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  1. If the defense/team does what people think could happen, then WJIII will get the accolades that eluded him in Cincinnati. That contract will be highway robbery.
  2. The wear and tear factor isn't there for Logan Thomas. He's a young 30...if that makes sense. Actually, I have no idea if that's a reputable theory or not. James Harrison as an example maybe?
  3. Wow. That's so big. Now the development of Bates/Reyes isn't a desperation thing. TE group went from uncertain, to a good spot. Quality starter with two developmental pieces for a few years, means resources can go elsewhere. Don't need to chase TE's in the draft.
  4. It's 4 years additional, so it goes through his 30th year. He hits free agency in 2026 now. I'd also guess he makes his first pro bowl this year. Especially if the defense is near as good as it's lofty potential, then multiple people would make it from the defense. We had just Chase Young last year represent the team. I could also see William Jackson joining Jon Allen in the pro-bowl. That's 3 (including Chase), any more is kind of pushing it. Unless our record is far better than anyone expects.
  5. 5th highest paid DT is way below his market value? What is his market value? Highest paid DT? I'm happy he's with us long term, and I think he's pretty good, but he's not near best DT in the league good.
  6. Did it? Honestly wasn't sure. He's never made a pro-bowl. Which can be a bit of a popularity contest, but still. 5th highest paid DT currently for someone with no pro-bowls?
  7. I don't think so either. But with the cap going up in 2023 (or is it 2022?), the next few IDL contracts should be heftier. Just checked out the potential IDL free agent class in 2022, it does not look good. He plays the most snaps by far for anyone under 30. Lots of solid/good free agents who are around 30 years old. But Jon Allen at 27 for 2022 free agency would have been noticeably younger and sought after. 2023 IDL free agency group looks legit though.
  8. 3 first rounders and 2 starting caliber players is still their demand. For a player that might wind up banned from the NFL. Nope, not risky at all.
  9. If he can't stay healthy again, why would we want him on our roster?
  10. I would so happily wear Bazooka Sharks merch. All my wife would get for Christmas is random Bazooka Sharks stuff.
  11. I think what you're saying is, the Wizards also need to rebrand to fit in.
  12. Could've sworn I read a quote back during OTA's saying every coach/staff was vaccinated, 100% there. It was just the players. I hope I didn't misread that or something.
  13. Patriots just fired a coach who is anti vaccines today too. I'm reading that if one team causes a forfeit, that team also has to pay their opponent's costs/expenses/etc. No NFL owner is going to want to do that, they're all so petty with each other.
  14. Pittsburgh was a perfect opponent though. They had zero run game, and they loved passing short in lieu of the run.
  15. What about the curse of the NFC East? No division winners have ever repeated winning the division since 2004 (or so).
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