly undersized LB that can hopefully cover in the NFL. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah from Notre Dame. Only seen 1 game so far. Best skill is blitzing. He seems comfortable in space, as he's frequently lining up over the slot. Off-ball only and not press. Occasionally he's in far off alignment. He's not a conventional stack linebacker. He's not going to initiate first against blockers to control a gap. He's someone you want moving around. Seems like a potential Day 2 pick that could help our defense.
  5. Felt like Sweat and Young were starting to win a pass rush, but the backers coverage broke down within a few steps. QB got the ball out too fast to do anything. What would it take to fix the coverage for the linebackers? Can we rotate Collins down in Nickel or Dime? What about in the off-season? Free agency priority? Cause our #1 problem on defense is our linebackers blow. Followed closely by safeties. Is linebacker a bigger weakness than #2 WR, or #1 TE, or what?
  6. PFF did a 2 round mock, and they think the draft is loaded with linebackers. Please tell me these guys are good in coverage.
  7. I'm unfortunately glad Martin got benched. I still think he's better than this, based on what he did in college and his rookie season. He still wasn't good as a rookie, but he was better than this. Martin needs to reevaluate and train with some different people in the off-season. Cause he regressed hard. So maybe this is the wakeup call.
  8. There was a small contingent of us here on ES, who wanted to sign Flowers and let Scherff walk. Scherff is a bit more penalty prone, he's certainly more injury prone, he's older, and he'd cost a lot more. Scherff does have more talent and clearly makes plays in space that gets guys paid. Right now, with how the Miami OL is looking...the Front Office has to be kicking themselves for letting Flowers go.
  9. I think so too. But I'm betting they want to replace Roullier with Ismael. So at least there's someone on the roster who can do that. Maybe Saahdiq Charles gets healthy and can compete at a Guard spot later in the year? That's the optimistic take. Not sure how the coaches can look at Martin play, and think...he'll get it together, if the options behind him aren't awful.
  10. How much of that was total OL issues...and how much was neither Guard was capable of slowing down Aaron Donald at all? Donald beat both Guards handily, felt like what at least every snap. Difficult to tell if the Center and LT and RT were good, bad, OK, or what...cause the pocket was dead from the get go. Pity Scherff got hurt. Regardless, we can't roll into 2021 expecting to start both Martin and Schweitzer again.
  11. Cause with how the Rams operate, they'd have open runners laterally all the time in a Man D. Rub routes, picks, leaking against play action, etc. Zones are a way to help against that. Problem we're having is our linebackers and safeties are playing their responsibilities so poorly that we're damned if we go straight Man...and we're damned if we go Zone. Kind of screwed regardless.
  12. I saw one of Montez's cut-ups last night and it's impossible to tell if he's operating better than Haskins now. But he wasn't, back in college. Here's my amateur analysis of his physical ability. He's got a good arm, but it's not quite at Haskins level. He's more athletic than Haskins, but that isn't saying much. His feet do more naturally flow with his body when he's changing reads, which is a big plus over Haskins. He's worse with accuracy for the odd-angle-feet-not-under-him throws that Haskins can do...but Haskins isn't accurate enough there anyways.
  13. I kind of want to mix and match A and B for Haskins. But leaning towards B. You got me for who the other is. Which draft class is the other from?
  14. So the Cowboys offense has been putting up points, but their O-line is just super injured. Sooner or later it's going to tank their offense. Starting RT on IR. Starting C is missing 2-3 weeks. And now their Starting LT, Tyron Smith, might be heading to IR. Injury reports for the Cowboys, which were a presumptive favorite to win the division, must have been part of the narrative that there's a window to become competitive within the division.
  15. I am a bit disappointed as well. That said, Mark Bullock had an article out about how Turner's playcalling and scheme has changed from game to game to better suit Haskins. It's not a good look. Maybe Turner's playcalling will change drastically with a new QB in, but even before he had made the scheme/playcalling changes for Haskins I don't recall liking the offensive looks much in Week 1 either.
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