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  1. Alcoholic Zebra

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Based on have to wonder if he beats his dogs.
  2. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I mean, from those grades, it would be a stretch to think of any other OL topping that. Alshon Jeffery also went to IR yesterday. Eagles are going to look so different next season. I think half their starters will be 30 or older in 2020. They've already had injury issues this year, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a sizeable roster overhaul.
  3. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    In Dane Bruglers (The Athletic) Q & A, he stressed to ignore media fabrication for draft value on some prospects. Each team will have their own big boards. Some teams will have Lamb as #1, others Jeudy as #1, and others Ruggs as #1. So Jeudy could be Top 10, or he could go closer to 20. If we trade down from our current Top 5 selection, there seems to be a decent chance we could still land someone's favorite WR prospect (if that's what they want). He thinks this forums favorite Guard prospect, Trey Smith, will be off some teams boards due to medical concerns.
  4. Alcoholic Zebra

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Re-watch the video. What helped me is pausing it and trying to go frame by frame. You see the throwing motion start while McLaurin is breaking. You see the throwing arm move as McLaurin is still in contact with the Corner and has his outside leg planted, McLaurin's next step is him breaking inside. By the time McLaurin has planted his first step from breaking inside, the throwing motion is complete and the ball is out of Haskins's hand.
  5. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    2019 5th rounder, Darius Slayton, looks like he's going to have a future in the NFL. I don't remember anything about him from scouting for the last draft. Not sure what to consider for this. His dominator rating is OK, but nothing special. Maybe something to be said for being the best WR on your college team for more than a year and having a great athletic profile at the combine?
  6. To validate what you're saying. Here's a breakdown. RRP stands for Run Run Pass on 1st, 2nd, and then 3rd downs. There are some occasions where it could have happened again, but the run play converted. I'm counting those. There are occasions where a negative run or a penalty forces a long yardage situation that forces the playcaller away from RRP, but I'm counting those. 1st Drive: Run > Run > Pass > Punt RRP Counter: 1 for 1 2nd Drive: Pass (sack) > Pass > Pass > Punt RRP: 1 for 2 3rd Drive: Run > Run > Pass > Punt RRP: 2 for 3 4th Drive: Run > Run > Pass (Penalty conversion) > Run > Pass (converted) > Run > Pass > Pass (sack) RRP: 3 for 6 5th Drive: Run > Run (converted, still fits) > Run > Run (converted) > Run (converted) > Run > Run (converted) > Run (TFL) > Pass > Pass (converted) > Run (TD) RRP: 9 for 12 (I think I can make an argument to count this as 6 for 6 in the RRP counter) 6th Drive: Two minute drill, game situations like this naturally make RRP irrelevant, not counting it. 7th Drive: Run (Penalty on us) > Pass > Pass > Pass (sack) RRP: 10 for 13 (it was on pace to be a RRP, if it wasn't a penalty putting it into a 1st & 20 situation) 8th Drive: Run > Run > Pass (converted) > Run > Pass > Pass (converted, penalty) > Run > Run > Pass (converted) > Run > Pass (broken play where Haskins scrambled?) > Pass > Field Goal RRP: 12 for 17, I'm counting 2 for 4 RRP this drive 9th Drive: Run > Run > Pass (converted) > Run > Run > Pass > Punt RRP: 14 for 19 10th Drive: Last drive of game, 2 minute drill, trying to score with the clock so not counting these. TL;DR From before Haskins got hurt, the basic run vs pass playcalling was predictable. Of 19 series of Downs, 14 of them started with the RRP format. The 5 exceptions are: - A passing play where Haskins got sacked - A short pass that gained 13 with YAC - A deep shot - A deep shot - A broken play with a screen that was sniffed out so Haskins had to rush with his legs or throw the ball away. (I think, right? Trying to remember) So, if you're a defense. You sell out to stop the RRP formula, but you keep the non run defenders deeper to protect from bombs. That's it. You can keep everyone else around the line of scrimmage. If there's a penalty that pushes them into long yardage, then the defense goes more traditional. You add wrinkles off of that based on formational tendencies, but that has got to be so easy for an NFL caliber defensive coaching staff to scheme against.
  7. Negatives: Packers field and Not having the right cleats for that field? Kerrigan in run defense. Rodgers audibled to take advantage of that. Moreau pulled a Josh Norman on the Packers 2nd touchdown. I'm not seeing how that was anyone else's responsibility. O-line's pass protection was pretty poor. Not a good day for the unit. Unfortunately no All-22 film to look over, so this is just from the highlights tape. 1st sack taken - Both Roullier and Flowers couldn't get traction, couldn't anchor, then slipped and hit the ground. It wasn't even like they got juked, they just tried to plant and couldn't. Both Penn and Moses had their defenders chipped hard to help them out. 2nd sack - 6 guys on the line, it looks like the protection was shifted left, which seems reasonable. But Derrius Guice should've been kept in to block. I'm guessing that Haskins gambled and thought the Edge on that side was going to come, so he'd be able to read the corner and see what he'd do then hit the quick throw to either the Slant or the RB in the flat. But the Edge didn't rush, so that plan was dead. Haskins should learn to play it safe and keep Guice in to protect when the D is showing 6 on the line. 3rd sack - Moses gets beat around the Edge and whiffs on his punch. Scherff tries to anchor but slips immediately, his guy is practically unblocked at that point. Also, Z'darius Smith rushing from the 1 technique, wow. Roullier and Flowers weren't ready for that kind of athleticism. Normally I think that pass off works fine, but Smith planted his foot and shot up field again through contact faster than most would. End of half interception - Blocking seemed well enough, he had space to step up or even step into the throw. He didn't, this was recently post-ankle sprains. Maybe the ball gets there faster if he steps into it, maybe it doesn't. What I don't get is the playcall: 7 seconds left, 2 timeouts available, we're at the Packers 41 yard line, we're looking to get within FG range. Read #1 is the slot doing a hard in then out towards the sideline. The in-breaking route of McLaurin isn't looked at, instead he immediately goes to the other side of the field where we've got Thompson drifting towards the sideline, Sprinkle doing a 7 yard out to the sideline, and Harmon doing a deep out to the sideline. Maybe the call makes more sense if KOC thinks Packers will stack the middle of the field, but they don't. So we have 4 of the 5 routes are positioned for the receiver to make a catch and go out of bounds immediately. We have 2 timeouts with only 7 seconds left. There's only time for 1 quick play and then a field goal attempt anyways, yet we're acting as if there's 30 seconds left, not 7. 4th sack - Roullier gets snatched hard and thrown off balance. He then collides with Scherff who does...nothing? Scherff basically passes him off to air. Has to be a brain fart for Scherff. Btw, Penn gets a lot of help here. First his defender gets chipped by Sprinkle, then he gets chipped by Chris Thompson, and then Penn starts blocking him. A quick slant completion to McLaurin over the middle - The Packers Edge goes unblocked. The line isn't shifted one way or another. It looks like Penn thinks it's not his assignment. Was Sprinkle supposed to stay in and block? No idea, but I'm inclined to believe Penn screwed this one up. TL;DR Some mental gaffes in pass blocking, add in what have to be the wrong cleats for the whole team on a wet field, and pass blocking wasn't what it should be. Penn was getting some extra help than normal.
  8. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That's uh, not at all what I expected. Well, if true, there goes a lot of talent from this draft. Every one of those guys could've been taken in the first 2 rounds, and it's likely at least 4 of them would've gone in the 1st.
  9. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think it's also telling that the Patriots have been fine with turnover at the LT position. They let Solder and Brown walk. I don't think they view that position as imperative as the others might. Ravens are one of the contenders this year. LT and RG for them, if they win I suppose. Some other contenders I'm not sure who would be the best OL. Chiefs? Not sure. 49ers? Also not sure, it probably would be Joe Staley but he's been hurt most of the year. So maybe their Center, Weston Richburg? Seahawks? I'm not sure, I know some of their guys have improved, but how much? Would it still be the 34 year old LT, Duane Brown? Saints would probably be both LT and RT, with a runner up for their Center. Packers would be the LT, but I've read Bakhtiari isn't his usual dominant self.
  10. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Austin Hooper and Hunter Henry will be 26 next season and Free Agents. That said, I can't really see either team wanting to let them walk. Hooper is their best player entering FA, and they don't really have any other good ones. So he's a perfect franchise tag target. Although who knows what San Diego LA Chargers try and do, Philip Rivers is a FA and he's looking like retirement is around the corner.
  11. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I feel ya. I suppose my stance is more in the line of, it's possible for the line to be decent without pouring resources into it. The line is playing well lately. I've been impressed by what the interior has done, and I wish I could compare better to his performance against the Lions and Jets, but I feel like Christian's run blocking improved. He was using more power and driving guys when that was his assignment. Not as much as Scherff and Flowers, but those guys were drafted Top 10 for a reason. I think if we're able to retain Scherff and Flowers. Move Christian to a starting spot. Increase depth via the draft. Our o-line would be pretty good next season. But I realize that's a big IF. A lot can happen once free agency starts.
  12. Alcoholic Zebra

