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  1. Mac and cheese 2 tables Table top grill Camp oven Beer Plates Small pack burgers
  2. On a nice day like today... Hoppe, Heavy Weizen, Krampus, UberSun, or Hoppe. I prefer their Imp Stouts in the winter.
  3. I've had all three. I'd rate them 10>6>8. I keep all three in the house so I can drink depending on my mood. If you can't get one you'd like and would be interested in trading beer you can get that I can't, PM me and we can work out a trade.
  4. The 10 is amazing. I too like the 6 better than the 8, but the 10 beats them both. I onve drank a Rochefort 10 next to a Westvleteren 12 and preferred the 10. (by quite a bit, actually)
  5. Yes and Yes. I despise cascades and enjoy centennial and simcoe. I try to avoid cascades based IPA's and NEVER use them in my own brews.
  6. Actually, it's 18% ABV. Nice looking beer haul. You got some stuff there us east coasters would kill for. Enjoy!
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