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  1. I've read that teams will meet with candidates that have flags, and the meetings are more to say whether or not to keep them on the draft board. I heard a rumor somewhere (maybe here), that Franks is an asshole who wasn't well liked in either of the college locker rooms he's been in.
  2. Keim has also brought up Mills in the past week. It's unfortunately getting to the point where every team that wants Mills is paying attention. And we could have someone trade up to just ahead of us to grab him.
  3. You can't include Leveon Bell. He struggled at his college size in the NFL, then lost 25 pounds and became much better as a normal sized back. Also, Najee is a good back, but he's not like Henry or Jackson. Those were legitimately big dudes. Najee is just above average. Most RB's are around 220. Najee is 230. Henry and Jackson are what, 240-245?
  4. Anyone know the record for QB's taken in the first 2 rounds of a draft? Or first 3? Cause 8 QB's is 25% of the NFL. That seems like a lot. Covid-19 somehow got everyone thinking differently. Now every team has realized their QB situation wasn't good enough. Normally it's just a few teams. But Rams sending two 1st's to upgrade over Goff. Lions deciding Stafford couldn't take that roster anywhere soon. Colts rolling the dice on Wentz and likewise the Eagles thinking they couldn't salvage him. Panthers wanting to ditch Bridgewater after 1 year. Broncos thinking Lo
  5. If we way over analyze this, then no JOK. As Collins becomes a Nickel LB on obvious passing downs.
  6. Haven't watched him, so not talking about how I think of him as a prospect. He's got some flags. Medicals and managing his weight. Supposedly 2020 was the first season he had his weight under control? Dane Brugler has him at Guard. Lance Zeirlein also has him at Guard.
  7. Mills has, in my opinion, franchise potential. I still have some question marks on his play...cause 2020 was shortened, and there's barely any cutups and I can find little of anything but snippets of All-22. But I'm flip-flopping around on him being a 2nd rounder or a 3rd rounder. Regardless, I want him on the WFT, because I think his potential is up there. Just not in the Rodgers/Mahomes mold. More of the Peyton mold. I really like how he processes.
  8. I don't think Zaven Collins has speed issues. I know how he tested, but when watching the tape it doesn't come up. Once he gets those long legs going downhill, he closes ground. Maybe he's not quite the huge athletic marvel people hoped. He's not Brian Urlacher. But he is still talented. You can see him drop back into coverage 10 yards to the sticks, and then close on a checkdown to the numbers. He's not slow. This feels a little like when DK Metcalf had that combine where people said stuff like, "He literally can't turn, all he can do is run straight", and then blow some at
  9. As a read/react run defender, I agree with you fully. But he does love run blitzing. Tell him to shoot that gap or fly around the Edge and he'll do it without reading the action. Often he's nowhere near the play direction. But when he gets it right, it is pretty nice.
  10. Honestly can't decide on Freiermuth. I'm not sure what he can/can't do as a route runner yet. Penn State seemed to give him limited routes as a classic TE security blanket or check down. Seemed like a fairly unimaginative scheme. Well at least his usage in it. So he's still a bit of an unknown. I know he missed his pro-day due to some medical thing, but don't know if that was a cause of concern or not.
  11. All of the better LB's besides JOK are decently sized if not bigger. If you want average or plus sized WR's...this isn't the draft for you. This draft is loaded with some talented slightly undersized (to really undersized) guys. The best good sized WR is Jamarr Chase. And we can't get him. There's Terrace Marshall who is a maybe for the 2nd rounder, but he likely doesn't last there. That's about it for Day 1 or 2 WR prospects that have average to above average size.
  12. I'm intrigued, but for different reasons. Pick 1, 2, and 4 make sense together. Pick 3 is the odd duck. 1st round: 3 OT's (4 OL) and 2 LB's go before #19 in Brugler's mock. A BPA candidate like Horn doesn't even fall either. The Alabama WR's are gone before. Not a lot of options there, not even sure we could get much if any decent trade offers. So JOK it is then (or Teven Jenkins). How do we fit JOK's desire against the run to guess what the play is before reading the action? In coverage he seems much more by the book. JOK adds some interesting aspects with
  13. If we wanted to trade down from #19... Who would have to be at our pick to get good compensation? If the Top 3 WR's, Top 2 healthy CB's, Top 3 OT's, and all Top 5 QB's, plus Pitts are all gone...who would be left to really get a team excited to trade up? That's 14 likely picks ahead of us. One of the LB's? Does one of the Edge guys have something interesting enough to get a team to trade up for them?
  14. Just looked him up...he has 6 catches. Let's not annoint someone with 6 catches as "really good" just yet.
  15. I still it was a win/win. For the 4 rookie years of Lawrence (1 great, 1 ok, 2 non-existent) we got (1 good, 2 bad) from Murphy and (1 ok, 1 ok but injured half way through, 1 meh, and 1 non-existent) from Long. Since then Lawrence has been a good player, but that 1 year that gave him a monster pay-day was an outlier. He's a good all-around player, but not a stud by any means. He had a down year last season, and if that continues in 2022, we can the contract they gave him wasn't just bad, but a huge mistake. Meanwhile we got a 5th and 6th round comp picks for both Murphy a
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