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    Damn, you're right, I can see that happening.
  13. Alcoholic Zebra

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Panthers

    "without addressing O-line at all"? No. Depth is thin. You always need developing prospects. We have 2 free agents who are currently starters. We do have a Guard waiting in the wings to replace one should they leave. But that leaves no depth. And if both starters leave, then we're in a bind. As of a month ago, the two best OL in college right now aren't even draft eligible. We're looking at a deeper crop of quality prospects, but there aren't the elite blue chippers you would expect with a Top 5 draft pick. We likely won't get a 1st for Trent anymore after the ****show Bruce Allen displayed. But I'd take a 2nd. If the intent was to draft an OL in the 1st, I would prefer trading back and picking one of the OT's there that are all close as prospects than overdrafting one just because. Sure. Penn is the weakest link on the OL right now, and while the offense can still function with him, upgrading that spot would make things easier for Haskins/run game. That can happen easily via promoting Christian. We can then use draft picks to address depth we're missing along the line. Or, if we draft a LT in the 1st, slide Christian over to RT, release Moses to save money cause nobody is paying a backup $9million. Then we're still minus depth, with the best draft pick we have already used.
  14. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Past Super Bowl winners: Patriots - best OL was their RT Eagles - best OL was their Center and RT Patriots - best OL was their RT Broncos - line was decent, their best was maybe the RG? Patriots - best OL was...not sure, maybe their RT Sebastian Vollmer? Seahawks - best OL was their Center Ravens - best OL was their RG Giants - best OL were their LG and RG Packers - best OL was their LT Saints - best OL was their RG It doesn't matter where the best OL is, it just matters that the unit as a whole is good. Blocking assignments shift from play to play based on playcall and what the defense is showing. Talent anywhere on the line, makes things easier for everyone else.
  15. Alcoholic Zebra

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That's fine. Christian can handle it. If this was before the season started, I'd agree with you about being nervous. Now though? Nope. I'm going to break norm here and say that with the way NFL defenses align their best Edge guys, you want the best OT to be on the right side anyways. Von Miller doesn't attack LT's.