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  1. As a result of your compelling research, I propose a blanket ban on all people named 'Josh' joining The Football Team. There are 9 potential draftable players in 2021 with the name 'Josh'. One of those is considered a 1st/2nd rounder, Josh Myers from OSU. P.S. Still stand by Josh Norman being a great signing for 1.5 seasons, until he got hurt and then rushed himself back from it. Theeen, not so much a great signing.
  2. Too much arc and overthrowing is not an example of arm strength unless the ball is going 70 yards in the air. More arc = less juice required to make it go far. Flatter deep throws are an example of relying too much on arm strength. It's situational and for most QB's, not ideal. Haskins has enough arm to turn some sideline throws into closing windows with a flat/tight spiral. Kirk can't do that. He had to try and drop it into a bucket. I think that's why the team went after Josh Doctson, he excelled at high pointing when he can track high arcs and adjust.
  3. Yup. Gibbs and Beathard notoriously did not see eye to eye.
  4. Another potential 1st rounder has opted out of the college season. Bateman from Minnesota.
  5. I wish him good health and a good season. Nobody wants to see a promising players career go off the rails due to injuries.
  6. I'm fuzzy on this, but I think 350k is the high risk opt out. The basic opt out is only 150k. But I saw something about how if you don't make the team the following season after a high risk opt out, you have to pay that 350k back? A little confused on the details.
  7. I don't think he was making the team this year.
  8. I haven't looked at him yet, but when in doubt...just draft the elite talent. Too much changes season to season to say it's overkill.
  9. For the life of me I couldn't remove the video on mobile. Maybe he talks about it, but I haven't listened to it. Leatherwood hype and calling him better than Wills is just trying to be excited about the next draft class. In no way was Leatherwood better than Wills, and he didn't come out for a reason. Sure his pass sets look more conventional than Wills, but less effective. Leatherwood struggled vs speed last season. I find it hard for someone to be "so good in pass pro" yet have an obvious weakness in pass pro. That analyst has to be one of those "next year is always better" draft guys.
  10. Yeah I was also wrong about 2019, but it's one of those in hindsight things. I recall seeing reasons for the low pick would be Jay Gruden in a lame duck year. Which seemed odd to me because I thought Jay would be given some leeway if Haskins showed development. I guess the national writers had some insight that we didn't, such as how little Jay wanted to bother with a rookie QB. So it was a true lame duck year for him, and then that lack of caring trickled down to the other coaches and that hurt the players. Players now have talked about even though meetings have been over zoom, they feel like they're more worthwhile than meetings last year. I guess we as fans were evaluating the roster and trying to put a blind eye and disregard the organizational/coaching disaster that was likely to unfold.
  11. Just saying, analyst's and writers have an absolutely horrid track record of predicting the bottom of the NFL. Remember how Miami was supposed to win 0 games and that was basically a lock? They won 5 games. I remember in 2015, the near unanimous selection for worst in the league and future #1 pick was us...and then we won 9 games and the division. And then in 2011, the Bengals had the same honor of projected #1 pick...and then made the playoffs. As for the top of the NFL, everybody struggles as well. Who would have picked the 49ers as the best NFC team? Or the Eagles in 2017, or Falcons in 2016, or Panthers in 2015? ESPN analysts usually pick playoff teams for the upcoming season at a 1/3rd success rate...which is awful.
  12. I really don't see that at all, but to each their own. RG3, athlete, scrambler, moving pockets, pistol formation, not a pocket passer. Kirk Cousins, pocket passer who likes quick reads and gets the ball out. Doesn't really make off script plays. Haskins is a pocket passer. Gifted arm talent. Kyle Allen is a pocket passer (right?) Mediocre arm talent. Not seeing the competition angle either. But again, to each their own.