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  1. When you surround yourself with the kind of clowns these guys seem to love, all those guns are just something bad waiting to happen.
  2. My foundest memory of TPIR is "whenever I saw it, it meant there was no school." In a way, I miss those days.
  3. Authorities seize guns and bullet proof vests from Mayweather Jr's home. When will these guys ever learn? Answer: They won't. www.secondsout.com/usa-boxing-news?ccs=229&cs=102410
  4. WOW. We have one of the biggest PPV's of the year tonight in Summerslam and this thread was on page 6? Has wrestling dropped this far off the radar?
  5. What happened to Lacy? When he was coming up, he looked like a smaller version of Mike Tyson.
  6. So he strangled himself with her purse strap?
  7. There's a report that Vernon Forrest was shot and killed last night. www.examiner.com/x-5699-NY-Boxing-Examiner~y2009m7d26-Murdered-Vernon-Forrest-good-fighter-good-citizen-38
  8. Why isn't this story catching on?
  9. I always thought he was more mild mannered. Anyway, he looks unstoppable.
  10. I hope so. Sting does not fit into that group. I think Sting's final few months will be to get Matt Morgan over.
  11. I'm as oldskool as it gets, but I've CENA nuff of Flair.
  12. You know what's gonna happen. Trump is gonna introduce Flair as his new GM.
  13. What an ending. One thing you can say for TNA that you can't say for the WWE is that TNA is unpredictable.
  14. The Monster Ball was insane. I'm not sure, but we might have witnessed the first ever woman being slammed on thumb tacks.
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