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  1. I was confused by your statement and wanted clarification. That said, I'd think 5 backs would still be a ton, but I haven't followed how some of the RB usage heavy teams have been doing it. Do the Saints/Patriots keep 5? I've got something close to that for defense. 7 CB's and just 4 DE/OLB types. 24 on D. I wind up putting 26 on O just from lack of talent there and trying to find more bodies. For offense, I've also got 3 QB's, but we know the team doesn't like doing that. I've got 9 OL. 8 seems perilous with how often we get OL injuries. I want to do 5 WR, but I'm betting we keep 6 (The last 2 spots are Sims and Harmon). I also want to keep 4 TE (Vernon is old, Reed is 29 and has never played a 15 or 16 game season). That leaves 4 RB's for me. If someone breaks out in training camp on defense, and we have to keep 25 guys there, I'd drop the RB count to 3.
  2. How many runningbacks do you want on the roster? Thompson, Guice, Peterson, Bibbs, Marshall, Perine, Love. That's 7. Love is likely on PUP, and you said Bibbs or Marshall, but that still brings it down to 5. That's a crap ton of running backs. I think an argument can be made to bring it down to 3, but 4 should be the max.
  3. Alcoholic Zebra

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    I'm guessing he beefed up to take on blocks better, then realized he was getting roasted in coverage. Biggest issue in the run game wasn't our LB's ability to shed blocks. But a big issue against the pass was surely LB's out of position or lacking wheels.
  4. Alcoholic Zebra

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    The other side of that argument, they're saying the massive production bump was mostly due to promoted coach Ryan Day changing much of the offense. I can see that, but that doesn't happen without Haskins either. I think it's both at the same time.
  5. Alcoholic Zebra

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    It seems like lack of speed was a big issue in 2018. I'm looking at Mark Bullock's articles on The Athletic. He's breaking down some play concepts we like to run. I see things where a player would be wide open against the coverage, but he can't get down the field fast enough for the QB to make that decision. Or the QB's quick read of a high/low route combo that puts the LB in a decision problem isn't that effective since the high portion is ran too slow to draw the LB farther away from the low option. The play turns into a check down elsewhere. Hopefully a healthy Richardson and rookie Terry McLaurin will help, a lot. I don't think Quick, Doctson, Harris, etc were getting to their spots fast enough for Alex Smith. He made a read, saw he'd have to wait for it to develop, so went to the other side of the field or threw the checkdown. Those guys have average NFL play speed, there were times they'd get bodied early in a route, which slows them by a step. At that point, it's game over for the route combo. If Doctson doesn't develop to handle physical coverage better, at some point do we just bench him to see what Sims, McLaurin, etc can do? Doing that would punt a possible Compensatory pick we'd get in free agency. If the season's lost, then keep playing Doctson for the comp pick, but maybe if we're still in it...roll with the youth?
  6. Alcoholic Zebra

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    That's sort of what I'm, saying. Haskins has serious potential, Jones will never be an Elite QB that makes unbelievable throws despite amazing defense. I think, based on potential, the two QB's are not on the same tier. That doesn't mean Jones won't end up being better when all is said and done. Where I'd differ from Cooley (obviously his opinion is worth more than mine), is the bust potential. I think Jones meh arm, will make it damned hard for his playbook/scheme to feature sideline stuff. Better coached defenses will key in on that and slow down their offense.
  7. Alcoholic Zebra

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    Hmm, here are my guesses. Terrelle Pryor, Leonard Hankerson (wasn't there a year he "got it", or am I misremembering?), Rashad Ross, Anthony Armstrong (he was actually good for a year until the league figured out he stunk vs physical coverage). I wouldn't even call Quinn or Sims last year as part of this group. Sims only turned everyone's heads during that pre-season game. Quinn was still a back seat to Crowder, and everyone knew as much. Recall some hype, but not the hype about a surprise contributor or something.
  8. Alcoholic Zebra

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    My biggest criticism and argument against Daniel Jones deals with his Out routes. I don't think he's got an NFL caliber arm and can hit those. I think he's a bit like Colt McCoy in that his offense will need to be tailored over the middle of the field a bit more and less along the sideline. His ceiling for total potential, is far below someone like Aaron Rodgers who can spend an entire game carving up defenses along the sideline. There were too many plays I saw with Jones where his throw on an Out route was almost picked at the college level. Take that to the NFL, and some of those are going to be Pick 6's. I think his arm strength is better than Colt, but worse than Kirk Cousins. I don't think he's got a "make-all-the-throws" NFL caliber arm. That's not to say he can't still be a pretty good QB. His size, athleticism, and toughness are all good to great. He's a touch pass thrower, and some pretty good quarterbacks (Phillip Rivers, aging-but-still-good Peyton) have had success with mostly touch passes. I think his odds for bust/success are not in his favor. We all know environment in the NFL matters for development. But if the right personnel, scheme, etc gets put around him, it'll flip the odds back in his favor. I just don't know how easy or hard it'll be to get that. I take you think pre-season priority #1 for the team is re-sign Scherff? If you had the choice for letting Scherff contract stuff wait until after the season and giving Trent some more money to make him happy (if that'll do it), ...or extending Scherff now and then trading Trent. Which would it be?
  9. Alcoholic Zebra

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I get it. If it makes you feel any better, supposedly Haskins looked significantly better than Keenum in the last day of open OTA's. Although the same writer said all-in-all for OTA's, Keenum has been better. It's just that it's OTA's for two new QB's. Both (I believe) look meh to bad. Which from what I've read, is to be expected. Neither are confident and sure of what the reads/progressions/etc are yet for each play. Both have shown growth in that area, with Keenum's coming a little faster. That's also not surprising, NFL veteran whose started full seasons for two franchises vs a Rookie. The vibe I've gotten is that both Keenum and Haskins have been grasping more of the playbook throughout OTA's to the point that everybody is expecting them to continue that development to and through Training Camp. I think it's a little early to worry about coaches being pressured into having Haskins start.
  10. Alcoholic Zebra

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    We need another option, and hopefully one that can still develop and improve at the backup G/C spot. We know Bergstrom can't. We saw Chase struggle when shifted over to LG so Bergstrom could play C. So at this point, that doesn't seem like an option we can count on. Pierschbacher has played at least a full season at both Guard and Center. So he has experience, and he should...theoretically...develop into someone who can fill in and let the starters stay where they're better. It fits a Need spot depth-wise that we lacked last season.
  11. Alcoholic Zebra

    2019 Washington Nationals Thread - The Winds of Change

    Just looked up who the White Sox starting pitcher is for tonight. His last half dozen games he's averaging like 5 runs allowed in 4 innings pitched. How do they have a (slightly) better record than us?
  12. Alcoholic Zebra

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Any indication if Keenum and Haskins were still running for their lives today?
  13. Alcoholic Zebra

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    Maybe not to your liking, but the team did spend some resources to address LG. 4th round Wes Martin is a LG. 5th rounder Pierschbacher is a G/C. The argument to be made then is, do you think LG should have been more of a priority with more resources put into it? After drafting Haskins at #15, I was hoping we'd go OL or a versatile blocking TE in the 2nd. But right now (on paper) it's hard to argue with their decision to trade up for Montez Sweat. If the Trent Williams situation never came up, and we drafted a Guard in the 2nd round, we'd be yelling at the FO saying "how could we not address the Edge spot, how are we relying on Ryan Anderson?"
  14. Alcoholic Zebra

    The current status of the Redskins o-line.

    JP Finlay thinks Geron Christian is going to start the season on the PUP list.
  15. Alcoholic Zebra

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    So the coaches have a firm grasp of what his issues are right now, and what they're likely to be for a while. How do we call plays to hide those issues? Is a functional offense capable of hiding the issues with our o-line minus Trent? We know nothing of Christian yet. OTA's haven't answered much, just shown that's a QB competition. Well that and Ereck Flowers was a poor use of 1.5 million guaranteed. I kind of want to know who was responsible for signing him. Who pushed for it?